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21 Lies and One Truth About You, For A Happy 2022

Happy new year!

To start you off on the right foot in the new year, here are 21 Lies and One (and Only) Truth about You to reflect upon today, tomorrow, and in the days to follow.

Lie Number One: Your Happiness Depends On Things Outside Of You

Nothing you could get – no amount of wealth, material possessions, sexual partners, professional achievements, awards, unique experiences or anything else of a worldly and fleeting nature – could cure the permanent dissatisfaction and existential anxiety you feel deep down, inside of you.

Lie Number Two: You Have To Try Harder To Make It

You have to effortlessly engage with what truly makes your heart sing, and everything you need will be handed down to you (albeit, not necessarily in the form or in the way you expected it to come in the first place).

Lie Number Three: You Have To Resist And Fight Against Whatever Threatens You

You have to let go of what doesn’t serve you and deal with what you cannot escape dealing with, to the best of your ability and unemotionally, accepting in the end the outcome, whatever that may be.

Lie Number Four: You Attract What You Really Want And What You Vividly Visualize

You attract whatever resonates with your state of Being, as this determines the vibes you emanate and the quality of your activities.

Lie Number Five: If You Aim For The Stars And Miss Them, You Will Land On The Moon

It’s up to you to establish your goal and go for it, but whether you attain it or not is completely out of your hands; yet, there is always learning and growth for you out of any endeavour you undertake.

Lie Number Six: Who Has A Winning Mentality Is A Winner, Who Doesn’t Is A Loser

This is a mental model which popped out of someone’s head and doesn’t correspond to reality. In the long run, nobody can forever be a winner or a loser, simply because everyone and everything has an expiration date.

Lie Number Seven: Divine Grace Comes From Outside

And Becomes Available To You

Only To The Extent That You Abide By Certain Rituals Or Laws

“Divine Grace” springs from the depths of your Being and is always and immediately available to you, as long as you are open to It and ready to receive It, no matter who you are or what you have done up to this point in your life.

Lie Number Eight: Death Is The Opposite Of Life

Death is the opposite of Birth; Life contains, and at the same time is beyond, both of them.

Lie Number Nine: Who You Are Today Is The Result Of Your Past History

There has only been, there is only, and there will only be Here and Now.

Your “past history” is but an idea generated by your mind at this very moment.

Lie Number Ten: Your Recipe For Success Is To Model Yourself On Successful People

Every individual person, case, moment is by nature unrepeatable and unique, so no modelling makes sense; and, anyway, there is no single, globally accepted definition of “success”.

Lie Number Eleven: It Is A Basic Need To Be Loved; Who Is Not Loved Is Unhappy

To love is your only basic need; if you truly love yourself and others, you will be happy.

Lie Number Twelve: The More You Hedge Yourself Against The Threats Of This World,

The More Secure You Are

The more defensive you are and the higher the shields you raise around you, the more vulnerable you become, at least in the long run.

Lie Number Thirteen: Your Highest Duty Is To Serve A “Noble” Idea,

Something That Is Bigger Than You

Your highest duty is to serve through your actions other, concrete, living human beings and not just abstract idea(l)s, especially when the latter are of a contrarian and divisive nature.

Lie Number Fourteen: Make Sure That For Everything You Give

You Get Something Equivalent In Return

Make sure that you give the maximum you can give in any (given) situation, joyfully and openly; then, you don’t need to worry about receiving the correct return; this will be taken care of for you.

Lie Number Fifteen: Life Is A Battlefield

Life is beyond all ideas about it, but if there is one concept approaching Its Truth is that of a Play or a Game.

Lie Number Sixteen: Available Resources Are Always Scarce

Available resources are always abundant; it is rather that our ways of putting them into use are limited, obsolete, rigid, unimaginative.

Lie Number Seventeen: Your Well-Being Depends On One Or The Other External Authority 

Your well-being depends on you; and it is unwise to outsource it to any external authority.

Lie Number Eighteen: Short And Crisp, Slogan-Like, Slang Or Jargon

Is The Best And Most Efficient Way Of Communication

A long, honest story coming from your Heart is by far the most effective, touching, moving, motivating and transformational way of communication vis-à-vis other human beings.

Lie Number Nineteen: To Be Truly Free Is To Have All Options Available To You,

All The Time

To be truly free is to be able to do in every single moment what you know must be done or what you truly want to do (realizing that the two of them are one and the same thing), regardless of the circumstances or obstacles appearing on your way.

Lie Number Twenty: True Wisdom Is To Know Everything There Is To Know

And Have Always The Correct Answer To Any Question

True wisdom is to know that you will never know the One And Only Truth, the Essence, the Wild Nature Of The World” (more on that, in a second).

Lie Number Twenty-One: The Ultimate Theory On The Nature Of The World Is Ante Portas

There can never exist a fully comprehensive theory about the nature of Everything, because Life is ultimately out of the reach of any mind-made construct; in fact, the very belief that such a theory exists is found at the root of anything that is truly Evil in this world.

And, finally…

The One And Only Truth – For 2022 And For Any Year – Is Who You Really Are

Who Are You?

Ultimately, you will need to find out for yourself, that’s how this Game is played…

This being said, I believe I can be of help.

Have a look here.

Until next time,

Remember that even Time is but a concept, and that you are always Present in yet another golden moment of Now.

Once again, a very happy new year to you!


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