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Is It Possible To Enjoy Feeling Down?

At first it sounds contradictory, doesn’t it?

How could it ever be possible to enjoy feeling down or bad?

One state excludes the other, doesn’t it?


Does it?

Let’s see…

On The Surface, Life Is Full Of Polarities

Up and down, left and right, right and wrong, good and bad, here and there, strong and weak, north and south, warm and cold… and the list goes on.

Now, if you are careful enough, you may notice something.

All these polarities apply exclusively to the human sphere.

And, in fact, most, if not all, of them stem from human perception, judgment, memory.

Basically, they are symbols or ideas upon the contents of which human beings have commonly agreed, and which have thereafter been generally accepted.

Now, all these ideas, without a single exception, have a single human being as their point of reference.

Not Just Any Human Being…


You see, abstractions have been very helpful to the development of human civilization and to the relatively smooth functioning of our immensely complex contemporary human society.

But one should be mindful of the fact they are useful only up to a point, which corresponds to the borderline – another abstraction, by the way – between the collective and the individual sphere.

Abstractions may apply to anything of a transactional, procedural or impersonal character that involves two or more parties.

But they are completely irrelevant – or even flat-out misleading – to all things of an inner, individual, and spiritual nature.

What is needed there is something concrete and uniquely applicable to each specific situation you face, and must deal with, as an individual human being.

There Is No Room For Recipes Here;

Every Problem Is One Of A Kind

And Calls For A One Of A Kind Solution

Of course memory of your past and / or knowledge of others’ similar experiences can be a helpful starting point.

But you can never rely 100% on your intellectual faculties, in particular your memory and knowledge.

In addition to employing them as your “assistants”, you must always keep an open eye and be very attentive and aware to the peculiarities of the specific situation that demands your action, before deciding what that action has to be and actually take it.

However, the problem is that many of us tend to rely on abstractions even when dealing with our idiosyncratic, singular issues.

And the problem is actually of an even deeper nature, because:

Most People Rely On Abstractions

Not Just To Decide On How To Act On A Concrete Case

But Also To Determine

How They Should Feel About What Is Happening In Their Lives

In other words: we allow our inner realm, that of thoughts and emotions, to be regulated in the same predetermined fashion as the outer one.

But this is a travesty, a flagrant distortion of reality and a huge disservice we are doing to ourselves, simply because you cannot establish rules (which require uniformity and predictability) for that which is by nature one-off and unrepeatable!

A very good example of such a make-believe rule – which also allows us to return to where we started from – is: “I feel down, therefore I must suffer”.

That is, if you allow me to “translate”:

It Is Not Enough That I Am Feeling Bad

I Should Reinforce My Original Bad Feeling

By Feeling Bad About Feeling Bad!

Do you start catching the absurdity of it all?

More importantly: can you see yourself following this pattern – even occasionally – and, thus, perpetuating and intensifying your suffering for no reason?

Let me ask you this:

Who or what prevents you from enjoying feeling down, not masochistically, but actually in a very natural and healthy way?

Who else but yourself discards in such cases “unconventional” thoughts such as:

You know what?

I actually will enjoy feeling down, because having closely observed how things work in my life, I know that it is a ceaseless alteration of emotional “valleys” and “peaks”.

And I know a “peak” will necessarily follow the present “valley” that I am experiencing.

So why make things even tougher for me, if I have the choice to feel otherwise?”.

Because, Yes, You Always Have The Final Say On How You Feel!

And, because, yes, who you truly are is neither your thoughts nor your emotions.

Who you truly are is also not the result of “your life’s history” up to date.

To believe otherwise is (remember?) to apply a generic abstraction to a concrete, unique, ad hoc, unrepeatable moment.

So, who you truly are is a Being of Pure Consciousness, beyond anything of a fleeting, and ultimately illusory nature that is being enacted on the realm of the polarity-based (or should I say polarity-infested) world.

But it is not enough you intellectually accept this premise, outlandish and revolutionary as it may against the mainstream standards of our contemporary society.

You Have To Consciously Realize It

You Have To BE Who You Truly Are

Beneath All Temporary And Misguiding Form


I hope so…

If you are indeed, here’s a step-by-step process to get you started and up and running on your self-realisation path.

Until next time,

Remain alert and present and realize there is only one Master of your inner world of ideas and emotions…

This is YOU!

Let that truth soak in by staying with – and not straying from – it.



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