Doorway To The One And Only Truth

How To Alleviate The Burden You Always Carry (Part 1 of 3)

With this, we go into the deepest and most treacherous waters imaginable.

(Yes, even considering our standards).

You know (or, rather, you don’t and cannot know)…

… there are things extending even beyond the One and Only Truth.

You will probably be asking:

“How can that be?”.


… did you know that one of the most brilliant mathematicians of all times, Georg Cantor, discovered (or is “invented” the right verb here?) the so-called “transfinite” numbers?

That is, numbers that are - believe it or not  - larger than infinity?

What the heck, right?

Yet, this is something real in the strictest possible scientific sense, that is the mathematical one.

Similarly, we now claim that there is a “truth” that, in an outrageous yet not unreal way, is “truer” than the One and Only Truth…!

Of course, nobody can talk about it.

It is, you see, the most fundamental kind of “lack”.

The best we can say to point towards that lack is that it is the void, the ultimate black hole, the ever-insatiable Nothingness…

… that the One and Only Truth “emerges” from…

… and that remains when the One and Only Truth collapses due to It being unable to carry Its own weight.

(Remember that “burden” of yours we started off this email with) ?


In the view of the author of this email, the greatest figure in the field of human psychology or psychoanalysis was, and remains…

… neither Sigmund Freud nor Carl Jung (even though both of them were unquestionably pioneers and titans of the search in the depths of human soul and, in general, condition)…

…. but the Frenchman Jacques Lacan.

Lacan’s perspective and take on the affairs of human psyche was so radical and unique, as well as elusive…

… that what he theorised is yet to be - and likely far from ever being - fully grasped by most human beings that have read or being informed about his work…

… (not to mention by the overwhelming majority of professionals - or “professionals” - of said field).

We could talk for hours about Lagan’s work - for now, let’s just mention 3 keywords and key aspects of the human soul, as coined by him:

The Imaginary, the Symbolic, and the Real.

And let’s concisely – if, by definition and unavoidably, unsatisfactorily - and for pragmatism’s sake define them as:

  • Who you think you would like to be (Imaginary),
  • Who you think others (especially the Big Other, that is the Big Brother without the “Brrr…” factor – we unfortunately have no room to analyse this further here) would want you to be (Symbolic),
  • Who you truly are AND - at the same time - are NOT (Real).

As you can see in the latter case, things get REAL-ly tricky…

We will have to continue with this in an upcoming communication…

… but if you can’t wait until then to get in touch and potentially explore this further together with me…

… then click here and brace yourself for what may be a life-defining - and death-defying - crash.


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