Are YOU Ready To Level-Up In Your Life’s Video Game?


Could one say that your life is like a video game?

One in which the more you progress, the tougher your going gets, but also the bigger the rewards you can reap are?

The general, yet not evasive, answer is that life is what you make out of it.

Life is all-inclusive and can take any form you wish it to take.

At the same time, life can never be bottled and / or labelled.

With these, always useful to remember assertions, in mind, let us continue in our video game mode.

First of all:

Insert Coin To Begin

On one level (the first one), coin means money.

But in almost every case, a limitless supply of money is far from a given; that much is clear.

Money “doesn’t grow on trees”, as they say.

Now, here’s a second-level truth about money: 

Money Is Energy

Full realization of this important assertion is consciousness altering.

Because it shifts your attention from outside (“how can I get the money I don’t have and I – think I – need?”) to inside of you (“how can I access the energy I ALREADY have, relax and let it drive me, in a sure-fire way, to exactly what I truly need, including money?”)

It then follows that to tap into this inner, and practically inexhaustible, source of energy is all you need to do.

Then money – or material reward, to be more inclusive – will follow, in one way or another; very likely in an entirely unexpected one.

This is a very delicate point demanding your full attention.

So long you consider yourself to be in a situation of scarcity and limitation, one where money is out of your reach and where you have to struggle in order to get just a tiny portion of it, you will only perpetuate this experience of constant borderline (in)sufficiency.

You see, by aligning yourself with such a mindset, you practically declare to yourself that since others – and not you – hold and control the “money” valve, you have to travel through your life to the beat of their – not your own – drum, in order to survive and make a “decent living”.

Thus, you force yourself to do all kinds of things that don’t resonate with you – but you believe resonate with the “money / power holders” of this world – to make this, barely tolerable, living.

And This Is The Major Cause Of (Quasi?) Permanent Dissatisfaction

Experienced By Nearly Every Human Being These Days

Likely, also by you.

But once you shift your perspective, you realize that what really matters is not what is outside of you, but rather what you hold dear and cherish inside of you.

Because this is the spark that will ignite your inner flame, and allow you to access this amazing, practically infinite, energy found in there, which, in its turn, will enable you to focus on pursuing all those wonderful things you always knew you were meant to do.

Plus, this will create a virtuous cycle inside of you, because the more confident, optimistic and fulfilled you feel doing the things you always loved to do, the higher levels of this primal and boundless energy you can access, and therefore the more productive, motivated and happy you become.

Then, it is mathematically certain that all and any material reward or resources you ever truly needed will become available to you.

It is simply impossible that things don’t happen exactly that way, because this is a Universal Law:

The More You Willingly And Happily Give,

The More You Are Going To Get

Now, the rewards you shall reap will almost for sure not come in the way you had expected them to come beforehand – but come they will!

And words like “lack”, “limitation”, “scarcity”, “insufficiency” will be erased from your personal vocabulary, or at least they will lose their current, strong grip on you.

This is “the secret” of the video game of your life.

Once again, this time phrased in a slightly different way:

The More You Generously Offer To The World

In Full Accordance With Who You Truly Are

The Richer (Literally And Metaphorically) Your Life Experience Shall Be

Not to mention that your life’s “levelling-up” pace – not to forget our video game analogy – will become exponential.

If you notice doubts raised within you about what you just read, it would not be an uncommon reaction.

But, I am afraid (actually, I am happy about it) that the only way to dissolve these doubts would be for you to put in action the principles I just laid out.

Again, please remember:

Life Is Whatever You Make Out Of It

It is the all-encompassing container of any possible experience you could ever imagine.

Which implies that the more vivid your imagination is, the more versatile, exciting, mouth-watering your life will be.

Especially, if a wild imagination is coupled with an understanding of the basic mechanism in this Universe.

Which is, yet one more time, in slightly different wording:

The More Of Your Inner, Infinite Energy You Can Access And Put To Action

The Higher Your Creative Output Will Be

And The Greater The Rewards You Shall Reap

This, of course, presupposes that you have a good understanding of who you truly are.

This is far from given, because it involves going through a very peculiar and challenging quest…

But I think I may have something that could be of help to you, if you of course are interested.

More on that, in a second.

Now, the final question to you:

Does this all matter, anyway, since your life is a finite game, one that is determined to end?

Because, it is unavoidable, right?

One day, you will see flashing on your proverbial screen the two most dreaded words by any video game player, without a single exception:

Game Over

At this point, what you have been used to identify as “your life” will have come to an end.

But, wait, because there is one more question after all:

Will the end of your life mean the end of YOU, the one who you truly are?

Sounds like I am implying some totally crazy stuff here, right?

Think about it, though…

How could you ever answer any such question if you don’t know who the hell you truly are?

So, the real question (they never seem to end, but please bear with me!) then becomes:

Are YOU Ready And Willing

To Find Out Who You Are?

The only certain thing is that the self-discovery journey is different for each one undertaking it.

This being said, it’s unavoidable that every single one (yes, including you) will eventually have to complete it.

Sooner or later.

No matter how many “coins” one uses, no matter how many times one sees the two despicable words “Game Over” flashing before one’s eyes.

So… what about you?

Are You Ready To Go Through This Journey?

If yes, you can embark on it, right here, right now.

All you need to do is take a simple action and click here.

Until next time, 

Remain alert and present.


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