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And The Beat Of Life Goes On…

Can you hear It always playing in the background?

No matter where you find yourself to be, no matter how you feel, no matter the specific situation or circumstances…

The Beat Of Life Goes On

Untiring, steady as ever, completely fresh and new every single moment.

“How can it be?”, you may be enticed to ask.

“How can it be that everything is born, grows, matures and then withers and dies… but just this One Thing, the Beat Of Life, merrily and steadily goes on, always with full energy, vibrancy and aliveness, never taking a break, never toning it down, never being overshadowed by anything else”?

The simple answer is: 

It Is As It Is, 

Because It Is The Only Way It Could Be

And It Could Never Be Otherwise 

Pure Existence or Being – because that is what the Beat of Life is – cannot be abolished.

It is there, It is Here, It is everywhere.

And, of course, It is also wherever you find yourself to be at this very instance.

This, of course, cannot be “demonstrated” or “proven”.

It is something you either “feel” in absolute certainty – and definitely in a non-verbal, “post-language”, way – or you don’t.

There are two main obstacles between you – better, who you think you are – and your attunement with the ever-present Compact “Suchness” of the Beat of Life.

First Obstacle: You Believe That Such An Obstacle Exists

As we have seen before, the world of Form is a world where the idea of duality reigns.

Believing that you live in such a world, you live your life as if you were separate from all things that you understand to be “outside” of you.

(That is, outside of this entity, the “little me”, you have identified yourself with).

Therefore, you operate under the premise that there is always some distance – literal or metaphorical – between you and the objects in your environment.

The larger you assess this distance between you and a given “external object” to be, the more the obstacles you (believe you) need to overcome to get (to) it.

Thus, being accustomed to reside and function in such a world, you consider most of your experiences to be ones of strife, struggle or fight against visible or invisible opponents.

The higher the stakes, the more intense your struggle and the obstacles to overcome feel to you.

And could the stakes be any higher than the attainment or actualisation of the Universe’s One And Only True Essence, the Beat of Life?

So, if you are “spiritually inclined”, you naturally expect to deal with obstacles of the highest and most extreme difficulty when you set out for this particular “quest of quests” of the “spiritual ecosystem”.

Then, not being able to detect any tangible obstacles – while not fully grasping, anyway, what this quest of “realizing and sensing the Beat of Life” is truly all about – you unconsciously create them.

And thus you have how set in motion a vicious cycle in full bloom.

Second Obstacle: You Mistake The Beat Of Life For An Object,

While It Is The Fundamental Subject

The Beat Of Life cannot be objectified.

It is the Essence of Life, underlying and animating all of the Universe’s objects, all of its phenomena.

It is the Fountain of infinite capacity from which all Existence springs forth.

It is the solid, firm, impenetrable Ground of Being on which all forms of the world stand, and to which they return once their purpose is fulfilled, merging with It.

It is the ceaseless Beat that generates the sweepingly beautiful and jaw-droppingly versatile panorama of cosmic melodies.

The latter come and go and change all the time, and there’s constantly a new one of them emerging.

Nonetheless, they always rely on the perennial Beat to support them and allow them to flourish and make their sound heard across the Universe.

But the most important thing of all is that the Beat Of Life is also the root of your True Self.

It is who you are, who you have always been and who you will always be.

So you cannot look outside yourself to find It.


You Must Dive To The Depths Of Your Being

Until You Consciously Feel Your Life’s All-Pervading Beat,

Its Unbreakable Substance And Inexhaustible Supply,

And Unite With It

And if you are at loss about how to begin this journey, I’ve got you covered.

Please click here to find a compact, structured, end-to-end guide on self-realisation, tailor-made to your specific background and needs.

Why wait?

Now o’clock has been, is and will always be the One and Only True Time…!

Until next time,

Remain alert, present and try to listen to the Beat of Life!

You cannot miss it, It is more of You than anything else could ever be…


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