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How To Realise That You Always Live In The Here And Now

Introduction: The Present Moment (Here And Now) Is The Heartbeat of Spiritual Awakening

The one and only true journey of spiritual awakening that you are on, often leads you to seek profound experiences or states conducive to enlightenment.

In both cases, you typically expect these experiences or states to come at "some point in the future".

Yet, in the expansive odyssey outlined in "The 102 Most Powerful Portals to Spiritual Awakening" there lies a simple yet profound truth that renders this expectation of your utterly void:

The only real moment is here and now.

This post, the second in our enlightening series of follow-up to the 102 portals "mothership" post, ventures into the depths of this realisation, uncovering the intrinsic value of the present and the illusion of time as you have grown accustomed to perceive it.

Now, then, in a world that's constantly pushing you towards future goals and towards ruminating over the past, the power of now stands as a beacon of truth.

It reminds you that your existence, your consciousness, and your spiritual awakening journey all unfold in the present moment, here and now.

This awareness is not just a philosophical idea but a practical approach to experiencing life more fully, more authentically.

However, understanding the significance of the present moment requires a shift in perspective.

It calls for an appreciation of the here and now, which is often overshadowed by your mind’s preoccupations with "what has been and what might be".

Through this portal, I aim to guide you back to the here and now, encouraging you to embrace each moment as it comes, free from the chains of your (inescapably time-bound) thoughts.

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The So-Called “Past” and “Future” Are Exclusively Mental Notions

The past and future are constructs of the mind, a narrative you weave to make sense of your experiences.

These mental concepts, while useful for planning and reflection, are not where life truly happens.

The present moment is the only reality we have, the only time we can truly experience and interact with the world.

A practical recommendation for you:

Next time you find yourself lost in thoughts of the past or future, pause.

Look around and ground yourself in your current surroundings.

Feel the chair you’re sitting on, listen to the sounds around you, notice your breath.

This practice will bring you back to the present moment, the permanent canvass of your life, here and now.

The Place Is Always Here, The Time Is Always Now

This moment, right now, is where your life unfolds.

It is the only place and time where you can truly act, feel, and experience.

The concept of past and future exists only in your mind.

The reality is always what is here and now.

So, in every moment, you are precisely where you need to be, in the perpetual "now-ness".

This realisation anchors you in the reality of the present moment...

... where true life exists, beyond the confines of time.

A practical recommendation for you:

When you're outdoors, take a moment to feel the sun on your skin, the breeze against your face.

These sensations are real and happening here and now, anchoring you in the present moment, the ever-potent here and now.

Yes, Your Mind May Wander Off...

It’s natural for your mind to drift towards past events or future possibilities.

Acknowledging this tendency allows you to gently guide your focus back to here and now, where life is actually happening.

You see, while your mind's journey into the past and future is normal, this doesn't define your reality.

The present moment, here and now, remains the stage where the drama of life unfolds, vibrant and unscripted.

A practical recommendation for you:

When you notice your mind wandering, gently bring your attention back to your current activity.

For instance:

If you’re eating, focus on the taste and texture of your food.

If you’re walking, pay attention to the rhythm of your steps.

And so on.

... But Who Told You That You Have To Run Behind It All The Time?

There’s no rule saying you must constantly follow your wandering mind, is there?

But it's important to understand that you have the choice to let your thoughts come and go without getting caught up in them.

Because chasing after every thought is certainly not your obligation!

Instead, by staying in the present moment, linked to what is here and now, you choose to engage with life as it is, not as your thoughts perceive it to be.

A practical recommendation for you:

As thoughts about past or future arise in your mind, visualise them as logs of wood - preferably, of different size and texture - floating down a river.

Acknowledge them and let them drift away without following them downstream.

See what remains once they are all gone.

Let It Fly Away...

Similar to what we've said before, allow your mind the freedom to wander, but don’t feel compelled to chase after every thought popping up in and out of it.

By allowing thoughts to come and go, you remain anchored in the here and now, where your true self resides.

So, go ahead and give your thoughts the freedom to wander without your involvement.

This detachment allows you to absorb yourself in the present moment, unswayed by the mind's whimsical journeys.

A practical recommendation for you:

Practice observing your thoughts without any attachment during your quiet moments.

Watch them arise and fade away, keeping your attention focused on your breath or the sensations in your body.

If this activity resonates with you, don't be surprised if you quickly find out that, as time goes by, you initiate it (or, rather, it initiates itself) all the more spontaneously and all the more frequently.

... While You Are Being Simply Who You Are

In the here and now, you connect with your one and only true self – a self that is not defined by past experiences or future aspirations, but exists purely in the here and now.

So, your true self, entrenched for good in the here and now, remains fully independent from - and joyously unadorned by - the narratives of the past or the projections of the future.

Unavoidably, then, this encounter with the essence of your being acts as an automatic liberator.

So, what are you waiting for?

Go ahead and pursue it! 🙂

A practical recommendation for you:

Engage in activities that make you lose track of time, like painting, writing, or playing music.

In these moments, you are fully present in the here and now, expressing your true self.

Realise also that when you are being your true self (which, again, is only possible in the here and now), you cannot think about it (him/her/them)...

Live in (and with) the Forever Now, Since You, Anyway, Have No Choice…

Embracing the present is not a mere choice but a necessity for experiencing life fully (and life's fullness).

When you live in the here and now, you experience life as it is, uncoloured by the misleading and illusory notions of the past or the future.

Therefore, acceptance of the perpetual now is not a philosophical deliberation, but the most practical approach to living your life.

It’s in this acceptance that you find the ease of being who you truly are, free from temporal constraints.

A practical recommendation for you:

Practice mindful awareness in everyday situations, like waiting in line or sitting in traffic.

Use these moments to focus on your breath and observe your surroundings, anchoring yourself in the here and now.

Observe and mindfully assess whether and how this practice reduces the stress in your life.

… and Just Allow That Realisation to Sink In

Realising that you always exist in the present moment (here and now) is tantamount to a profound awakening.

It allows you to let go of the mental burden of time and live more freely, more authentically.

Allowing the truth of the ever-present here and now to permeate your consciousness can (and will) be extremely transformative and soothing for you.

It invites, you see, and aligns with a peaceful acceptance of life as it spontaneously and playfully unfolds, moment by moment.

A practical recommendation for you:

At the end of each day, take a few moments to reflect on the experiences you went through during said day.

Acknowledge that everything you felt, thought, and did - more precisely: everything you feel, think, and do - occurred or is occurring...

... in the here and now.

Epilogue: Embracing the Eternal Present, Here And Now (When, Where And HOW Else?)

As you journey through these eight insights to help you realise that you always live in the here and now, you begin to peel away the layers of time-bound thinking, revealing the vibrant reality of the present moment.

This realisation opens up a world of possibilities, where each moment is an opportunity for growth, joy, and deeper understanding.

You clearly see that the here and now is not just a concept but the very fabric of your existence.

And by living in the present moment, you align with the rhythm of life, experiencing its richness and fullness.

This shift in awareness transforms your perception of time, enabling you to live more consciously, more meaningfully, and, while at it, make a lasting impact on whomever you interact with.

In embracing the eternal here and now, you open yourself to the one and only true essence of your Being, where time is no longer a constraint but a continuum of endless present moments.

Here and now lies, therefore, the path to your true spiritual awakening – a journey not to a distant state of enlightenment but to the profound realisation of the power and beauty of the now-ness that is...

... all that is.

So, then, let this exploration of the present moment guide you to a deeper appreciation of life as it unfolds, inviting you to experience the joy and peace of being fully alive in the here and now.

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