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Here’s What To Do If You Want A Time-Out From Your Problems

Life is timeless.

You may assess this statement as too quirky or counterintuitive for you to entertain, but let me explain:

You cannot put Life into a bottle or a box.

You cannot bind Life by means of anything.

So, it only naturally follows that you cannot subject Life to the passage – and dominion – of Time.


I’m not speaking here about what you have grown accustomed to refer to as “your life”.

That is, the finite period between the past event of your birth and the future event of your death.


I’m Talking About Life

Which Is All

That Has Ever Been, Is, And Will Always Be

I am talking about the all-encompassing, all-pervading, infinitely powerful Force of Life.

The one that creates and sustains all living things outside and inside of you.

The majestic Intelligence, the Wise Principle, for which there is no match, anywhere.

The Ultimate Source, Origin AND Destination Of The Universe

Perhaps now you can see a bit more clearly that this Force of Life is the only Cosmic Constant ever since the “Big Bang”, and will remain the World’s One and Only Ruling Law until the “Big Crunch”.

With this in mind, you may perceive Time for what it truly is: a manifestation of Life and a form that is subject to Life, rather than the other way around.

Now, let’s come to you.

It would be fair to say that all of your problems are time-bound, would it be not?

Anything That You Perceive As “Your Problem”

Had A Beginning In Time And – You Hope, I’m Sure – Will Have An End

Now, please, come along with me as I am unfolding the subsequent chain of thoughts;

If all your problems are time-bound, it means that if you could step outside of time, you would enter a, by definition, problem-free zone.

Not only all your current problems would vanish, but there would be no possibility for you to “acquire” a new problem.

Wouldn’t that be splendid, dear Friend?

I bet that at this point you feel entitled to ask:

How On Earth Can One Move 

Out Of Time?

Is that even a thing?

The short answer is that, yes, it most definitely is a thing!

In fact, you are in such a state right now…!

(Please place particular emphasis here on the words “RIGHT” and “NOW”).

How’s so?

Like anything else in the Universe, you are undoubtedly an expression of the Power of Life.

If that is so, it also means that deep down, in the roots of your Being – even when you don’t feel it – you are in constant communion with Life.

And, as we saw, Life is beyond time.

An Eternal, Unmovable HERE And Now

Is What Life Is

In this “space of timelessness”, there exists only the vibrant joy of being alive and an unconditional love for all of Life’s creations, without a single exception.

Moreover, in the Constant Cosmic Instant (CCI) that Now Is, there can be no room for thought.

In other words:

In Life’s Permanent Time-Out

There Is No Room For Thought

Because thought is also time-bound.

Thought can process the past.

Thought can estimate the future.

And thought can try to analyze the present, but as soon as it enters into such an analysis…

The Present Has Already Become Past!

So, considering that all of your so-called problems are generated by thought, it also follows that all of them evaporate as soon as, and for as long as, you remain perfectly attuned to Now, to Life, to your True Nature.

In the Eternal Space of Here and Now, there is, therefore, only room for pure Action.

An Action that is unconditioned – or, rather, uncontaminated – by thought, and it is therefore based on the Infinite Intelligence of Life.

Consequently, such action is always correct!

This means that:

While Rarely A Problem Of Yours Can Be Resolved Instantaneously

CCI (See Above) Can Always Direct You To The Proper Action –

Moment By Moment –

In Order To Resolve It

Thus, in the realm of human psychology there are two equations you always must recall:



Time-Out=Right Action=Solution

It is important to clarify that by saying all this I am not dismissing the importance of thought.

Please, make no mistake, this is no intention of mine.

Thought, or the mental / intellectual process, is an extremely useful, practical tool in our everyday life. 

But the problem is that it is a horrible Master to obey to, as it then becomes the major source of misery, strife, unhappiness.

In all likelihood, your life up to now is a proof of this…

So, what you have to do is transcend thought (and not, of course, to go below its threshold and regress to the pre-human state).

And You Transcend Thought And Time

By Consciously Realizing Your Eternal Unity With Life

When I am talking about “You” here, I am not referring to the entity you have identified yourself with.

The one with your name, body, mind, feelings and “personal history” (another critical time-bound notion).

This entity is a fleeting mirage, one with an expiry date – and you know it!

The key question then is:

Who Are You, Truly?

Find out the answer to this question and you will know how to fully and consciously align yourself with Life’s Eternally Present Rhythm.

Shower your life in the Light of Complete Awareness, and see all your problems melting like ice under the rays of the most radiant and vibrant light on a warm, sunny day.

And if you need help with discovering your true Self, if you don’t know where to start, here’s something you could consider and explore.

Start Here and Now, why not, after all… Now is all that is, right???

Until next time,

Try to always remember that, in reality, you are always out of time, and that is truly great…!



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