All You Need Is – To Give, Not Get – Love

You have all you need. Right here, right now.

I start with the statement to end all your discomfort and suffering. Provided, of course, that you accept it.

If you truly come to terms with the fact that you already have all you need, then I guarantee that your relief will be immediate and immense.

So, then, your job is to use what you already have to serve the world and live your life in your own, unique way.

None of the things I’m referring to here are material. That is also why they are, and will forever remain, yours. Nobody can claim them and take them from you. It is simply impossible.

In particular, one of these non-material, all-powerful things at your possession stands out:


Deep inside of you, underneath the layers of conditioning, habits, routine, and constant stress, there is an inexhaustible well of love.

Heck, in a very real sense, your true nature is that of Love.

All-encompassing, infinite, absolutely unconditional Love.

And you sense it, you know it, you feel it.

Not all of the time, of course. But once you remove, even instantaneously or involuntarily, all these layers of what you are not, this overwhelming feeling of Love for everything that is – everything that you experience at a given moment – comes to the surface and makes you feel complete, in a sense that is beyond the power of words to describe.

So, to rephrase what I said just a few lines above, your purpose in life is to spread that Love, channel it and harness it in your very own, unrepeatable, fully custom-made way.

And if this is true, then it means that it is only an illusion that you need to “get Love”, somewhere from “outside” of you, in order to be complete and happy.

It is rather the other way around.

All You Need To Be Complete And Happy Is To Give The Love You Already Have

Release it to become self-fulfilled, to create and transform the world around you, so that it resonates with who you truly are.

If you believe that you lack Love and you are trying to get it from sources outside of you, you are looking for it at the wrong place.

You have to look inside of you, instead. And this is, of course, the good news. All the Love you will ever need is within you, readily and fully available to you.

I suspect that you may ask me, then: “If this is true, then where exactly is this Love, this power, hidden inside of me? I cannot see it, feel it, touch it. How can I access it?”.

The answer to this question is that there are three ways, not just to access but to realize YOU ARE this Love.

The first two are the simplest, yet also (and paradoxically) the most advanced. I will not elaborate too much on them here, as I have done so in previous posts.

Number One: Realize Who You Truly Are

Read this, for a shorter version, or this, for a longer version of how you can go about this essential spiritual awakening quest.

Number Two: Surrender To A Power Supreme

Read this. It gives you all the basics. It also has references to further, more elaborate reads

Number Three: Start Giving To Others In a Non-Transactional Way

The concept is: find out what you are good at and start exercising it, creating something out of it and offering it to others, without expecting anything in return.

Again, please, don’t misunderstand me. I know and understand very well how the human society we presently live in works. Thus, I am not advocating you necessarily offer “pro bono” or “for free” your work or your services. By all means, ask for a compensation if you must or if it is a sensible thing to do.

What I am saying, though, is: don’t have as your main objective and focal point of interest what you (think you) will get out of your efforts and services.

Instead, Focus On The Love You Have For What You Are Doing

You will soon notice that it is there that you will find all the satisfaction and fulfillment you will ever need.

Then, the material reward will also follow suit; rest assured. However, you will find out that very frequently (I would say, in most cases) it comes in ways you could have never fathomed in advance.

And, truth be told, that is a big part of the beauty and excitement of life, right?

Now, I know some of you may tell me: “I think I am yet to discover what I am good at. What am I supposed to do?”.

If this is the case, I am suspecting you have been on the lookout for THE one thing that you believe you will truly excel in, and which will help you leave your mark on the world, for quite some time now.

But the good news for you is that it is not an absolute necessity that such a “thing” exists, especially in the way you imagine it to exist.

There may be more than one “things” in which you are uniquely good at. Or, yes, there may eventually prove to be one such “thing”, which you are yet to discover.

Nonetheless, in case you feel sort of lost in this respect…

Just Start By Doing Something, Anything That You Truly Enjoy Doing

It doesn’t even have to be an activity our society would typically classify as “productive”. It can be literally anything.

It may be going for a walk in the park. Combing your hair. Calling up a friend. Watching a movie you truly enjoy. Taking a short nap.

It can be anything, no matter how “small” or “insignificant” it may seem to you, as long as it truly “makes the stars in your eyes shine and your heart sing”.

(On the other hand, it shouldn’t be anything you do it out of habit or “obligation”).

See where that takes you. Do one thing for a while; then another; then another. Have neither fixed expectations nor strict timelines attached to these activities.

Chances are, you will soon start noticing some kind of pattern forming, as well as your life becoming a hotspot of synchronicities (also known as “coincidences”, a term that I am personally not that in favor of).

Occupy This Mental Space For A While

And You Are Likely To Never Worry About Finding “That One Thing” Ever Again

On the contrary, and as awkward as it may sound to you right now, you are likely to see that you will be immersed in Love with anything you do and everyone you meet.

A Love that emanates, brightly and uninterruptedly, from within you.

And it may not be long after that, when you realize the big truth:

The world was created – or, if you prefer, is recreated every single moment – out of Love.

And you know, friend, the big – perhaps the ultimate – secret of life is that…

This Love Is YOUR Love

Until next time,

Remain safe and alert, and enjoy every moment of your day.


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