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How To Alleviate The Burden You Always Carry (Part 2 of 3)

In Part 1 of this post series, we started diving into some really deep waters, purportedly going even beyond the One and Only Truth.

I suggest you read said post once again (or for the first time), before we continue.

Now, then…

… what is of primary interest to us here, out of the unique Lacanian analysis, is the Real.

By now you should be able to recall that the Real represents both what you are AND what you are not.

It’s this crucial, if impossible to be fully comprehended, element that you need to stay with and recall as often as you can

..  ideally, all the time.

You see, things are, somehow, as follows:

  • Your fundamental underlayer of Being - of your existence - is pure Awareness, ineffable and eternal (the One and Only Truth)
  • Yet, your One and Only True Self is not exactly (It is and It isn’t, in fact)… Self-standing.
  • This is because It springs from an Unfulfillable Incompleteness, a Void of Nothingness, beyond life and death, which insatiably, positively, inextinguishably, yet – and this is the key – ever-unsuccessfully struggles to exist.

To just be.

This is, then, the burden that you will always carry, no matter what happens or what you – think you can - do.

Yes, even after you “become” Self-realised.

Of course, once you cross that bridge you will know how to handle this delicate “situation”.

But the thing is that this ceaseless, tug-o’-war-like, tension between the basic aspects of your True Being (Awareness, on one hand, and absolute, black-hole-like Lack, on the other) has an infinite capacity to prevent you from waking up.

This is why, even if you are the most advanced and avid spiritual seeker, you might end up stuck…

… for God knows how long...

Now, then, as we’ve said before, to “win” this Game – the True Game of your Life - you must make sure you keep on playing It, whether you occasionally “advance” or “retreat” in It (in the big picture, temporary “gains” and “losses” are all but irrelevant).

To “succeed” in this “task” – to recall, one more time, what we were discussing in the previous post - you may have to go beyond infinity.

Hopefully, you already have the arsenal, the ammunition and the first hand, practical knowledge to do what you need to do, or rather…

… to be who you need to be, 101%, no prisoners (that is, the multitude of personas pertaining to your “old”, conventional, illusionary “self”) taken.


… you, understandably, still may be looking for additional help…

… which would be even more direct and catalytic.

And as I have previously emphasised in the strongest possible terms, the assessment and decision of whether you shall take this additional step and walk this extra mile, building your bridge to the Impossible while at it…

… has already been taken.

So, you, very likely, already know - or, if not, you will know that you know really soon - if you are about to get in touch with me and explore a further interaction between the two of us by clicking on this very link, right here.

If you are yet to become aware of such knowledge, though…

… you will hear from me very soon, at the occasion of the third and concluding email of this particular series.

Fare well, fare right, fare ahead.


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