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Do You Realise That Everything In Your World Revolves Around You?

It has always been like that…

And it can only – and therefore it will always – be like that.

You can’t escape yourself, indeed…!

It is only natural then to treat yourself as the Centre of your world.

But this is not the problem.

The Problem Is That You Believe

You Are Separate From The World Around You

You see, you have been conditioned to limit your sense of selfhood within the confines of your body.

This perception of yours implies that anything outside of it can only be something that is “not you”.

Independent from you and in most cases – you think – having a disposition towards you that ranges from indifference to hostility.

In this conventional model of looking at your world, you are a tiny speck of consciousness roaming within a vast wilderness of forces operating at a much higher scale, which, moreover, are blind, mechanic and ultimately incomprehensible.

Now, I invite you to consider another point of view.

Could It Be That This Enormously Complicated Universe

Is But A Product Of YOUR Mind?

If you are bold and frank enough at this moment, you will recognize that there is only one thing that you are certain about:

You Exist, You Are Conscious, You Are Aware

You cannot dispute this.

If you wouldn’t exist, you wouldn’t be reading these lines at this very moment.

Now, as to whether you really are who you think you are and who your world seems to be telling you you are… that’s a wholly different story.

Don’t forget that mainstream culture and science loudly warns you these days that everything in your world might be the product of a, unimaginably advanced, “computer simulation”.

Considering this (high) possibility, I will, once again, ask you:

What If This Is True 

And, Moreover,

What If The Hardware Of Your World’s Simulation 

Is Your Very Own Mind?

You know, in the past, I myself used to be wary of… myself for entertaining such thoughts and pondering on such questions, as the one in the title of this post.

I should have known better…

And once you also begin realizing what is truly going on – translate: who you truly are – you will also begin to suspect that the philosophical notion of solipsism may hold true.

A delicate, but extremely critical point here, is that the “I AM” of your consciousness, which is the only thing that is sure to exist, does not refer to this little fantastical entity contained within the arbitrary outline of your body.

I AM Refers To The Whole Wide World

In Other Words:

You Are – I AM – The World

Oh, man…

You know, I have a feeling that these posts may cost me many of my readers. 

On the other hand, so be it!

Whoever stays with me was always meant to stay, so as we advance together.

Hand in hand, body in body, mind in mind.


If You Truly Realize You Are The World,

Now And Forever (Because Only Now Is Forever),

Then… This Is It

Your ultimate mission in this world will have been accomplished.

But usually it takes some effort and time before you get there.

Truth be told, in most of the cases you are looking at a lifetime’s (at least…) journey.

And, as you may imagine, in the beginning of such a journey, guidance and help are very crucial and can act as a catalyst, propelling you towards merging even faster with your True Self.

(Faster, that is, from your perspective; not, of course, from the one of your True Self).

Since we are on it, here’s something that I have created, exactly for that purpose, and exactly for individuals such as yourself.

Peruse it… and use it!

Until next time…

Stay Right Where You Are –

At The Centre Of Your World –

And Don’t Be Fooled In Believing 

There Is Anywhere Else You Could – Or You Would Rather – 



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