Are You Ready And Willing To Find Out...

... What Is The One And Only Truth...

... About The World, Your Life,  And...

... Your Very Own (?) Self...?

All About Alex

Dear friend and seeker, I welcome you to my online home.

No matter what brought you here, I appreciate you stopping by to find out who I am and what I do in this life…

… and see whether and how your findings, in this respect, may be relevant to your life’s – by definition - unique journey.

And I must admit I would appreciate it even more if I would eventually prove to be of some help to you in said journey of yours, in any substantial and tangible way.

“Substantial” and “tangible” only – exclusively - as far as YOU are concerned, of course.

The thing is that even in the one page on my website which is – or should be – clearly and undisputedly about me, I cannot help but make a strong connection to you, your needs and, most critically of all, what you can get out of me to meet said needs.

Here, please, let me assure you that by addressing you the way I do – in this webpage as well as elsewhere - I don’t aim to trick you or exhibit any sort of fake, overzealous altruism in order for me to fish for your sympathy or trust.

(Don’t get me wrong:

I am very much interested in earning your trust, but only provided that you deserve it and that you – and, therefore, also I - can truly benefit from it)

I just need to express and share with you the plain, hard - even blunt - truth, as soon as possible:

If I cannot be of actual help to you, then you’d be wasting your time, even if you were to do nothing more than simply perusing this relatively short webpage.

Not to mention that, unavoidably, you’d end up wasting my time as well.

(There’s your proof that I’m not THAT altruistic)! 😉

So, before you go ahead and read my bio and what – potentially and most importantly – may come along with – or be revealed by - it for (or to) you...

... take a brief, introspective moment and ask yourself:

Are the vibes I am getting by reading these first, few lines written by this idiosyncratic guy resonating on a deep level with me (not what he says, but HOW he says it) or does he all but appall me?

Do I want to proceed and find out more about him and determine if and how I could benefit in my life’s most critical journey from such knowledge?

Am I ready to find out the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about who I really am and what I have to do in this world I, seemingly, have found myself living in?

Answer these questions to yourself, spontaneously and honestly (and, as a bonus, I invite you to begin wondering who is exactly asking what, and who is replying back when you engage in such self-reflective activities).

You will be doing both of us a huge favour.

Just be aware that in the arena that you are about to enter – or flee away from (?) – there is no room for you (or anybody) to bring anything less than your complete earnestness and devotion.

Fall short of that, and you are bound for a huge disappointment – or much worse – which at its most “innocent” form would be translated into you running around in meaningless circles - in the pursuit of a non-existent shadow of “enlightenment” - for way too long.

OK, after these introductory – perhaps semi-delirious, yet inescapably necessary – remarks…

do you feel ready and willing to learn more about me?

Quick Bio

Family and basic personal info

I was born some 40 years ago in Athens, Greece where I spent most of my life until my early 30s.

While I still visit my hometown frequently, my current primary residence is in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, where I have been living with my - wonderful beyond words - partner, Hanna, since 2012.

My parents are still happily married and are presently enjoying their retirement.

My dad used to be a medical doctor (Ob-gyn) while my mother worked as an English language teacher.

I also have a younger brother who is an electrical engineer.

He recently got married, and he and his wife have already made me a very happy uncle, twice.

Academic background 

My bachelor studies were in Business Administration, with a specialisation in Finance and Accounting.

I later acquired a master’s degree in Human Resource Management.

In the first read, one could find this background quite run-of-the-mill, but the Universe organised things in a way so miraculous – as It always does – as to enable my acquisition of these credentials to play a huge role at very critical intervals in my life.

More on that in a while; for now, let’s move on to what I believe you will find to be the most interesting – and useful, lest you forget – things about me.

Interests and Passions

  • Spiritual awakening / Self-realisation (spoiler alert: the two terms are just slightly different, popular labels for one and the same – absolutely beyond any verbal description – “Thing” or, rather, One and Only Truth).
  • Writing: I have written and published 7 books, the most recent being “How To Realise Your One And Only Truth").

You can find more information on my first 5 books, published in the course of the last 10 years, in my Amazon webpage (click here).

I also maintain, right here in this very website, a personal blog, where I cover a variety of topics touching upon my primary interest / passion (see the first bullet point of this list)

  • Coaching: exclusively addressed to very few and very advanced – see here – or the fewest, most elite and most advanced – see here – spiritual seekers.

Seriously, if you are a beginner in this pursuit, I advise you to not bother following any of the last two links, for the time being.

Instead, start here.

  • Marketing, Copywriting and Advertising (MCATM), which – to my initial amazement – I have found to be necessary and powerful (of catalytic significance) tools, not only in promoting worthy products and services (unfortunately, also unworthy ones - which I trust you will NOT find among the ones I am responsible for), but also when it comes to virtually any kind of oral and written communication.
  • Arts; especially Literature, Film, Music and Theatre
  • Travelling

 Some among (the myriads of) my favourite books

My top five values (in no particular order):

  • Creativity
  • Freedom
  • Productivity
  • Spirituality
  • Fun

And now, to reward you – and, mind you, sometimes punishment is the most potent and transformational form of reward – here comes…

My Personal Story: How I Discovered My True Self And My Life's Purpose

It was not so long ago when I took the decision to stop pretending that I am someone I could never be.

So, I started focusing my efforts on what truly makes my heart sing and fills my days with meaning and vitality.

This is how I began my exciting and revelatory journey in the areas of personal development, spirituality, coaching and writing about this kind of things (if not exclusively) .

This journey took me to – literal and metaphorical - places I previously could have never even imagined that they existed, and enriched my overall life experience in astonishing and unprecedented ways.

Most importantly of all, I realised that the absolute freedom which I was always craving for - but which I thought was found somewhere far away from me and, therefore, I believed I needed to relentlessly chase after it in order to capture it - had been within me and fully available all along.

Moreover, I quickly and clearly saw that this is far from being an exclusive privilege of mine:

True freedom and all that comes with it – complete fulfilment and absolutely, beyond words, overwhelming happiness - is to be found within every human being...

... including, of course, YOU!

Naturally, there is, a price to pay - yet what matters is not so much the price itself…

… but WHO will be called upon to pay it.

But let’s take a step back.

Allow me to give you the whole picture of who I used to be and – more crucially - what led me to the fascinating place (to say the least..) I find myself today.

I have always been a split personality of sorts, in the sense that there are two sides of me, which have been coexisting ever since I first became conscious of myself.

(By the way, I hardly believe I am any exception in this regard – in fact, I’d be willing to bet that you’ll recognise many things which will remind you of yourself in what follows).

Naturally, this Dr-Jekyll-and-Mr-Hyde-ness of mine could not help but shape accordingly the story of my life, at least up to a certain, pivotal point.

So, on one hand…

… with a middle-class background and being nurtured within an environment that encouraged and pushed me to concentrate on securing a conventional, predictable, of course well-paid and ideally prestigious job, it’s no surprise I took all the textbook steps in achieving exactly that objective.

I was a straight-A student throughout school, graduated with honours from college and managed not only to enter the corporate “rat race” without any delays, but also progress relatively quickly in it.

Eventually, I was able to score in my early 30s a very secure position in a highly respected international financial institution, which enabled me to earn a 6-figure yearly net income.


Are You Ready And Willing To Find Out...

... What Is The One And Only Truth...

... About The World, Your Life,  And...

... Your Very Own (?) Self...?


In the dungeon-like corridors of the esteemed financial institution, where I landed a "cushy" job

According to the standards of my close environment and my society, I had “made” it.

My life should have been nothing less than blissful from that point onwards.

Nothing, of course, was farther from the truth, because…

on the other hand

… I have always – ever since I can recall myself or, rather, ever since I can recall being in the shoes of Alex (can’t put it more accurately than this) – been irresistibly attracted by the Big Mystery at the heart of all existence…

… both “mine” as well as of the whole wide world “around me”.

(The quotation marks are necessary as you may soon be in a position to find out).

You see, I have instinctively known since forever that things truly aren’t as they appear to be on the surface or as the contemporary human society presents them to be – and nobody could ever convince me otherwise.

No, I could never entertain even the dimmest doubt about the fact that the (seemingly distinct) events and individuals one is involved with in one’s life are much more interconnected, profound and even twisted than conventional “knowledge” would have you believe…

… as well as infinitely more exciting, revelatory and subversive than the “average person” would expect them to be.

(By the way, who is that “average person”?

Have you ever met them?).

Now, then…

… this, at times uncontrollable, tendency (or even urge) of mine to get in touch with, and bring to light, the back, dark or inverse side of… everything…

… evolved into my own, personal quest (perhaps, similar to yours…?) for the ultimate, all-encompassing truth of my life and of the whole world – I had stopped separating the two from a very early stage.

As you may already suspect, my problem was…

… how to combine my two sides harmoniously.

How could I manage to be successful and respected in the eyes of society (ultimately, MY eyes) while continuing, enriching and intensifying my journey for the One and Only Truth of my existence?

The question was misleading, of course, but…

… you can only understand you’ve been fooled – most of the times, by yourself - in retrospect, and, in particular…

… from the vantage point of a level of awareness that is higher than the one you operated from within when such question posed itself to you, representing an apparently unsolvable problem.


… while it was always clear to me that my (objectively, very good) job was neither in sync with my core values nor fully aligned with my true passions and talents (and the fact that I felt I couldn’t bridge this gap brought me enormous suffering over many years) …

… my life started changing when I was finally able to grasp that my professional occupation – or any other of my life’s key factors, such as health, family, relationships - had never been the true issue.

The issue had always been the way I was looking at things, and, in particular…

… my belief on the existence and therefore irreconcilability of my aforementioned “two sides”.

This is what had mistakenly led me to the conclusion that the “solution” to my – non-existent!!! – “problem” would be to adopt exactly this “Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde”, “split-life" - and "split-personality” - approach, according to which:

  • in my "day” life, I would be the model employee for my company, performing as was expected from me, and along the way (why not?), based on my track record and proven expertise, I could reach the highest rungs of the corporate ladder; while
  • in my “nights and weekends” life, I would focus on the things that I truly love and which fulfil me and enable me to progress on my pursuit of the One and Only Truth.

This bizarre, yet very common scheme for most people who find themselves in a position akin to mine (again, I believe it’s very likely that you count yourself amongst them/us) worked surprisingly well for a little while, before it unavoidably revealed itself for the overkill it truly was.

To cut a long story short, I eventually found myself on the verge of total burnout and – even worse than that – self-destruction.

This was an overwhelmingly dark period in my life, which lasted long, yet no longer than it should have lasted (and that’s always the case in this - perhaps hopelessly crazy, yet always perfectly efficient – universe).

Naturally, I ended being miserable, depressed, anxious and stressed, almost all of my waking time...

... and, consequently, my health and physical condition starkly deteriorated.


Are You Ready And Willing To Find Out...

... What Is The One And Only Truth...

... About The World, Your Life,  And...

... Your Very Own (?) Self...?


"Desperate" Alex, somehow managing to look funny, even at his darkest hour

Then, just at the right moment before reaching the, so-called, “point of no return”, I took a couple of initiatives…

…. which led me to find myself amidst a number of wonderful serendipities – mostly related to getting to know, in person or indirectly, some exceptionally special, advanced and benevolent human beings – that not only helped me to dig myself out of the hole I had thrown myself into, in the first place…

… but also gave me an immense push towards my heart’s dearest endeavour:

The search for the ultimate truth about it all.

Without any noticeable changes to the circumstances of my life (professionally as well as personally), I realised I already had much more time at my disposal than I ever thought, so as to immerse myself into all these things the true me had always been yearning for.

In doing so, and now operating under a rapidly changing mindset, it quickly dawned upon me that the undoubtedly most crucial step EVERYONE must take in one’s life is to understand the true nature of one’s innermost self.

Let me pause for a moment here this story-of-my-life-in-a-nutshell and ask:

Isn’t it beyond insane that nobody ever taught us - when we were young and it really mattered - that the number one, most essential task of our life is to find out who we truly are?

Needless to say, my question is rhetorical…

(By the way, since you're still reading these lines, I cannot help but have this strong feeling that you fully resonate with my story, and you probably nod your head in complete agreement with what I just said.

Moreover, I would guess It’s likely you have experienced, or currently experience, a situation in your life which may be similarly unpleasant to the one I described earlier on.

If that's indeed the case, please keep on reading, as you are bound to discover that there is light at the end of the tunnel which you find yourself currently in) …

So, this was the point at which my life really changed.

It was marked by the conscious placement of almost my entire energy and focus on reaching the deepest level of self-awareness and, simultaneously, self-transformation.

As my mindset and my way of life were radically shifting, all other aspects of my life followed suit.

My health improved spectacularly on the outside (among other things, I lost about 20 kilos or 45 pounds in less than one year) as well as on the inside.

My general outlook and attitude towards the various events and happenstances of my life (regardless of how "good" or "bad" they may have originally appeared to be to a " spiritually untrained" eye) became much more accepting and optimistic.

My relationships with other human beings - both close and even not so close to me - improved, my productivity soared, and as already mentioned in the beginning of this bio, my creativity simply exploded.

(By the early 2020s, I have already written and published seven books).


Are You Ready And Willing To Find Out...

... What Is The One And Only Truth...

... About The World, Your Life,  And...

... Your Very Own (?) Self...?


One representative, codified image of my life (not after but...) beyond...


... and yet another one...!

Now my period of rebirth – and this I must emphasize – was not without its setbacks.

In particular, I quickly discovered that the evolution process of an individual human being is never a linear one.

Instead, it follows a pattern whereby for every two steps forward, there is one step of regression.

This is only natural, and everyone – like you, I will not stop wanting to believe - undergoing such process should be aware of this factor and not be fazed by it.

But what eventually took my game to a whole new level was when I finally stumbled upon It – or, better, when It finally revealed Itself to me.

What was that?

It was, of course, none other than…

…The One and Only Truth of my, and everyone’s, life.

Its “conquest” was in the beginning intellectual – yet this discovery alone sufficed to change everything for me, this time for good (in every sense of the word)

It was this knowledge that also empowered me to create this very website that you presently honour with your visit.

Dear friend and spiritual seeker, without meaning to sound didactic, I firmly believe and know that all important events in our life are not random, meaningless happenstances.

Instead, they are always full of meaning – at least as far as each one of us is concerned – and, moreover, their primary “aim”, so to say, is to take us out of our comfort zone…

… so that we can eventually wake up to realising who we truly are and afterwards align all key domains of our life with this truest selfhood of ours.

And this is exactly the underlying common theme of all the diverse things I am involved in, have carefully developed and offer.

Each one of them, in its unique way, is focused on helping you discover this pure and vibrant Source of liberating truth and happiness, which flows deep inside of you.

Once you get a hold of this always available Flow and harness It, believe me, you can make your wildest dreams come true.

And if this sounds too outlandish of a claim to you, I hear you.

Yet, what I can assure you is that the direct and practical aspects of the spiritual awakening approach I am alluding to here – I am only, barely scratching its surface, if I am honest with you - are immediate and immensely rewarding.

Now, I would be lying if I claimed that no effort is required from your side and that you can achieve all you ever dreamt of overnight.

However, what I can say, is that your road to a life of constant evolution, true freedom and blissful fun is much closer than what your perceived "past story" or society’s conditioning would have you believe…!

I could still go on for pages on this, but I am sure I would tire you.

So, I truly invite you at this point to browse through my website (which is enriched on a constant basis) and check the material included in it.

Most of it is completely free of charge.

Please be alert when exploring it - be alert in general in your life, no matter where you happen to be or what you happen to be doing! - and judge for yourself whether and to what extent one or the other thing, idea, text or offer you will find here can be helpful to you.

And never - absolutely never - hesitate reaching out to me for whatever you may wish to ask or share.

It's no secret, of course, that I'm making a living out of this website.

And I would be thrilled if you would be able to find in here products or services of such interest and significance to you that you would be willing to spend your hard-earned money on.

This being said, I want to avoid creating any impression that I'm only interested in you as – God forbid! - a “potential unit of sale”.

I know you are an unprecedently and unrepeatably unique human being, a genuine and vibrant manifestation of the Whole of Creation.

(Of course, you are – why would you, alone, constitute an exception to a Universal rule)?!?

Therefore, having you here in my digital home is in itself a great pleasure and honour to me.

I truly mean it because I know that…

you and I share the same Home.

Regardless of whether we have – temporarily – forgotten about it.

And since you’ve read all the way down to this point, I know that you can sense the truth in my words.

The key question is, though:

How ready are you to trust…

… (not really me, but rather)…

… your One and Only True Self…???

Since I’ve said enough, for now…

… allow me to leave you with a quote from my first book, titled “MONO”:

There is no shortcut from dreams to reality;

There are endless shortcuts from reality to dreams”.

I know I'll eventually see you on the other side…

… which is much closer to you – “closer than hands and feet” – than you may currently think.

Yours sincerely,



Are You Ready And Willing To Find Out...

... What Is The One And Only Truth...

... About The World, Your Life,  And...

... Your Very Own (?) Self...?