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Is The New Always Better Than The Old?

The answer is: it depends.


Maybe, but we can only find out if it is so provided we continue with our penetrating investigation into the matter.

So, the next question is:

Is The New Really Brand New…

Or Is It Just Good Old… Old, Wearing New Clothes?

Careful examination reveals that you could never get something that is 100%, purely New.

There is nothing in this world that just pops up out of non-existence into existence.

This is in line with the principle of energy conservation, one of the basic laws our Universe relies on.

So, there is always an element of Old into anything portraying itself as New, unavoidably and by definition.

In fact, if we could take the aforementioned principle or energy conservation to its letter, we could say that everything New is merely a rearrangement of elements of the Old that is realized (the rearrangement, that is) for the first time.

So, if you really want to be a purist, the most you can say is that New is a distinctly fresh appearance, which is nonetheless composed from the same Old fundamental puzzle pieces.

If you follow this logic to its full implications, the next question is this:

Is The Difference Between Old And New

That Old Has Always Been Here And Is The Only Real Thing

While New Is But A Game Of Ever-Changing Appearances The Old Is Playing?

If this is so, then we reach the next important realization.

It doesn’t make sense to compare the New with the Old, because in the deepest sense the Old is the changeless foundation on which the, by definition, fluctuating and short-lived New is based.

It only makes sense to compare the different versions of New, and say whether X version is better than Y version.

And we of course have to establish clear criteria for our comparison to be meaningful in each case.

To sum up, here are three important conclusions that we can draw from this short, albeit also a bit condensed, analysis:

1. The Old Is Absolute, While The New Is Relative

2. Anything Relative Must Be Based On Something Absolute

3. You Can Only Compare Among Relatives

And while we started this text by having New as our focal point, it becomes evident that what is really interesting here is actually Old.

The way we defined it, Old is what is always there, the unchangeable basis of everything appearing as New in the world of Form.

So, the Truth of the Old must be the most powerful of them all, as It remains always valid and unaffected by whatever happens in the world and, therefore, by the passage of time.

But this also means that It is applicable everywhere in the Universe, including in you.

(You are probably not detached from the Universe, if you are please write me)!

Imagine what it would mean to you if you could tap onto this Source Of Eternal Truth: wisdom, liberation, end of suffering, and who knows what other fantastic thing…

The final question, then, of this text is:

How You Can Find The Old In You?


How You Can Find The One And Only Truth In You?

There is no other way other than realizing – consciously and viscerally, not merely intellectually – your true Self.

Which typically begins by getting rid of all the things that you have erroneously identified with, but which have absolutely nothing to do with the True You.

It can be a very long or a very short process.

It really depends on the individual going through it.

But it definitely helps if there is some kind of robust and tested system or method behind it.

Here is one such system, recently developed (New), yet clearly based on timeless and widely acknowledged philosophical and spiritual principles (Old), which is moreover, and by design, tailor-made to your individual needs and personality.

I therefore truly believe you will find it very helpful, especially if you consider yourself a Seeker of Truth.

Truth, you see, is beyond Good and Evil, Beautiful and Ugly, Old and New.

Truth Just Is What It IS

And if you right now feel this itching, this craving deep down inside of you to realize your Truth, there is no point in hesitating.

Start Your Self-Realisation Journey NOW!

I am sure I will see you on the other side, where New and Old become finally One.

So long,


What Is The One And Only Truth Of Your Life?

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