102 Reasons Why You Need To Realise Your One And Only Truth, Here And Now

Dear friend, here’s 102 reasons why you need to realise your One and Only Truth, at what will ALWAYS be the best timing possible for you – that is…

… HERE and NOW.

So, you need to – have to, MUST - realise your One and Only Truth here and now because:

  1. You need to unearth the treasure you truly are; a treasure which is hiding just beneath the surface of your Ego;

  2. This is the quickest way to wake up to who you truly are;

  3. That is how you will solve all of your problems of existential / psychological nature, which are holding you back from experiencing a life of true, constant and unshakable balance;

  4. You will thus fulfil your life’s truest purpose and discover its true (unutterable) meaning;

  5. Your life will be transformed INSTANTLY, without you needing to do anything else;

  6. You will see that your essential self is the eternal, timeless, IMMORTAL performer, as opposed to the temporary, passing performance that you so far thought you were;

  7. You cannot anyway escape IT (your One and Only True Self);

  8. This is how you can only, and definitely, realise that unwavering happiness (=bliss) is your true, permanent and UNCAUSED nature;

  9. You will literally have nothing to worry about any longer;

  10. The world (inseparable from who you truly are) needs YOU (=your One and Only True Self);

  11. You shall thereafter forever be dreaming with your eyes wide open;

  12. You will find True Love (the One that is never really lost), and True Love will find you;

  13. The complete understanding of why to be fully aware is the only thing that actually matters in this universe will be handed over to you;

  14. What had always been the source of stress (=deep existential FEAR) in your life (volatility, uncertainty, turbulence) will vanish;

  15. You shall never anymore be even a tiny bit puzzled about what decision or choice you need to make at any point of time;

  16. We need YOU and you need US (=everything);

  17. Your suffering is redundant;

  18. Here and Now is the one and only true time and place you will ever know;

  19. You deserve nothing less than the best, given that you are made from the stuff that dreams are made of;

  20. This is the one and only true way to answer the most important questions you will ever ask yourself – that is: “who are you?” or, better, who am I?”;

  21. That is the only way to your true independence;

  22. There is nothing you can really do, but there is always Someone you can be;

  23. You have to surrender everything in order to gain everything, as well as what ALWAYS comes on top of / in addition to… everything;

  24. Total and uninterrupted enjoyment of life will thereafter be the name of the game for you;

  25. You are a Player, not a pawn and, deep inside of you, you have always known it (haven’t YOU?);

  26. Your mind (and its thoughts) can get you so far (away from the One and Only True, Living, Loving, Blissful You);

  27. This is how the soul-eating, terribly agonising feeling “I am not enough” will never again torment you;

  28. That is the sole, exclusive way of attaining genuine, spotless perfection;

  29. There is no other way, really, for you to merge with the “peace that passeth all understanding”;

  30. You will thus access the true (uncreated) source of limitless creativity;

  31. You will never feel again bored or empty inside;

  32. Pure harmony and joy will underline every single instance of your life;

  33. Every challenge you will face will be a reason for you to rejoice, as you will know it will lead to your imminent evolution and to having tons of fun;

  34. You shall simultaneously be a) hungry and thirsty for more of whatever life has to offer you and b) completely satisfied, fulfilled and calm with whatever life gives you;

  35. Inspiration will be readily available to you whenever you need it;

  36. You need to see how letting go makes you richer and not poorer;

  37. You will thoroughly embrace simplicity, which means that any sense of confusion in your life will be forever obliterated;

  38. Nothing bad or evil will be able to touch you any longer;

  39. Absolute trust in the universe and self-confidence will become second nature for you;

  40. You will be a source of magic and awe for anyone coming in direct or even indirect contact with you;

  41. No event or person will anymore have the power to elate you or deject you under any circumstances; at the same time, you will never be indifferent to anyone or anything you truly care for any longer;

  42. You will realise, for good, that death is not the opposite of life (spoiler alert: it’s the opposite of birth), but rather an integral part of it;

  43. Even when cornered, you will always find yourself in a position of (critical, even) advantage;

  44. Everything in your life will become transparent to you, and you will be able to clearly see the invisible thread connecting it all, while also realising that it is the same golden thread which is keeping the universe whole and intact;

  45. You shall no longer feel as if you carry a heavy baggage from your “past” you cannot get rid of, or as if you all but dread what your “future” has in store for you;

  46. You will be asking yourself: “what good did I do to deserve so much happiness?” much more often than you would ever expect to;

  47. Even the faintest suspicion of bondage or limitation will evaporate from your life;

  48. You will always know what to do and how to do it;

  49. You will never need anyone’s help or support on the psychological or emotional domain anymore;

  50. Wherever you find yourself, you will feel (and actually BE) at home;

  51. Any obstacles that your way come will serve as nothing more (or less) than your steppingstones to (evermore) soar to new heights and peaks;

  52. Nothing will evermore feel as out of place or as a cacophony, in any given instance;

  53. You will realise beyond any doubt that, at any given point in time, you have all you truly need at your disposal;

  54. You shall steadfastly remain in alignment with what is permanent and real, instead of what is impermanent and unreal;

  55. The whole world will be your playground, your ally and your guide;

  56. You will not be willing or need to trick anybody, and nobody will be able to trick you any longer;

  57. You will enter into a state of continuous dialogue with what – for a lack of any even remotely satisfactory term – can be labelled as “Infinite” or “Divine”;

  58. The words “duty” and “desire” will be all but synonymous, both in terms of your perception as well as your practice of life;

  59. You will be enveloped in the Cloud of Unknowing, where true wisdom (which lies beyond any words and symbols) awaits you;

  60. You will be acting out of total awareness (whereby the correctness of your action in each given moment is guaranteed) instead acting out of your (never entirely reliable) memory and past experience;

  61. Your life will unfold in the most cinematic of ways, with you being both its decorated protagonist and its lucky spectator;

  62. You will be accepting everything that is happening in your life, without, however, being more submissive or passive that you need to be at any specific occasion;

  63. You will enter a state of shiningly radiant aliveness, regardless of your actual (and unavoidably constantly changing) physical condition or even mood;

  64. Every morning from this point onwards will feel like being reborn, completely anew and afresh;

  65. You will never have anything to lose any longer

  66. You will be forever hovering above all of your (past) life’s numbing and crippling dilemmas;

  67. Looking at everything that troubles you right now – and that will cease to bother you thereafter - you will not be able to help it but smile in full understanding and authentic relief of what you have now left behind you for good;

  68. You will be able to tell the difference between being alone (that is, as powerful as it gets) and lonely (that is, dependent and in-voluntarily weak);

  69. You will be subject to one rule, and one rule only: that of your conscience / consciousness;

  70. Everything you need will be coming to you, instead of you going to it;

  71. You will be out of time, all the time, and you will be so thrilled about it;

  72. You will be helping others to wake up by means of your mere presence;

  73. Courage and fearlessness will form the substratum of every activity in which you will be partaking;

  74. You will be getting the maximum you can get out of each of your life’s situations, without any effort and strain whatsoever;

  75. Generosity and benevolence will colour the, heretofore, unerasable traces of your life’s course;

  76. You will be correcting yours and others’ mistakes even before they are committed;

  77. You will feel blessed and grateful all the time, even when you have to face the most adverse conditions imaginable;

  78. True Love will motivate and animate all your initiatives and reactions, without a single exception;

  79. Seasons will continue to come and go, yet your demeanour will remain unperturbed;

  80. Don’t you want to taste how freedom from everything (even from your craving for freedom itself) feels?

  81. You will serve and protect all, without being subservient to anyone;

  82. As naturally as it gets - with every breath you take - you will be setting yet another good deed in motion;

  83. You will feel that wherever you stand, it is truly holy ground;

  84. Even in your darkest moments, you will be celebrating – and be a beacon of – life’s incessant and boundless firepower;

  85. You will need absolutely no one’s verification, approval or permission for anything any longer;

  86. On surface nothing will change, but your eyes, ears and invisible antennae (that is, the means through which you perceive and interact with the world) will shift in a dramatic fashion;

  87. You will always be sustained and taken care of, automatically, and to the extent and in the specific way that is actually required in every single case;

  88. Your heart will be on fire and your mind will be ice cold, forever and ever;

  89. In every moment you will be finding outrageously clear, concrete, OVERWHELMING evidence that the Universe is on your side;

  90. You will cease praying to any exterior and distinct God or Force, not out of spite, but (with you finally being) in sync with all that is and its endless manifestations;

  91. You will be able to understand the meaning of all cryptic symbols and indecipherable poems as well as unlock and solve all the mysteries of the Universe, but you will not be motivated to do so anymore, because you will know that playing with Life is much more fun than analysing and dissecting It;

  92. It’s high time you realised It;

  93. It’s high time you stopped searching in agony for the Light that you truly, ALREADY are;

  94. Nothing prevents you from doing so… except you, of course;

  95. There is a Presence that never stops being present… and it’s closer to you than your hands and feet;

  96. If you are sleeping, there is no escaping it: you MUST and WILL wake up;

  97. Your energy levels will be at the highest they can be in each and every moment, without exception;

  98. You will be saying all that you need to say to anyone that needs to hear YOU saying it, without even opening your mouth;

  99. You will remember once again that Silence is your home, your middle (and first, and last) name, your Source, Origin and Destination;

  100. The gifts you shall receive will exceed even your wildest imagination;

  101. You will be on your way to true sainthood (=the state of being an extremely powerful and extremely humble servant of your fellow human beings and of the world at large), without having to defer / report / being subject to a “deity” you fail to understand, and which has nothing – and couldn’t have anything - to do with the True You;

  102. This is your One and Only True (and ultimately inescapable) Destiny.


So, after having read and gone through all 102 reasons why you need to realise your One and Only Truth, what are you waiting for, dear friend and true self-realisation candidate?

And, moreover, what do you have to lose?

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Do it now, while you are still reading these lines.

Chances are you will never regret it…

To your swift awakening,


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