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Everything Is Always Perfect, You Are Always Perfect

Odd, but true.

Everything Is Perfect, Always

Let’s take these four words one by one and examine them…

Actually, you know what?

Before we do so, please allow me to invite you to a little experiment.

Nothing too complicated or challenging.

You just need to repeat this phrase – “Everything Is Always Perfect” – mentally, or out loud if you feel like it, as many times as you can… and then even a few more.

Don’t strain yourself.

Allow each repetition to flow and unfold, as spontaneously as possible.

Faster… or slower… with a sudden intonation here or there… with an abrupt break where you would least expect it…

Accept and embrace… anything and everything.


By now – meaning after reciting numerous repetitions – ideally, this entire phrase, as well each one of the words comprising it, will have been decoupled from the default meaning, or mental label, you had originally, and automatically, assigned to them.

Perfect Is Everything, Always

And now it’s time we looked at each of these four words more closely.


Not in the sense of “every little thing”.

Not even in the sense of every little thing she does is magic”.

But, rather in the sense of “everything that exists, altogether, is one, inseparable, indivisible Unity”.

One to bind them All…

Since All Is One.

Next, we move onto:


Ah, here things get interesting (if we assume they weren’t so already).

That It Is, is the only thing that is certain.

That It Is Not, is simply not true.

It just Is, and it cannot be otherwise.

Its “suchness” is omnipresent, yet a special kind of “vision” is required for you to be able to see it… for what It Is.

How to acquire such vision?

Find out who you truly are!

Then you will See It; literally, metaphorically, and beyond – any – such terms.

Two more words to go; first:


“Always” means timelessly.

Unaffected by time, that is.

Everything Is Beyond Time (And Space).

It remains as It Is, as anything else – around It, against It, by It, and through It – constantly changes.

Forever and ever.

Or, even more accurately:

NOW, and only NOW; without “before” or “after”.

And, finally:


As in: impeccable, untouchable, ever-luminous, shining, complete, all-inclusive and non-exclusive.

Self-sustaining, self-sufficient, self-fulfilling.

The One and Only Way, the Sole Truth.

Life without content, Being for the sake of Being, Zero and One, together as One.

The Invisible Jewel, the all-pervading, ever-blissful and eternally loving Cosmos.

To sum up:

Is Everything Always Perfect?

Whichever way you answer is up to you… and it is not enough, unless you stick with it – be it a YEA or a NAY – and not deviate from it, until the One and Only Truth is finally revealed to you.

If you go for the “YEA”, fully surrender yourself to It, until you and It are One.

If you go for the “NAY”, stick to your unwavering negation, denying every little thing that is not – and could never be – True, until you be what remains after rejecting the full world for what it is NOT.

And if you find all this too confusing, esoteric, cryptic, poetic for your taste…

Just remain present and alert, for the sake of Presence and Alertness.

Eventually, anyway, everything will fall in its right place.

Or, rather, you will see that everything – that is, YOU – is – that is, ARE – always – that is, NOW – perfect – that is, IT.

And remember:

The Sweetest Dream Is The One Where…

You Wake Up

See (be) you there (here),


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