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Galloping in the Unknown, with nowhere and at the same time also everywhere to stand, the Frameless Being continues its never-ending journey.

Which also happens to be one that never began, as, by definition, the endless is (cannot be anything else but) beginning-less as well.

In general, this is clearly a Game of aiming for Less, instead of striving for more, as humankind’s most games seem to be.

Especially nowadays…

Beginning-less, End-less, Frame-less

But what is the Frameless?

It is something which we can speak about only in apophatic terms. 

That is: we can say what it is not, but it is out of the question to describe what it actually is.

Now, to call it “Frameless” makes our life a tad easier, as the word “Frame”, in this particular context, covers pretty much everything that human senses can perceive or human mind can conceive.

I mean:


Every form, every appearance, every visible movement.

Every thought, every feeling, every idea.

All these things – which are in one way or another tangible or at least understandable – constitute the so-called Frame.

Within this Frame, then, a picture is contained.

It is a picture that nobody can see, in any sense of the verb “to see” (that is, to perceive, to understand or to realize).

This fundamentally ungraspable picture is – you might have guessed it – the Frameless.

You could also call it Formless, but then again this would not be very accurate, as there are things which may be formless, but which are nonetheless quite concrete and are also, at least to a critical extent, identifiable – like, for instance, certain ideas or impressions – and which, as we’ve seen, are part of the Frame.

So what the Frameless is, is… nothing in particular.

The Frameless simply is.

Then again, on another level, the Frameless is also the true source of any creation in this strange world of ours…

Boundless And Unlimited

The Frameless Is All The Time Busy

Redesigning Its Frame

You see, the only way for the Frameless to experience Itself is through a limited, finite Frame.

Such Frame, then, must always assume a certain individuality.

That is, in each occurrence of Its Manifestation, the Frame is unique.

It, of course, ultimately remains One and Only, and is also one with the Frameless – in fact, it IS the Frameless, as nothing other than the Frameless could ever exist.

In other words, the One and Only Truth… is One and Only (it is a bit confusing, I know, but this is natural when you try to put into words the ultimately indescribable)!

Yet, the Frame is so intricately carved that when you look at It – or through It – It gives you the impression of being not just one, but many.

The Frame Is A Kaleidoscopic Prism

Through Which The Frameless Observes

Its One And Only Truth

Being Manifested As Myriads Of Fleeting, Momentary Reflections

Now, let’s finally move over to you.

You didn’t expect you would remain unaffected by all this discussion about the Frameless, did you?

In any case, and regardless of your particular expectations in this regard, to say that “we move over to you”, we must first ask the question you probably never dare to ask yourself, even though it is the most basic question of your life, by far:

Who Are You?

But, of course, you are the Frameless!

Which is looking at the Frame It created for Itself through a certain corner of said Frame, that is through the ever-fleeting – and framed – entity which you have identified with and which consists of your body, your mind and your personal history.

Now, again, all this can admittedly be quite confusing (especially when it’s served to you like it was just served), so let’s look at it from a different angle, one of gradual unveiling of your One and Only Truth, as we progress from the known and perceivable to the Unknowable and Ungraspable.

Let’s Start From Your “Regular”, Everyday Self

One that is framed – oh yes, pun intended – in all kind of frames.

Social, political, cultural, economical; you name them.

You, in fact, can name them much better than I do, there’s no doubt about that.

What you of course fail to see is that all these frames are simply different viewpoints or perspectives of the one and the same big Frame.

This Frame Is The Idea Of Your Existence As A Separate Entity

Within A World Of Many, Distinct, And Independent Entities

Each supposedly driven by its own volition, be it conscious and / or based on certain laws.

But that is not the main problem.

The Problem Is To Mistake The Frame

For The Picture It Contains

Because, at the end of the day, there is no picture!

Remember: the picture is the Frameless.

And, moreover, the Frameless picture cannot ever be seen by anyone.

And what you cannot see, you can, at best and occasionally, sense; but, in reality, you can only be.

And if you manage to do that, the Frame loses its overarching significance and assumes its rightful position.

That of Nothingness or, if you like, of a fleeting game of impressions… for the sake, the fun, and the love of the Game the Frameless plays with Itself per se.

Now, what this all means for you – no matter who you believe you are or where you are coming from – is that there is only one true pursuit which is worth for you to undertake in your life:

That Of Finding Your True Self

Beyond The Frame That Keeps You…



This is where your focus should be directed, if you long for such Frameless things such as salvation, liberation, true happiness.

It should be directed to your self-realization – also known as spiritual awakening – journey.

And the time to embark on it is always Here And Now, that is at the Universal (and perennial) time of the Frameless.

So, if after reading all of this you are enticed (as you should be) to consciously realise who you truly are…

Get on with it, what are you waiting for?

Until we speak again,

Embrace your Frameless within, by removing your Frame without!


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