How To Accept Whatever Happens In The Present Moment

Introduction: The Art of Acceptance in the Now

As your spiritual awakening journey through the intricate pathways of your life evolves, one of the most profound teachings you'll encounter is the art of accepting whatever unfolds in the present moment.

This wisdom, a cornerstone of my seminal blog post, titled "The 102 Most Powerful Portals To Your Spiritual Awakening", invites you to a transformative practice of embracing life as it is, not as you wish it to be.

Imagine standing before a canvas, each brushstroke representing your reactions and emotions.

The art of acceptance teaches you to paint with the colors of the present moment (that is: with what is available to you here and now) ...

... turning what is before you into a masterpiece of experience and growth.

In a world that often urges you to resist and reshape the present moment, learning to accept and evolve from whatever happens is both revolutionary and liberating.

It's a spiritual awakening journey that takes you deep into the heart of your existence, revealing the layers of your true self, unmasked by the illusions of resistance and denial.

The present moment, which you often overlook in the pursuit of your future goals or past regrets, holds the key to profound self-discovery and peace.

When you learn to accept the present moment fully, you unlock a door to a world where every experience, regardless of its nature, becomes a valuable lesson.

This practice is not about passive resignation but about an active engagement with life as it naturally and spontaneously unfolds.

It's about finding the hidden gems of wisdom in every situation you engage with...

... transforming challenges into opportunities for growth...

... and turning pain into a catalyst for healing and transformation.

Now, let's get a bit more specific...

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Don’t Challenge The Present Moment

Imagine you're standing in a gentle stream.

The water flows around you, sometimes calm, sometimes turbulent.

Now, if you decided to challenge the water's flow, this would soon prove to be an exhausting and futile expedition, would it not?

Similarly, when life presents you with a situation, rather than resisting it, stand still.

Observe it.

Let the experience flow around you without trying to push it away.

It's in this non-resistance to the present moment that you find your true strength and resilience.

For example, if you're facing a difficult work situation, instead of immediately reacting to it or resisting it, take a moment of pause.

Observe your feelings and thoughts about what you are dealing with.

Realise that by not challenging the situation reflexively, you open yourself to understanding it better and finding a solution that arises from calmness and clarity.

Don’t Fight The Present Moment

Fighting against what is happening in your life is like trying to push back the ocean waves.

Besides wearing you off very quickly, it's also rather pointless.

Instead, imagine yourself as a leaf floating on a river, going with the flow.

This doesn't mean you're giving up on life!

It rather means you're choosing to move with its natural and overruling rhythm.

For instance, if you're dealing with a personal loss, fighting the reality of it only deepens your pain.

In this vein, this next point is worth your full attention:

Accepting a loss doesn't mean you're okay with it.

It means you acknowledge it as part of your life's spiritual awakening, as well as genuine learning and growth, journey.

In this acceptance, your healing begins.

The Present Moment Is There, and It Cannot Go Anyplace Else

The present moment is the only reality you have.

It cannot be anywhere else but here; to say or pretend that it is not like that would be nothing sort of utterly absurd.

Acknowledging this fact helps you to focus on what is important here and now.

It grounds you in the reality of your experience, anchoring you away from the distractions of past and future.

Take, for instance, the anxiety of an upcoming event you have to plan and organise.

By focusing on the present moment and doing what you need to do in its context, you ground yourself in the perennial now...

... preparing as effectively and as efficiently as possible for the future without, in parallel, losing yourself in unproductive and valueless worry.

The event will... eventually come in its own time...

... and when it does, you'll be ready for it because (if...) you were truly present in each preceding moment.

Embrace The Present Moment Fully and Unconditionally

Embracing the present moment fully means accepting it without conditions or reservations.

It means saying 'yes' to life, even when it's challenging or painful.

This unconditional acceptance opens the door to gaining deep insights and understanding.

Consider, for instance, a challenging relationship you currently have to deal with in your life.

Embracing the situation fully means acknowledging your feelings and seeking to understand the other person's perspective...

... without placing any blame or judgment upon themselves or upon you.

I know, it's tough to be in that space, especially in the beginning...

Consider, however, that this doesn't mean that you are fine with everything that happens in this relationship.

It means you're open to exploring the relationship in all its complexity and dive deep into how it can help you grow, in the context of your unique spiritual awakening path.

Embrace The Present Moment Even If You Don’t Like How It Looks – Especially If You Don’t Like How It Looks!

True acceptance includes embracing situations, even when they are not to your liking.

It's about recognising that life's most significant lessons often come in difficult packages or surrounded by tough circumstances.

This kind of acceptance transforms your experience of living life, turning challenges into valuable life lessons.

For example, you might find yourself in a job that doesn't fulfill you.

Accepting this situation doesn't mean resigning yourself to an oblivion where unhappiness looms ahead of each single step you take.

It means exhibiting the patience to understand your current position in all its key dimensions...

... and using this understanding to propel yourself towards a job that aligns more with your passions and values.

The First Time When You Embrace The Present Moment Against All Your (Heavily Conditioned Mind's) Odds...

... You Will Hear It Shouting and Screaming at You:

“What in Hell’s Name Are You Doing”?

When you first start practicing acceptance, your mind may rebel.

It might flood you with doubts, fears, and objections.

In such occasions it is very important to remember that this is all but normal.

Your mind is used to resisting and controlling - it has been conditioned and trained for too long in this direction.

So, what you have to do is to acknowledge these thoughts, but without letting them sway you from your path of acceptance.

As an example, imagine you decide to end a long-term relationship that's no longer healthy.

Your mind might bombard you with fears about being alone or not finding love again.

Acknowledge these fears, but stay true to your decision.

Trust that this act of acceptance is a step towards a healthier, happier you.

Record Your Mind's Strong Objections, But Ignore Them

Writing down your mind’s objections can be a useful exercise.

It allows you to see them objectively, as mere (and, truth be told, probably meaningless) musings, and not absolute truths.

However, once recorded, set them aside.

Don't dwell on them or let them dominate your actions.

For instance, if you're contemplating a significant life change, like a career shift or a move to a new city, write down your fears and concerns.

Then, set them aside and focus on the reasons driving your decision.

This helps you to steer clear of your mental clutter and align your actions with your true intentions.

Don’t Engage Into a Dialogue with Your Mind

Engaging with your mind's objections only gives them more power.

Instead, practice observing your thoughts without getting caught up in them.

View them as clouds passing in the sky of your mind – transient and not defining your reality.

For instance, if you're anxious about an upcoming public speaking event, your mind might generate a multitude of negative scenarios.

Observe these thoughts, but don’t engage with them - at least not more than what may be practical or necessary in this particular occasion.

Focus instead on preparing for the event and the message you want to convey when you address your audience.

Keep Your Safe Distance Until Your Mind's (Alternatively / Consecutively) Desperate, Pleading and Threatening Voices Disappear…

Maintain a healthy distance from your mind’s constant panic and protests.

Practicing this requires from you to be truly patient.

(In fact, if you must pray for something to someone (or something) you have true faith in, let that something be oceans of patience).

Rest assured that with time and consistent practice of acceptance, these mental (sometimes, in all senses of this word...) voices will lose their urgency and eventually fade into the background.

Let's say you're adjusting to a significant lifestyle change, like adopting a healthier diet.

Your mind might resist this change, craving the comfort of old habits.

Acknowledge this resistance, but maintain your commitment to your new lifestyle.

If you momentarily succumb to the proverbial Sirens, don't beat yourself up too much.

Pick up things from where you left them, as if nothing detrimental happened (because it most definitely hasn't).

Over time, the mind's protests will diminish as your new habits become second nature.

You just have to hang in there for a while...

... until you reach the point of no return.

… Beneath the Veil of Your Silent Acceptance of the Unfolding Events

Beneath the turmoil of resistance lies the tranquility of acceptance.

In this quiet space, you find the strength to face life's unfolding events with grace and composure.

Consider a scenario where you're facing unexpected financial difficulties.

Rather than panicking or dwelling on the 'unfairness' of the situation, embrace it.

Look for practical solutions and draw on your inner resilience.

This silent acceptance empowers you to navigate the challenge with a clear, focused mind.

Epilogue: The Transformative Power of Acceptance

The journey of learning to accept whatever happens in the present moment is transformative and conducive to your spiritual awakening.

It's a path that leads to a deeper understanding of yourself and of life.

This acceptance doesn't mean you stop striving for improvement or stop dreaming.

Instead, it means you engage with life from a place of peace and clarity, using each (positively present!) moment as a steppingstone towards growth and fulfilment.

By practicing acceptance, you open yourself to the full spectrum of human experience.

You learn to find joy in simplicity, strength in adversity, and wisdom in silence.

This practice grounds you in the present moment, aligning you with the true rhythm of life.

As you move through each day, remember that acceptance is a choice – a choice to live fully, to embrace each fleeting moment as it is, and to evolve from whatever life serves you.

It's a choice that leads to a richer, more meaningful existence, firmly rooted in the ever-changing, ever-present now.

Accept it, all then, without any exception, and you will be surprised at how dramatically your life experience will improve...!

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