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9 Ways To Your Complete Acceptance Of The Present Moment

The present moment is all that there is, Friend.

It is always now o’clock, no matter where you are or what you do.

The past and the future are mere theoretical concepts, which appear in your mind right now, that is, in the context of the present moment.

One can say that this realization is self-evident.

Yet… it isn’t!

Do you want a proof of this?

Just Look At How Mad Our World Is Today

Everyone seems to be completely driven in their actions and reactions by an idea of something that is not here, be it because it is already gone (past) or is yet to come (future)…!

And most people living in such a world obviously adhere to its madness and are moving about it, carrying, on one hand, the heavy weight of their personal history; whilst, on the other hand, being in constant preoccupation about which fantastic calamity the future may inflict upon them.

Do you recognise yourself in this picture of ceaseless suffering and anxiety?

If yes, please tell me, honestly:

Isn’t It High Time 

You Were Permanently Attuned 

To The Present Moment, 

To All That Is, Was, Will, Or Could Ever Be?

I don’t dare assume that you would answer in any way other than an emphatic, game-clinching YES to this question!

Now, then, in order to be aligned with the present moment, the first and most important thing you must do is to fully accept it for what it is; and NOT for what you would like it to be.

Because this is how you manage to always stand on a solid and sound basis; one that, combined with your personality and aspirations, cannot but direct you to the right course of action each given time.

So, let us now see 9 ways that can lead you to a total acceptance of all that is, in the ever-present Nowness of your Being:

1. Think On The Basis Of What You Perceive –

Not The Other Way Around

In other words, first see what there is in the present moment and then (and only then) process it (and only it).

If you do it the other way around, like most people, what happens it that you filter your perception through your mental deliberations – judgments, expectations, complaints, fears, desires etc. – and therefore you lose alignment with what truly and objectively is in the Here and Now.

Furthermore, please note that you must allow some time for your objective, unfiltered perception to sink in, before you start analyzing it (assuming there is the need to actually analyze it).

2. Be Grateful For What You Have Right Now,

And Realize It Is Enough To Get You


Gratitude is always a wonderful and liberating emotion.

And it allows you to really see that whatever you have at your disposal, right here and right now, is ALWAYS enough for you to realize what the next step you have to take is, so as to be in the right direction (the one you want and need to be in), and to then take it; until, right step by right step, you make it to your destination.

Exercise gratitude by sincerely thanking the Universe for all you have and resting in the assurance that this is how things will always be: you will always be provided with exactly what you need in each given moment.

3. Realise That, Ultimately, You Cannot Escape

From What Is Here And Now

It is very self-evident.

But you must see it and acknowledge it for yourself: there are many temporary means of escaping from what is in the here and now – and several big industries are thriving by exactly selling and promoting such escapism-oriented products – but, eventually, you always return to the present moment, and each time the return is harsher for you.

If you truly accept the impossibility of your escape, you will then notice that a calm, resolute acceptance and readiness will replace your formerly anxious need to constantly run away… well… from yourself!

4. Realize You Are Not Just The Actor,

But Also The Observer Of Your Life

Realizing that you are this kind of “cosmic voyeur”, and that you by default act so in an absolutely detached fashion, will work miracles in your acceptance of the present moment.

You can pursue few or many things in your life, but, no matter what you or others do, you shall always remain in the Observer’s Seat, recording everything that you perceive.

At the end of the day, it is as if you were watching a play or movie, titled, Your Life; would you want to miss even a moment’s action of such an epic work?

5. Get In Touch With Nature

And Notice How Happy It Is

To Just Be What It Is

True contact with Nature can only… naturally anchor you in the present moment.

One reason is that as soon as you get in fully conscious interaction with It, you feel Her radiance, this field of immanent Presence and Alertness, and you synchronize yourself with it.

Another reason is that you see how blissful  all elements of Nature are – trees, flowers, even stones – in just being what they are and as they are, right here, right now.

6. Understand How Many Things Are Truly Out Of Your Hands

Spoiler alert: pretty much everything…!

So why worry so much about what you cannot control, but for in an extremely limited sense?

Again, your proper realization of this fact will bring about you an air of calm, sweet resignation, which is, nonetheless, also an alert and active acceptance of all that is in the Now.

7. See How Nothing Is Forever

And Everything Is Up For Grabs

Everything is fleeting and is affected by the unstoppable passage of Time.

All forms fade, decay, wither and vanish… only to be replaced by newer ones; and nothing is for granted; neither a thing nor a person in your life.

But the key is to not let this understanding make you miserable; instead, you must see it as an additional reason to be anchored and rejoice in the present moment (which, guess what, is the only thing that the ruthless passage of Time cannot touch).

8. Realise That Your Sense Of Separation

From The World Around You

Is An Illusion

One of the key reasons of human suffering is the illusory sense of one’s separation from one’s environment.

And it is an illusion, as modern science – not to mention our own intuition and sensitivity – reveals.

So, if everything is connected, and, moreover, if everything is in the Now, then Now is always as it should be; because if it weren’t, you wouldn’t be here to experience it as an aspect of the Wholeness of Life

9. Start Seriously Exploring Who You Truly Are

Everything else may be an illusion, but you know for a fact that you exist.

But… who are you really?

This is a question you cannot help but earnestly look into, through entering your very own self-realisation or spiritual awakening journey.

Now imagine what a relief it would really be, Friend, if at the end of this journey you were to discover that you truly are the Infinite Invisible Here And Now, the gloriously Formless Power Of Life, Itself…!

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In concluding this post…

I trust, Friend, that you will find these 9 ways to your acceptance of the present moment meaningful and resonating with you, and I truly hope you will try them out.

And, in the spirit of this post, why wait and not start trying them, right here, right now???

Until we speak again,

Remember that who you truly are is One with the Present Moment.


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