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Be Careful With What You Reject, Oh, Seeker Of The Truth

Alright, so we have already established that the one and only true purpose of your life is best described by those two elusive words:

Spiritual Awakening”.

Now, I'd like to draw your attention to a particular misconception in this vein.

This is a misconception you must sidestep if you don’t want to find yourself at a standstill in your self-realisation journey.

It usually manifests in the form of the following idea that pops up in the mind of the spiritual awakening seeker:

“OK, if my true purpose is singularly defined (if it is one and only!) ...

... I should discard everything else in my life to stay true to my spiritual awakening path”.


(Imagine hearing a very strong buzzer sound here).

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spiritual awakening

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This precise idea, you see, is a ‘fatal flaw’ kind of wrong.

Clinging to it only leads you down a misguided path...

... in what is, moreover, a misleading “spiritual” game.

Here's the crux of the matter:

Spiritual awakening is an all-encompassing journey...

... not an exclusionary one.

It couldn’t be otherwise, considering that everything in existence is an indivisible Unity.

One (literally one!) that is indescribable in its wholeness.

In your everyday life, particularly from your current vantage point in your spiritual awakening journey, this translates into:

Be extremely cautious with what you dismiss…

... especially - and I emphasize this - when it’s something you (or others influencing you) label as “non-spiritual”.

Because, standing at what might feel like a crossroads in your spiritual awakening journey, you must realise (particularly if you're eager to take the next pivotal step in it) that:

Everything is spiritual.

No exceptions.

Thus, you can't afford to reject any aspect of your life or label it as spiritually “inferior” or “irrelevant”.

However, while it’s indeed crucial not to dismiss anything, you also must avoid becoming fixated or stuck with anything.

This is where a very delicate balancing act comes into play - one that you must, of course, perform.

In this light, here’s a simple yet profound mantra for you, the genuine spiritual awakening seeker:

Let It All Come In…

... And Then, Let It All Go.

Start by welcoming everything, without exception.

Refrain from rejecting anything just because it doesn’t align with your preconceived notions, especially in spiritual matters.

Here, by the way, it's good to be aware of another key mechanism at play:

Life provides exactly what you need for spiritual growth...

... at precisely the right moment.

This realisation liberates you from the burden of constantly worrying...

... about being in the right place, and doing the right thing, at the right time.

Your primary task, then, is:

To let life unfold…

… experience fully whatever thing (event, situation, interaction, you name it) it spontaneously brings forth…

… and release it when its role is fulfilled.

So, yes, spirituality is much simpler than one might think.

At this point, you may wonder:

“Why should I take your word for it?”.

To which I respond:

You shouldn’t.

Not blindly, at least.

Here, I urge you to remember Buddha’s famous advice to his disciples:

"O bhikshus and wise men, just as a goldsmith would test his gold by burning, cutting, and rubbing it, so you must examine my words and accept them, but not merely out of reverence for me".

The key for you is the following:

If what I share resonates with you on a deeper, almost indescribable level, then experiment with it.

Which practically means:

Be the person who doesn’t reject anything...

... while also not clinging onto or identifying with anything.

Now, having said all this, let me leave you with this thought:

Can you be that One?

Or better yet:

Can you realise…

… that you are already that One?

To your awakening, that is...

... to the realisation that you (the One) are (is), in fact, dreaming...

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