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Is The World Worth Your While?

It surely is, but only provided that two important conditions are met:

  1. Your While Is Effortless (Meaning: There Is Neither Strife Nor Frustration On Your Side); and
  2. Your While Alone Makes You Happy And Fulfilled (And If It Results To Certain Fruits That Happen To Be To Your Liking, This Comes As An Added Bonus)

In other words, in your world, dear Friend:

Do What You Enjoy Doing…

And Enjoy Doing What You Do

The first part of the equation is simple, but it requires your commitment.

You have to make sure you devote some time each day – even a little bit at the beginning – to doing things that truly make your heart sing.

The toughest part is merely to start.

Once you get going, and as you progress with your task, you will notice that any resistance or mental chatter (excuses, guilts, complaints, you name it) will gradually diminish.

It is, perhaps, a bit trickier when it comes to enjoying doing things which are not to your liking.

This most certainly requires a dedicated post, which I commit to sharing with you in the near future.

In the meantime, I would recommend you consider the two following tips when it comes to dealing with tasks you find stifling or mundane:

  1. Turn everything you do into a kind of game – games are always fun!
  2. Split the challenging task into as many sub-tasks as possible, and tackle them one at a time.

Then, the second condition for the world to be worth your while boils down to the following:

Do Not Expect Any Particular Outcome Out Of What You Do…

But, Of Course, Should It Come – And Whatever It May Be –

Welcome And Embrace It

Having clarified these two conditions… is there any reason you should keep reading this post?

Well, frankly, it’s not obligatory, so you don’t have to, if you don’t feel like it.

However, if you are the least bit curious about its initial question, which is admittedly a bit unusual, I invite you to keep perusing this text.

Still with me?

Very good!

Now, I deliberately emphasized the word “unusual”.

But, come to think of it, is there anything usual about the world you live in?

Granted, appearances and the conditioned way human society lectures its members to look at it, indicate otherwise.

Meaning, that this is a rather stable, predictable and “business as usual” world.

Yet, this is a tremendously misleading viewpoint and attitude, to say the least.

If not for any other reason, simply because:

Your World Is In Constant Flux

Please pay close attention here, because: 

Similarity Is One Thing…

Sameness Is Another

Every moment is unique and unrepeatable, even if two or more moments may “look alike”.

You, yourself, are always changing.

Your very body and mind are evidently a ceaseless work in progress.

Thoughts come and go, cells are being constantly renewed.

So, then, if the “centerpiece” of your world, that is you (or, to be more accurate, who you conventionally understand yourself to be), is always on the move, it only follows that all its “peripheral” elements are also of a dynamic nature.

This being clarified…

There Is Always At Least One Stable Element In Your World…

Is There Not?

Despite the diachronic “everything changes” factor, there is something that never changes.

There is a light that never goes out”, as the idiosyncratic, yet popular, 1980s alternative rock band “The Smiths” would also merrily (merrily, that is, for their standards) attest.

That light is the light of your consciousness.

Because you are always aware and present, regardless of whether you are awake, dreaming or immersed in deep sleep.

Yes, even in deep sleep you do remain fully conscious, have no doubt about it.

And this sense of “I exist”, or even better…


… is who you truly are!

Moreover, this being the sole thing that remains unchanged within your world, it is also its One And Only Truth.

Now, the good news about all this is that you don’t have to struggle in order to become “something bigger” than what you already are.

Because, you see, this, what you already are, is the only true and perfect “thing” in your world.

Yet… you have to realize this One And Only Truth for yourself.

You, Alone

All By Yourself,

Have To Realize Who You Truly Are

This is not to say that you cannot get some help in this self-realisation – or spiritual awakening – journey or yours.

I would surely more than love to assist you in this regard – please have a look here.

But, let us be clear: you will still have to do the work.

Which is more of a cleanup or subtraction business rather than a build-up or accumulation process.

And while this fact doesn’t necessarily make the whole thing easier, it definitely makes it feasible by literally everyone.

Including you, needless to say.

Now, if the Truth is One and Only…

Is The Rest Of Your World But An Illusion?

Ah, the limitations of human language…

The short – and, undoubtedly and by definition, insufficient – answer is that Everything is True, but only in its Everything-ness.

Which is to say that illusion lies in any form of separation.

The Fundamental Separation/Illusion Being:

“Little Me, In Here” Versus “The Big World, Out There”

To consciously and wholeheartedly unmask and dispel this Primal Illusion, once and for all, is what will set you free forever.

Free to be, just BE.

How to do this?

Once again:

Remain Calm –

Even Better: BE STILL –

And Find Out Who You Are

It might take a while… yet, trust me, it is most certainly worth it!

Until next time,

Realize that you remain present and alert, no matter what happens!


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