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Really, It Is Only A Matter Of Commitment

It is a simple, self-evident Truth.

Whatever you choose, or have, to do, you must commit doing it to the best of your ability.

I am speaking about everything, from the smallest to the biggest thing you can imagine.

From Brushing Your Teeth

To Realizing Your True Self

Now, it is true that the outcome of your efforts is ultimately out of your control.

This is because there is always a multitude of factors – in fact, they are practically, infinite – that you cannot influence, which nonetheless have an impact on whatever you occupy yourself with.

It goes without saying that the more complicated your activity is, the more these X factors that enter into play are, and the more uncertain the outcome is.

So, in each and every case, your job is to do the very best you can, and then accept and embrace the outcome, whatever that may be.

(To avoid any misunderstandings here: to accept and embrace the outcome does not mean that you cannot resume your efforts, and try again, if possible, to achieve a better result for you.

But, again, you have to always bear in mind the realization that you will never be able to fully influence or control the eventual outcome, even if appearances or your prior experience may dictate otherwise).

But if you are not fully committed to executing the activity in question, you have missed the mark, even if its result is the most desirable you could ever wish for.

This, By The Way, Is The Original And True Meaning Of Sin (Also, Etymologically) 

To Sin Is To Miss The Mark

To Miss The Mark Is To Fail Doing The Best You Can In A Given Situation…

It Is NOT To Get An Undesirable Result

So, the point is that you can never miss the mark, you can never sin, so long as you remain absolutely committed to each and every activity you pick up.

You have to fully devote yourself to it while you are doing it, and there are certain things to keep in mind that can help you in this regard:

Do One Thing At A Time

Science has proven that multitasking is ineffective.

There is no way around it: you must do one thing at a time, and for as long as you are occupied with it, remain solely focused on it.

Do Not Invest Any Emotion To The Object Of Your Activity

Except For Love Of The Process Of Doing The Activity Itself

Any emotion you bring in and associate with any activity of yours, adds unnecessary “deadweight” to the process.

Such emotional investment – including anxiety or stress to achieve a very specific outcome – causes delays in your delivery of the task at hand, and, quite frequently, generates new, secondary issues that you need to deal with (which you wouldn’t have to, had you kept your emotions out of the process).

The only true boost to your performance can come from your true enjoyment of the activity itself.

Now, once you reach a certain level of consciousness and presence, you are able to enjoy any activity you engage with.

But, until then, it really helps if you consciously try to stay emotionally neutral or distanced from performing an activity that happens to not be to your liking.

Realize That You Are Always, By Default, Committed To Something 

So, Choose Wisely What The Object Of Your Commitment Shall Be

It is common sense that so long as you are consciously aware of the world, your attention and, thus, commitment, is by default given to something.

Your job is to understand what you truly need or want to do in each given moment, and allow your commitment to flow naturally and without impediments towards it.

Reflect On The Fact That All Your Commitments Are Short-Term, 

Except For One: Your Commitment To Find Out Who You Truly Are

All your commitments need to, and cannot but, last for as long as the activity of yours which they concern lasts.

If you sense that there is “residual commitment” left, this either means that your activity is yet to be completed or that you have attached yourself to something that doesn’t exist anymore, and that you thus have to let it go.

There is one exception though.

It concerns the quest to find out the One And Only Truth of your existence:

Who You Truly Are

Your long-term focus and commitment will always be there, once you realize that this is the most important journey you will ever embark upon.

Because it is the One to set you forever free, as it leads to your complete self-realization.

Seems enticing?

If so, why not begin this fantastic journey to the depths of Your Being right now?

Until next time,

Remain alert, present and fully committed!


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