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Simplicity is…

To start from wherever you find yourself to be at this very moment.

Realize that all that exists is now.

See that you are always you.

You are never not yourself.

It is so evident that you forget it.

But this is what simplicity is all about.

Simplicity is to throw away any unnecessary complexity that keeps you confused and stuck in a reality that doesn’t exist.

So, simply put:

Can You Clear Your Mind From All Thoughts,

Right Now?

It is not as difficult as you may think.

Realize that thoughts come and go.

They pop up on the screen of your mind, only to disappear a while later.

(Observe also that the less you engage with them, the faster they vanish)…

Now, all you have to do is to just be the thoughtless screen on which they momentarily flash.

You don’t have to shut down your senses, you don’t have to move into unconsciousness, to get there.

You just take in everything that is incoming from your environment, but you don’t label it, you don’t judge it, you don’t categorize it.

You Don’t Name It

You just let it be.

In entering into this mode, and staying there for a while, you may begin to feel the unity of it all.

All is one, including yourself.

The idea of you being separate from It All is no more than an idea.

It is not the Reality.

Reality is too simple for the mind to be able to accept It.

That is why the mind is not helpful in terms of the state we want to be in here.

You know, everybody’s talking about this concept of “Mindfulness” these days, but I think it is far from ideal and can be heavily misleading.

In this exercise, quest, endeavor or journey (call it as you like) we are on, another term would be more appropriate:


You can reach to such stage of a void mind gently and progressively, or abruptly and immediately.

One thing is for sure: you cannot push your mind into the corner, just like that.

Because, by its construction, if you do so, it will bounce back right at you, even stronger than before, with myriads of thoughts of enhanced intensity threatening to devour you.

So, the way to silence your mind is not to fight against it, but simply position yourself at the center of your Being, and abide in there, without any expectation or memory of anything.

This is not easy, exactly because we cannot fathom how easy it truly is.

How Extraordinarily Simple!

Simple, simple, simple.

The very next stage is to realize that things are even simpler than what we’ve seen so far.

If you continue staying centered for long enough, and you do so in more frequent intervals, you will begin noticing something even more bizarre.

You will observe that, crazy as it may sound now to you, things in the world are pretty much happening on their own, sort of automatically.

“Is there any voluntarism at all in this Universe?”, you start to seriously wonder.

You also notice that:

This Phenomenon Does Not Exclude You!

Your actions start appearing as if they are executions of commands coming from an invisible center, or even mere automatisms.

You realize, then, that you are simply the Observer of Everything, including what you have so far recognized to be “your self” and had identified with.

But, then…

Who In God’s Name Are You, Really?

It is the simplest thing in the world to answer this question, but it would not probably mean anything to you, or you would quickly reject it, were I to give it to you immediately and dryly.

Instead, I invite you to first have a look here, for a careful, step by step, and systematic approach towards finding for yourself the answer to this most important question of your life:

Who Are You?

Until next time,

Remain alert and present and keep it simple!


What Is The One And Only Truth Of Your Life?

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