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“Surrender To Me”, Is What Life Keeps On Telling You

From the very moment you wake up, until the moment you go to bed, this is what Life is constantly repeating to you.

In all possible ways, each one of which is at least a bit, even marginally, different from any other.

It happens all the time, really:

When you look at a beautiful face.

As you are stuck in an impossible traffic jam on your way to your workplace.

While you are impatiently waiting for your meal to arrive.

The very moment you are taking a deep breath, as you are enjoying a late afternoon stroll at the park near your home.

Life looks over your shoulder, gives you an invisible smile of infinite compassion and empathy – as well as of firm resolution – and gently – or sometimes not so gently – reminds you:

You Are Mine

And I Am Yours

Let Us Finally Be One


We Are Already One

All of your experiences, you see, “good” and “bad” alike, “positive” or “negative”, are drenched in this fullness of Life.

This absolute perfection, this completeness, this “allness” that embraces you.

“But how can you say that?”, you may ask.

“My life is very rarely – if at all – a model of perfection…

So what exactly are you asking me to surrender to? 


No, of course not.

What is key here is that you realize it is really the other way around:

Your Suffering Is A Result

Of You Not Fully Surrendering To Life

Your starting point should be this:

What you typically consider as “yourself” is but an expression – one out of infinite – of Life’s boundless capacity.

And Life created this particular and unique expression – that is, you – to correspond to a particular and unique need of the world or to fulfil a particular and unique purpose in it (both ways to read the situation are valid).

Let me just make an important clarification to avoid misunderstandings: the use of singular in this context (“need” and “purpose”) aims at emphasizing the uniqueness of your existence, not at reducing the scope of your life to just one need and to one purpose.

In a nutshell, it is very important to understand that:

You Are An Instrument Of Life

You cannot live your life exactly as you – THINK you – wish to.

The culture, the society and the particular environment in which you grew up have colored virtually all your experiences and have therefore critically distorted your perception of: a) what is really going on with your life, b) what you are actually supposed to do in in it, every given moment; not to mention, c)…

Who The Heck Are You!

This is why, as I have been repeating time and again in this series of posts, discovering who you truly are is of the utmost importance.

And if you are truly interested in finding out the answer to this question for yourself, I think I can be of help to you.

(Since you are still reading these lines, I am assuming that you are truly interested to further explore this self-investigation path. And your honest interest is a very good thing, because in order to enter such quest, you must have a desire – the more burning it is, the better – to walk it all the way).

So, this self-exploration process – if we can call it like that – is in a sense pretty simple, because it really doesn’t require from you to do anything other than just BE who you, anyways, already are and always have been and will be.

On the other hand, it is also a very difficult one. This is because in order to reach your authentic self-realization, you first have to get rid of a lot of unnecessary, psychologically speaking, stuff, which you have been accumulating and adding upon your self-image, your perception of your identity throughout so many decades…

Now, there are roughly two ways to go about this.

In the first one, you painstakingly pinpoint your misidentifications, one by one – that is, everything that has been added on to your true self to your detriment – you see them for what they are and then… you drop them, you let them go.

The second way is to allow Life to do the work for you.


But, of course…

By Surrendering To Its Flow, Moment By Moment

You achieve this by focusing on the present moment and responding to its specific needs and indications, taking into consideration only the hard facts at hand and keeping at bay – or, better, completely ignoring – all your conditioned and reflexive reactions to it.

And, yes, it is also VERY recommendable to follow your intuition and hover towards the direction of what brings you joy just for the sake of doing it or engaging with it.

This Is How Life, Itself, Becomes Your Guide

But you need to trust It.

And this is another not so easy feat, given that, very often, what Life – both outside and inside of you, because Life is One – wants you to do goes directly against the things that your culture, your society, your environment, or your very own conditioning by all these factors, would rather have you focused on.

The best way to deal with this difficulty is to always remember that Life’s Force is the fundamental one in this world, the source of All That Is Good and True in it.

Therefore, any limiting belief or idea – in particular, any belief or idea that promotes a separation of you from the world, and which fosters and triggers any clash of supposedly opposite forces – is illusory and you must discard it.

In effect:

To Fully Surrender To Life

Is To Fully Surrender To Your True Self

Until next time,

Embrace Life, in every given moment, no matter what appearances indicate (spoiler alert: appearances are always of secondary importance), and let Its ultimately unmistakable and unstoppable Force guide you.


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