1-to-1 spiritual awakening coaching with Alex Exarchos

Doorway To The One And Only Truth

Hello friend and spiritual seeker,

Before we go into any further details on my most individualized and “elite” spiritual awakening offer, read what follows to make sure that this is worth your (and my) while.

So, this 1-to-1 coaching may be suitable for you, if:

  • you strongly feel you require an intricately tailor-made approach in your spiritual awakening quest, and…
  • … you are ready to invest some serious time and money in it,
  • you are open to not only challenge but also demolish, if need be, even your most hard-wired beliefs about yourself and your life,
  • you viscerally - instinctively - understand the limitations of human logic or “common sense” and of verbal communication, and…
  • … you are also ready to foray to an area where these pillars of contemporary human society and culture are all but meaningless,
  • your intellectual curiosity knows no limits and you love and, at the same time, dread the Great Unknown (in fact, Unknowable) Mystery at the heart of Life,
  • you strongly feel that you mastering something very important is your destiny in this lifetime…
  • … but you struggle to find what exactly that thing could be, and how you could go about developing your associated mastery.

On the other hand, this 1-to-1 coaching is definitely NOT for you, if:

  • you have very strong and fixed ideas about “how things should be” and what exactly you should “get back”, or “in return”, for every quantum of effort or dollar you spend,
  • anything even remotely related to “experimentation” and exploring any “unknown territories” scares you and puts you off,
  • you are not ready to dedicate relatively significant financial resources and time to your spiritual awakening,
  • the idea of 1-to-1 spiritual awakening coaching stresses you and scares you more than it excites you.

Only if you nod in agreement with ALL of the first seven points (and, respectively, don’t identify at all with the persona the latter four-point outline), should you continue reading this and seriously consider if you want to get in touch and explore this offer further…

Now, then…

… are you sure it makes sense for you to keep on reading?

If yes - and to really begin with - please realise the obvious:

Your life is unique.

One and only.

Not only you must, but YOU WILL make the best out of it.

No matter who you are, regardless of where you are coming from.

Forget about what “happened in the past”.

Suspend, if for a fleeting moment, your worry about what the future “has in store” for you.

Realise that…

… only what you do HERE AND NOW matters.

(We say this because, after all, you find yourself here – nowhere else - at this precise moment).

And right now (not an instance “earlier” or “later”) is the time for you to decide:

Are you truly interested in a 1-to-1 transformational spiritual awakening coaching or not?

Are you ready to enter a relationship, which will show you how you (and only YOU) can:

  • seize the day, every day?
  • love everything that you do or that is happening to you, irrespective of what that may be?
  • unearth and get in touch with the (already existing, and always available) best, truest version of yourself?
  • develop a sense of genuine fearlessness, even under the most adverse circumstances you may (have no option but to) face?
  • soak into the nature of the one and only secret that could ever, truly be worth your seeking for it (exactly because you can never grasp it)?
  • embrace the inexhaustibly rejuvenating paradox of living your life…
  • … by eradicating the paralysing contradictions generated from your attachment to an illusory identity?

So, friend…

… if you are truly sure that, at this exact moment of your life, you are ready for this 1-to-1 spiritual awakening coaching, please submit your application by providing the information requested at the end of this text.

But before you rush there, please allow me to share a few words about me, the one with whom you may be eligible and willing to enter into a 1-to-1 spiritual awakening coaching relationship.

My name is Alex Exarchos, and I was born and raised in Athens, Greece, the cradle of some of the most prominent spiritual masters of the antiquity…

… as well as one of the most magically beautiful and, occasionally, unpredictably tumultuous places on the face of our planet.

Remaining faithful to the spirit of some of my most wise ancestors, I was always very keen on:

  • exploring the mysteries of our world and of my very existence, and
  • finding a definite answer to them.

It took me a long time, along with a number of literary (in both senses of the word) and metaphorical adventures, to gradually and painstakingly realise that such an answer is never to be found, as it doesn’t exist.

Consequently, the question behind this non-existing answer, also collapsed.

What remained  I can best describe (or rather indicate) as a “void filled with life”.

Or a Presence that informs and, at the same time, overwhelms everything.

A Presence which is identical to my - and everyone’s and everything’s - true essence.

Now, then:

If this was my “spiritual awakening”, I –  that is, Alex Exarchos – would and could never “know” or be able to “verify” it.

But if I have truly “awakened”, the “I” who “woke up” did “realise” that “I” had, in fact, never gone to “sleep”.

Solve this – unsolvable - riddle, and you will have the whole world in your hands…

While you’re at it, there are two things which I (back to Alex…) have to clarify:

  1. I would never identify myself as a spiritual awakening “guru” (you can find much, much more on this particular point here - assuming you haven’t read my spiritual awakening magnum opus multiple times already) – and you can safely assume that anyone who does that is a crook, and
  2. While I am prepared to go to any lengths and depths you wish and feel ready to go in the context of our potential 1-to-1 coaching relationship, there is no guarantee with regard to what the potential “outcome” for you shall be.

In a very true sense, I couldn’t offer such a “guarantee”, even if I wanted to.

And if, after having read up to here, you were to theorise that I am doing all I can to prevent people from applying for a 1-to-1 coaching with me, you’d be quite right!

Consider this:

It has already been decided whether you and I shall enter into a coaching relationship.

If this last statement doesn’t make sense to you, it’s understandable because it’s not supposed to make sense…

… yet, this doesn’t make it any less true.

Now, forget about we just said, if you can (or if you dare), and go ahead and read some testimonials of other self-realisation seekers like you (?), who were keen on claiming (go figure…) that they have benefited from their interaction with me, in this very - spiritual awakening - context:

"Alex has helped me realise that I have all the power I would ever need to pursue all my professional and personal goals… especially when I am not conscious of such power."

Y.G., Graphic Designer

“Meeting and getting to know and interact with Alex has changed my life… Nobody else has ever understood me like he does… [and] nobody else has pushed me to consistently challenge and exceed my boundaries in such a serene, assertive and enjoyable way!”

- N.N., Sound Therapist

“I thought that ‘eradication of stress’ was a contradiction in terms, especially for someone with my work and family obligations… and then along came Alex…!”

W.P., Senior Vice President of a major pharmaceutical company

“Alex combines the penetrating insight and detached outlook of a devoted scientist with the razor-sharp intuition and unconventional creativity of a true poet. And I have found that it is exactly this unique feature of his, both as a coach and as a human being, that has critically shaped my spiritual journey, often in surprisingly revelatory ways.”

T.V., Writer and Researcher

“Let me summarise my coaching experience with Alex Exarchos in three words: Empathy, Effectiveness, Elucidation. This has been the smartest, most consciousness-altering investment of my life.”

A.W., Legal Adviser in a major international organisation

Having said all this, now it’s almost time for you to decide whether you will apply for a 1-to-1 spiritual awakening coaching with me.


Yes, because, before you’d go ahead and do so, I would urge you to read this text yet another time, from its very beginning.

I would almost guarantee you that this would reveal to you something crucial, which you - in all likelihood - missed the first time around.

And this could have a catalytic impact on you answering for yourself the following, master question:

“Is this offer truly, honestly, undoubtedly for me”?


Did you follow my advice?

Did you reread this text one more time, from its very beginning?

If yes, and if, truly, there is not even a single trace of doubt left in your mind about what you are to do, please fill-in and submit the following form:

Please enter your name.
Please enter a subject.
Please enter a valid phone number.
Please enter a message.

… And if you decided not to fill it in, there’s only one thing I can say to you: