Dawn from the highest peak

A Totally Different Kind Of Ballgame


Reading this post can provoke uncontrollable and chain mental and psychological reactions within you.

It is only if you consciously and willingly accept such risk, that you should proceed with reading it.

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Have you ever really thought about what it really takes to be free?

Truly liberated, independent, autonomous?

Abiding by one and only one law: that of your will and nothing else?

The answer is simple:

To Be Truly Free

You Must Accept No Authority Outside Yourself

You have to completely annihilate, eradicate, pulverize any sign, any trace, any suspicion of submission to anything that is not under your direct control.

In order to achieve this, the work you must engage in is purely internal.

You have to meticulously detect and mercilessly remove any sense of obligation, need, reflex or urge from within you, which, directly or indirectly, prompts you to report to any person, thing or idea that is independent from you, and of which the status you perceive as of a nature “higher” than yours.

You Must Leave NO ROOM

For Dependence On Anything Or Anyone

Other Than Yourself

On paper, this may sound all good, promising and alluring, but in reality, should you earnestly go down this way, you will find out that there is something truly scary about it.

And that is why most people never even begin to walk it; and most of the few who do, don’t go very far.

And I’m afraid that chances are you also belong to this category of people who are too reluctant and afraid to question authority and, therefore, are also too scared to be free.

Yes, In All Likelihood…

You Are Another One Among The Vast Crowds Of People

Who Do Not WANT To Be Free

Am I misjudging you?

Do you think you are not one of these people?

Very well, but, remember: it is not to me that you have to prove you are ready and willing to be free.

You have to prove it to the most objective, impartial and fair Judge in this Universe.

No, no, no, I’m not talking about yourself.

You have the capacity to fool yourself and play hide and seek with it; there’s no question about it, and only a limited degree of self-observation from your side would reveal that you are probably doing so all the time.

No, Friend, there is only one true Judge in this Cosmos:

I Am Talking About Life Itself

You see, it is rather simple:

Until you are free, truly free from any whiff of submission to any kind of external authority, you cannot claim that you are alive – and, in fact, you are NOT truly alive!

At best, you are a, barely surviving and marginally conscious, automaton, the sole purpose of which is to satisfy its “basic needs”, and which is afraid to take even one small step outside its zone of “comfort and security”, which you, in your role as the automaton, have accepted to be defined for you by an authority outside of, and IRRELEVANT to, you.

Evidently, then, for as long as you allow yourself to operate as such a kind of an automaton, you will never be free nor will you be truly alive.

Because, Friend, it is only within a space of full and unconditional freedom that you can feel Life running through your veins, activating and energizing every cell of your Being to the fullest.

It Is Only In Absolute Freedom

That You Can Fully SURRENDER To Life

“But… won’t I lose my newfound freedom, if I surrender to Life?”, you may ask.

“Wasn’t the whole point that, once I reject any kind of authority and become free, I will not have to submit to any kind of jurisdiction outside of me?”.

Ah, but you see this is a totally different kind of ballgame!

To Surrender To Life Means

To (Re)Unite With Your True Nature

Besides, Life is, and recognizes, no authority.

There is nothing “above” or “below” Life.

Life neither presides over something else nor, of course, it accepts being pushed around by anybody or anything.

Life doesn’t get involved in the meaningless, childish, and, ultimately, extremely mundane and boring power games of human beings.

Life is Total Power, Life Is Total Truth, Life Is Total Freedom

It would be absurd to expect that you could ever be free from freedom.

You can only be one with It.

And since Life is Total Truth, to surrender to Life means to surrender to what is ALSO YOUR One and Only Truth.

In other words…

Life Is Who You Truly Are

But you must realize this; not just intellectually, but consciously and viscerally.

You must painstakingly ascend the winding path to your true self-awareness and liberation.

You have to go around your world, just to discover that who you truly are is who you already – and ALWAYS – have been.

It sounds crazy… but it is what it is!

Your spiritual awakening journey is your One and Only true homecoming journey.

Don’t know from where to start it?

Here’s an idea for you

By the way, if I want to be fair, I must admit it.

Since you are still reading this post, you may have what it takes to engage in this different kind of ballgame.

And The Name Of This Ballgame Is:

Catch Yourself In The Act And Unmask It

Reveal Who It Truly Is – Reveal Who You Truly Are

No more hide and seek, no more excuses, no more bowing to many a non-existing authority.

Deny this illusion of you being inferior to anything.

Reject the fantasy that Life has “left you behind”, and that you are cut away from anything that is beautiful, meaningful and truly matters to you.

How could that be?

Life could never forget you, abandon you, be separated from you!

For Once In Your Life…

Be BRAVE And Embrace Your One And Only Truth:

You are an unrepeatable, magnificent expression of the infinite, omnipresent and omniscient Power of Life.

So, what are you waiting for?

Drop all your non-existent fears!

Do it at once; it is too time-consuming to deal with them one at a time, believe me.

Yes, there will many things that you will need to sacrifice.

But… who told you true freedom doesn’t come at a cost?

Yet, does it really cost you anything to sacrifice what is not real, what keeps you bounded and limited, what COULD NEVER HAVE ANY POWER ON YOU ANYWAY???

Thus, Friend, don’t hesitate, proceed with courage and determination along your self-realization path.

Consolidate within you, at the very center of your Being, all the power you have been tricked to give away to all these “authorities” that have, for all (their) intents and purposes, enslaved you and rendered you an instrument of their absurd, idiotic, and, at the end of the day, completely futile agendas.

Be ruthless and uncompromising in severing all of your ties with the very illusory notion of Authority and setting on fire all of your commitments to It.

Be Absolutely Free, As You Were Always Meant To Be


Realize this.

Realise Yourself.

You can do it.

You WILL do it.

Life is eager for you to do it.

Haven’t you wandered over enough?

Haven’t you suffered enough?

Haven’t you succumbed to many an illusory chimera already?

It’s Time To Come Home

Until we meet again,

Start eliminating the harmful influence of Authority upon you.

In doing so, you will face resistance, that much is certain.

However… don’t be dejected, don’t get cold feet, don’t be afraid.

In this ballgame, Life is – and will always be – on your side.

Don’t trust my words…

Trust Life!

Can’t you feel It joyously, liberatingly, and WILDLY pulsating at the very core of Your Being?


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