7 Strong Signs True Intuition Is Talking To You

In my previous blog post, I elaborated on how to distinguish between which situations serve us in life and which don’t.

I highlighted that the key is to surrender ourselves to the natural flow of our life. Both in its outside (external events) and inside (intuition) manifestations.

To achieve this, we should move away from our mind-made sense of self. This is because identification with the endless chatter of our mind is the root cause of the emergence of the Egoic illusion.

I then argued that Ego is the prime generator of suffering. Both for us and for our fellow human beings.

I promised to follow-up on the topic of intuition. How we can learn to listen to it, know that it’s authentic and then follow it.

I’m going to address this topic in this post.

What Does Science Say About Intuition

Intuition can be thought of as an insight that arises spontaneously without conscious reasoning. This is according to this article by Scientific American.

This article makes for an interesting read. In my view, it reveals the ambivalence of orthodox science vis-à-vis intuition.

On the one hand, scientists cannot deny that intuition can be a very effective and powerful decision-making tool. The evidence (not to mention common sense) is irrefutable.

On the other hand, it is arguably quite difficult for scientists to analyze intuition as they would like. Meaning: based on the traditional scientific methods.

In addition to this, there are two key messages to take from this article:

  1. Intuitive and analytical thinking should not be viewed and treated as competitors. We operate at top efficiency when we adopt this collaborative approach between them.
  2. Intuition is not irrational. It would be more accurate to describe it as “super-rational“. This means: something that goes beyond and above our logic’s standard capabilities.

Before we move on, I would like to add one thing.

There’s a good reason that traditional science will probably never be able to thoroughly scrutinize intuition. It’s the same reason for which I dared to predict that science will never succeed in fully explaining what consciousness is.

See, the emergence of intuition is inextricably linked to our deepest, truest nature:

The absolute subject that can never become an object.

True Intuition Never Lies

At this fundamental level of our existence, there’s only room for purity and truth.

Everything there is at continuous and immediate communion with everything else.

In fact, at this level it becomes obvious that any differences which exist in Cosmos are only superficial.

Underneath it all, all is One.

This level is exactly the source of true intuition.

So, true intuition is a call to action from within your true self.

It’s a firm, but not hysterical voice.

It’s always calm. Yet its authority is indisputable.

It’s often… counterintuitive!

Alas! This is a perfect example of the limitations of our language…

See, what matters is WHO says what is intuitive and what is counterintuitive.

It’s, of course, our mind who loves to use these labels.

Don’t listen to your mind. Instead, make it listen to you. We’ve covered this before.

Let’s return to intuition.

As usual, when examining modern human affairs, the problem is how to remove, rather than add, complexity.

What I mean is that you are by default designed, so to say, to hear your intuition loud and clear.

However, there’s a factor that can prevent you from hearing it. Or mislead you, so that you ignore it.

Yes, Once Again, It’s The Usual Suspect: The Voice In Your Head!

Its incessant chatter (in particular, when it becomes desperate) can easily be mistaken for intuition. Especially, if you believe this voice is who you really are.

But even if you’re already on the path of disidentification from your mind (in other words, the path of spiritual awakening), you haven’t necessarily eliminated this risk.

This is because the more you progress along this path, the more your Ego is in danger.

And when an impossibly ferocious animal, like your Ego, becomes cornered and hurt, it enters into survival mode.

(Looking at it from a distance, we’re really talking about the same basic laws applicable in all of Nature).

So, your threatened Ego naturally reacts by raising the decibels of the Voice in your Head through the roof.

Everything that the Voice now says is presented as if it’s a life and death matter. It prompts you to act according to its ever-changing wishes. It urges you to engage with it.

ONLY with it!

Nothing else (supposedly) matters.

This, of course, has nothing to do with true intuition.

If you find yourself under such relentless mental attack, take a break from whatever you do. Take many deep breaths and gently, but firmly, disassociate yourself from your mind’s screams.

Remember: these thoughts (ANY thoughts) are NOT who you truly are.

Acknowledge this, and let the Voice say what it has to say, without resisting it or fearfully listening to it.

Easy it is not.

But it’s also inescapable.

Having now covered what shouldn’t be mistaken for intuition, here are:

7 Signs That Strongly Indicate True Intuition Is Trying To Get In Touch With You

1. You are prompted, out of the blue, to do something counterintuitive, that’s also not completely “bonkers”.

True intuition (the Voice of the Universe, as opposed to the Voice in your Head) often wants to speed up things in the world, using you and your life as its instrument.

In these cases, it prompts you to take a shortcut that you could have never figured out yourself, if you had tried to “think about it”.

Go ahead and take this shortcut, as long as it’s not something that looks utterly (self-) destructive. In the latter case, you’re probably dealing with extreme mental noise rather than intuition.

2. You strongly feel that a Higher Power urges you to take an action of cosmic significance (even though you couldn’t necessarily prove this is the case)

You must be cautious here, though.

In its extreme form, this way of intuitive manifestation has led many a human being to believe they are a prophet or a founder of a new religion. A few among them have actually proceeded with doing so…

Now, it may indeed be the case that you are meant to establish and lead a new spiritual movement that’ll change the world. And this is perfectly fine, as long as your old pal, your Ego, stays out of the equation.

If it does, then all is good.

If it doesn’t, then chaos, suffering and/or mayhem usually follow.

You’ve been warned.

3. You receive an “order” you cannot refuse

Things are very simple here.

This is the most straightforward and “clean” kind of intuition.

If you get it, you will execute it to the letter, rest assured.

4. You get a sudden impulse, of which the significance seems to be quickly reinforced through the occurrence of “coincidences” or synchronicities

Carl G. Jung, the great Swiss psychologist, didn’t believe in coincidences, in the sense of them being random and meaningless events.

So, he, along with the physicist, and Nobel laureate, Wolfgang Pauli, coined the term “synchronicity”, to describes “circumstances that appear meaningfully related, yet lack a causal connection”.

If you get an impulse, likely about something unrelated to your present activity or that you hadn’t thought for a while, and then you start observing a wave of coincidences or synchronicities following it, then that’s a pretty strong sign this is a spark of genuine intuition, upon which you probably need to act.

5. You have a very vivid dream, which stays with you long after you’ve woken up and seems to be prompting you to take action

This is typically applicable to people who engage in creative activities. This includes mostly artists, of course, but also (and more frequently than what you’d think) scientists.

To reference a personal example, writing my first book “MONO” was the result of such an intuitive dream.

6. You have a completely new thought

This is a very strong and clear case for authentic intuition.

See, your mind is basically not capable of producing truly original content. It can only process and recycle material it’s already been fed with.

(This is, by the way, yet another reason for you to realize you’re not your mind. You’re clearly much more ingenious than a mere processor and recycler. And you know it)!

So, only your true self can furnish you with a really genuine thought. Having such a thought is an indisputable sign that you’ve just witnessed the magic of your intuition at play.

7. You know that something you’re prompted to is what needs to be done, even before you start doing it

True intuition is so fantastically overwhelming, that you know in advance that what it urges you to engage with is the proper and necessary thing to do.

In extreme cases, it may create to you the feeling that everything is in its right place already. Even if everything looks like a mess at the moment!

It’s like you can foresee, often in remarkable clarity, the perfect result of what you’re about to do, driven by your intuition.

And this is one of the most enjoyable feelings you can experience in your life.

It’s one of those feelings that even the most eloquent words cannot even begin to do it justice…

So, remember…

True intuition is your best friend!

Clear the mental chatter of the Voice in your Head so you can hear it.

Then, you’ll become much less worried about “what to do next”.

You’ll know.

And you’ll know that you’ll know.

Until next time,

Be well and remain alert.

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