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How To Get In Touch With The Wild Nature Of The World

Good day to everyone.

As I was walking down a small street near my place this morning, a group of teenagers hurried past me.

They looked as if they had just finished (or perhaps run away from) school.

One of them, a 16-year old – give or take – boy, was on the phone, talking to his mother.

In an almost ecstatic fashion, he loudly proclaimed to her:

“Here I am, Mom, walking in the Wild Nature of the World”!

I admit this made me smile, at first.

It looked like a typical attempt by a teenager of his age to draw attention to himself.

And this was probably true, but, then, as I was further reflecting upon this little encounter, I sensed there was something more to it.

In particular, I realized that at this moment he was indeed in touch with the “Wild Nature of the World”, and, along with him, so was I.

But What Is The Wild Nature Of The World?

It is all that is real about the world you are living in. 

It is the One and Only Truth of existence (and non-existence, alike).

It is the invisible, omnipotent and infinitely wise Force that is orchestrating every single thing happening everywhere in the Universe, at every single moment.

Space and time emanate out of It, but It is both space-less and timeless.

It is what It IS, and any attempt to fully describe It and do It justice with words is condemned to fail.

Maybe a gifted poet would have a better chance in approaching Its essence, by means of their divine inspirations and word-crafting capabilities.

For instance, a Greek poet (and Nobel prize laureate), Odysseus Elytis, refers to It as the “Crazy Pomegranate Tree”…

Anyway, the point is:

Even When This World Will Have Ceased To Be

Its Wild Nature Will Still Be There, Everywhere

As Alive, Creative And Ecstatic As Ever

Now, if you already have even a little suspicion growing in the depths of your Being of what the Wild Nature Of The World really is, you will also realize that the question of “how to get in touch with It” is, in reality, redundant.

By (wild) nature, you cannot BUT BE in touch with It, all the time.

It doesn’t make sense that you are the sole exception in the whole Universe, in the (non-)sense that you would be independent from It.

Speaking about exceptions, we could perhaps use another poetic metaphor and say that the Wild Nature Of The World is The One and Only Exception to a non-existent rule.

And this already provides you with a good indication of how you can go about cleaning all this “worldly dirt” that blurs your Inner Vision and keeps you (believing that you are) disconnected from the Wild Nature Of The World.

You Have To Stop Abiding By Any Worldly Or Man-Made Rule 

And Completely Surrender To The One And Only Truth

Which Is Your – And Everyone’s And Everything’s – Wild Nature

This doesn’t mean you embrace anarchy and chaos.

Quite the contrary, in fact.

Being infinitely loving, intelligent, wise and benevolent, the Wild Nature Of The World is the One and Only Organizing Principle that can lead you to living your perfect life.

This will be a Life of you acting as the Wild Nature’s Instrument, giving out all the good you are meant to give out, and receiving back more goodness and happiness that you could ever fathom.

At the same time, you would automatically know what to do to minimize, and eventually eliminate, hurting others or yourself.

Now, a very important clarification:

A Perfect Life Is Neither One That Has Room Only For Pleasure

Nor One That Is Pain-Free

Because you have to remember that pleasure and pain are feelings which are applicable only to your everyday life in the worldly plane.

Yet, they are completely irrelevant when entering into the domain of the Wild Nature Of The World.

How could it be any different?

Being infinite, omnipotent, unspoiled, none of the worldly things can touch It; even though they all emanate from It (it is a paradox, but, then again, where else could anything come from?).

But how exactly to go about embracing It?

The best way that I am aware of is that:

You Must Consciously And Vividly Realize

That Your True Self Is One With The Wild Nature Of The World

And, Therefore, You Are Really, Always, One With It

It might be that this enlightening realization happens to you spontaneously or immediately.

Usually, though, and as alluded earlier, there is some cleaning-up work you first need to do with your self, in order to be ready to receive and nurture Its consciousness-altering Seed.

Such work concerns dispelling your Illusions, and seeing your fears and desires for what they truly are (spoiler alert: mind-made and unreal).

In this respect, I am confident you will find this to be an immense helper in your self-realisation journey; no matter what your current state of affairs is, or where you are coming from.

Now, all you need to do is relax, while at the same time remaining ever-alert and present, realizing that:

The Wild Nature Of The World,

Your Very Own Wild Nature,

ALWAYS Has Your Back

Breathe in It, live in It, act from It, receive all Its blessings..

And nothing will ever go wrong again for You, The True YOU!


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