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How To Be Ready For Your Rendezvous With The Unknown

In all likelihood, it first arises spontaneously within you.

Yet, it is also possible it has always been with you, ever since you can remember yourself.

As anything in this life that is worthwhile, it is not easy to describe it.

It Is Like An Acute Feeling Of Incurable Dissatisfaction 

Coupled With A Constant, Strange Call

This Call appears to originate in the depths of your soul, and at the same time to come from somewhere far beyond anything you, or anyone, could ever possibly know or understand through human intellectual faculties.

Once you’ve consciously received the Call, you are marked forever, and you know it.

You go on living your life like any other human being, but you understand that all that eventually matters from this point onwards is this outlandish, otherworldly Call and your response to It.

In fact, your whole life feels now like a stage preparing you for your rendezvous with the Unknown.

In parallel, you have to deal with its accompanying existential angst.

For a while, you may entertain the illusion that you can eliminate it, and in this vein you try this or the other discipline or practice, but sooner or later you acknowledge your attempts are all but pointless.

Then, the critical juncture is once you understand that:

Only When You Respond To The Call From The Unknown

Will You Get Rid Of This Underlayer Of Compact Anxiety And Agony

Further, you start suspecting that, in the end, you may not have to travel that far for your upcoming rendezvous.

When you first truly catch a glimpse of that realization, it’s a shock, which may be big or not so big, depending on your individual background.

“Can it be possible”, you wonder, “that all this time I have been sitting right on top of That Thing I was looking for everywhere in the world?”

But then you eventually understand.

You understand that every Odyssey is by definition a homecoming journey.

And you also understand something even more profound:

Every Departure And Every Destination 

Of Any Journey You Ever Took

Was Always Within YOU

The whole wide world becomes then your back yard, and this is more literal than you would think.

Having explored it enough, and having realised you have always been home, you just abide in it.

You don’t have to strive for anything any longer; everything you ever longed for comes to you like a mature fruit falling from the tree, and everything you ever wanted to manifest is being effortlessly projected by you.

In your Rendezvous with the Unknown, you are “dead on time“.

It couldn’t be otherwise.

From The Perspective Of The Unknown 

“Time” Is Always Now O’ Clock

Does this mean that you now “know the Unknown”?

Of course not.

The Unknown, being the One And Only Subject Without An Object, can never be known or grasped.

It is even wrong to say that It can be lived or experienced.

It can only BE.

As you surrender to It, all of your worries, troubles and illusions cease to exist.

In a very true sense, there is nobody left anymore to feel such feelings.

But This Is Neither The End Nor The Beginning

All this, you see, is beyond time.

As well as beyond good and bad, or any other polarity you could think of.

This Is The One and Only Truth

Now… we have said enough.

I suggest you take a moment to sit somewhere in full silence – external and internal, that is of the mind – to the extent this is possible, turn your senses, your whole Being, within; and listen.


This time around you may not hear the Call.

But, eventually and unavoidably, the Unknown will issue Its Invitation to you, rest assured about that.

Until then, it helps if you remain alert and present.

So long,


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