Doorway To The One And Only Truth

The 102 Most Powerful Portals To Your Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening can simultaneously be – and most of the times is - a very simple and an extremely complicated endeavour – so much is fair to say.

But what does the term “spiritual awakening” stand for?

Could one, in other words, provide a definition of spiritual awakening?

My initial reaction to such a question would be:

“One had better not do that”!

Because, essentially, spiritual awakening is “something” which is easier “done” than “said”!

In fact, one could also say that the more you talk about it, the more you miss the point…

Ultimately, the term “spiritual awakening” represents a fundamentally incomprehensible notion.

And when I say incomprehensible, I literally mean it:

Even if your intellect is extremely strong, even if your mental processing and analytical capacity is unmatched for in this fleeting and temporal world we all live in…

… spiritual awakening evades (and shall forever evade) your attempts at capturing and crystallising it, as if it were a fixed mental object (which is terminally not).

Thank God for that, one should probably proclaim!

Because, in a very real sense…


Only What Cannot Be Contained Anywhere…

… Is Truly Alive…!



… given that all I have at my disposal at the moment in order to interact with you are the 26 letters of the English alphabet…

… and also given that talking about spiritual awakening is not entirely in vain, as it results in making its elusive substance stick in your mind as effectively as possible…

… (which is definitely more meaningful than having your mind fixated on the ever-changing impressions of this world) …

… I have decided to do my best in describing for you what I consider to be the 102 most powerful portals to your very own spiritual awakening.

I hope that you will enjoy reading them and I especially hope that you will find them helpful in one way or another (but, most certainly, in your own, genuine, unprecedently unique way) as you move along your very own spiritual awakening journey.

What is that I hear you say?

Are you telling me that, as far as you are concerned, you do not recall having ever embarked on such a spiritual awakening journey?

Well, if this is what you are indeed uttering at this very instant, I would like to share with you the following two points:

  1. If you are interested in or you are curious about all things (usually labelled as) spiritual, then you have already started such a journey, even if you don’t know it; and
  2. Even if, up to now, you weren’t interested at all in spiritual awakening, and you found yourself here “by chance” (yes, even in that case), you ARE on a spiritual awakening journey and now it’s high time you realised it!

How do I know this and how can I be so sure about it?

Simply the fact of you landing on this page and still reading it is all the proof I personally need.

And I am, moreover, quite certain of something else:

That you must feel that my words resonate with something deep inside of you

… something that you can also sense it (yes!) slowly waking up, right at this very instant.

Tell me, dear friend and fellow spiritual awakening seeker:

Do you truly feel like that?

I bet you do!

Thus, regardless of the category of spiritual awakening seeker into which you would classify yourself (that is, either willing or inadvertent) …

… if you truly feel this kind of vivid excitement and eager anticipation I just, only barely, gave a shot at outlining (even the craftiest, most gifted author would fall short of being able to properly verbalise it) …

… you should give yourself permission and clearance to proceed…

… and explore the 102 most powerful portals to your spiritual awakening that I am about to present to you in all necessary detail.

But hold on a moment…

What about the original, literally defining, question of this article?

What Is Spiritual Awakening?

Or, if you prefer:

What Is Spirituality?

I think my best attempt at providing an answer to this question is found in the book I wrote about Eckhart Tolle (which you can get here, for free).

I invite you to read it and judge for yourself whether this definition covers you.

And now, without any further ado, here’s what I promised you:


The 102 Most Powerful Portals To Your Spiritual Awakening


Actually, before I let you go ahead and read them, allow me to add just a small, final disclaimer, which, at the same time, constitutes a potentially very useful piece of advice:

What you are about to expose yourself into can trigger a quite explosive, chain reaction-like, process within you.

If and when that happens…

… either move your awareness as far away as possible from what will be happening to / within you…

… or surrender to it, without any doubts or second thoughts.

Which means that what you must avoid at all costs…

… is to be stuck, undecided and doubtful in the middle of the turmoil, with your one proverbial “foot” on “this” shore, and your other “foot” on the “opposite” one.

OK, after you have hopefully taken careful note of this small, but important, warning…

... let us begin:

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1. Accept whatever happens in the present moment


Don’t challenge it.

Don’t fight it.

It is there, and it cannot go anyplace else.

Embrace it, then, fully and unconditionally.

Even if you don’t like how it looks – especially if you don’t like how it looks.

The first time when you truly do so, you will hear your mind shouting and screaming at you:

“What in hell’s name are you doing”?

Record its strong objections but ignore it.

Don’t engage into a dialogue with it.

Keep your safe distance until its (alternatively / consecutively) desperate, pleading and threatening voices disappear…

… beneath the veil of your silent acceptance of the unfolding events.



2. Realise that you always live in the here and now


The so-called “past” and “future” are exclusively mental notions.

The place is always here, the time is always now.

Yes, your mind may wander off in the events that took place “before” and in the ones “to follow”.

But who told you that you have to run behind it all the time?

Let it fly away and do whatever it wants, while you do your thing; or rather…

… while you are being…

… simply who you are.

And who you are is inextricably, unbreakably linked to the eternal Here and the forever Now.

So, live in (and with) It, since you, anyway, have no choice and just allow that realisation to sink in.


3. Be grateful for the things that life gives you and which you enjoy



If you ask me, one should be grateful just for being alive.

What more do you want?

You are a wonderful, amazing, one-of-a-kind being, living a fantastic life, in a miraculous world, full of exciting events and of successive, mesmerising, serendipitous surprises.

What do I hear you say?

That this is not in line with your life experience at all?

My answer to you is:

It is not in line with the life experience you perceive or you think you have, for the moment.

But… fair enough.

Can you at least be genuinely grateful for all the things that you truly enjoy every day?

This cannot be that difficult...

So, just take a moment and acknowledge these things – even better if you express your gratitude while you engage in them!


4. Try to learn something from the things that life gives you and which you don’t like


There are many situations in your everyday life that you don’t enjoy at all.

You find them (better: your mind informs you that they are) “boring, mundane, unpleasant, a drag, a pain, unbearable, intolerable”, and so on, and so forth.

Here, I will take the assumption that some of these events or situations are indeed so.

(Leaving aside the fact that it is quite far-fetched to “objectively” or even “subjectively” label them as such).

So, if you can’t avoid these happenstances, the best you can do is learn a thing or two from them.

And in every such “unfortunate” situation you can be assured that there is always at least such a thing.

Accept, then, that your job is to dig it out.

You will notice that once you pinpoint it, the lesson to be learned out of it will come to you automatically.


5. Realise that you don’t (and cannot) own a single thing


Yes, you can possess something, but only temporarily.

The duration varies, of course, but that doesn’t change the fact that:

If you (better: who you identify yourself to be; meaning the mind-body-life history conglomeration going by your given name) are finite, then so are ALL of your possessions.

Realise this.

Consciously and clearly.

In the grand scheme of things, you don’t own anything.

You are, at best, a temporary custodian of your possessions.

See also that this doesn’t apply only to material, tangible things, but to intangible ones (knowledge, memories, information) as well.

Can it be that the root of your liberation is found in this exact acknowledgment?



6. See how everyone and everything is fighting for your attention


To make a link with the previous portal, this may be the only thing…

… (that is not yours exactly, but)…

… which you may identify with pretty safely, in the certainty that it will be there for the entire duration (at least…) of this present life of yours:

Your aware / conscious / focused attention.

This is what in reality everything and everyone is craving, yearning, struggling for.

All the rest (money, time, effort) flows from you only if and when you have first consented to granting your attention to one or the other individual, collective group or situation.

The (master) key here is:

Your attention-granting consent must be independent from your mind’s caprices.


7. Don’t identify with your body


You are not your body.

You are not your head, your arms, your legs, your hands, your feet.

What you are is pure consciousness,  temporarily “hosted” in this body (or “occupying it”).

If a part of your body hurts, then what you say is… that X or Y part of your body hurts.

Even if, God forbid, you have to do without a certain part or organ of your body for the rest of your life, this doesn’t truly affect who you are, right?

(You are anyway using the possessive pronoun – “my body or my X, Y, Z part of my body” – whenever you talk about your body, aren’t you?

And… who exactly are you?)

There is a fundamental continuity of Being in and about you that is independent from your body, is there not?


8. Don’t identify with your mind


This is much trickier than the previous portal, nonetheless it is equally true.

Here, there is an important distinction that, if made, can go a long way towards your spiritual awakening.

(Perhaps, it can even go all the way to this final “destination” of you, the spiritual awakening seeker):

That is, to separate your mind in a state of absolute stillness (like in deep sleep or deep meditation) …

… from your mind as a relentless generator and host of thoughts.

It’s the latter version of “mind” that you need to deidentify from.

In a sense it’s easier to do so, as you couldn’t seriously claim that you are your thoughts.

As for the former “mind” version?

As the Indian sage Ramakrishna said, this is one and the same with your true Self.


9. Don’t identify with your life story


Right now, you probably realise that you are not it, but could you honestly say that this is the case for you all of the time?

I’d wager not.

The easiest way to manage this avoidance of identification is to refrain from adding ANY complements to the two (literally sacred) words:

“I AM”.

Don’t say (at least not to yourself):

“I am 30 years old, I am an accountant, and I am a proud parent of 5 children”.

Replace “I am” with “I have”, or other similar verbs, in all such cases.

Save “I AM”, until the moment you realise that this is the closest you can get to your true identity:

I AM That I AM”.


10. Wonder as frequently as you can about your true identity, acknowledging that this is a question you cannot answer


It’s simple (and that’s why it’s also complicated, at least from our contemporary society’s point of view) …

Any chance you get, every time you recall it, ask yourself:

“Who am I?”.

You wake up in the morning.

Ask yourself:

“Who just woke up?”.

“I did”, comes the answer.

To which you should then counter-answer by means of the magic question:

“Who am I?”.

Same with whatever happens to you as you go about your daily business (and even when you are dreaming).

“To whom did this or that happen?”.

“To me”.

“Who am I?”.

Don’t expect to find an answer to that question – and you can be sure of the fact that any such answer that may pop-up in the form of a thought is not correct.

See what reaching this last realisation (even if it is merely an intellectual one) does to you.


11. Align with the impartial observer of your life that you (also) are


Whatever is happening to you…

… whatever unfolding drama you find yourself in the middle of…

… you are always there, observing and recording everything, impartially and objectively, aren’t you?

And you can always – if with a bit of effort; even slight strain, at least until you get used to it – hear the calm and composed voice of said Observer, can’t you?

Therefore, since you cannot deny that the Observer is an integral part of who you truly are (and They have always been around, haven’t They?), why not stay with Them somewhat more permanently?

If you do so, you will find that the Lane They move along is always a shady One.


12. Ponder over the fact that there is no beginning, there is no end; and therefore, you are always in the middle


It will probably sound a bit crazy to you, but think about it:

Do you remember the beginning of your life?

Do you remember being born?

Can you pinpoint with certainty the starting point of your existence?

And even if you (think you) can, can you answer the question:

Where were you before you were born?

That is not to say that the body-mind conglomeration in which you currently find yourself was never born.

No, it rather means that you – the true YOU, the truth behind the two sacred words (I AM) – have neither a beginning, nor an end…

… and, therefore, are always found in the middle.

Can you see how liberating this is?


13. See that, in reality, all events are equally important


I am talking in absolute, not relative (to anything) terms.

In this sense, all events are equally significant and bear the same (infinitely light, but, oh, so tangible) weight.

You can validate the truth of this assertion from two different perspectives:

First of all, the underlying, invisible and formless, gravitas of each instance is always the same.

The effervescent, ever-present, ever-luminous quality of the eternal (ergo, timeless) Moment of Now remains absolutely unalterable.

It is the immovable and untouchable Canvas of all the events of the world.

On the other hand, since all things are One, since anything in the Universe is inextricably linked to everything else (and modern science attests to that fact), it follows that…

any event in the world is the cause and effect of everything else.

Think on this for a moment...


14. Be completely aware of how you feel, because this is infinitely more important than what you feel


It’s as simple as that:

What you experience in life is not up to you (not entirely, at least).

Moreover, you are not the generator of your thoughts.

And you cannot choose what feelings you feel, at the expense of others.

But then, what is actually up to you is infinitely more important:

That is, how you experience the successive events of your life.

How you process and react to your fleeting thoughts.

And, of course how you feel about what you occasionally feel.

Isn’t it, therefore, more than evident?

You, and you alone, possess the combination that unlocks an, unshakably happy, life…!


15. Don’t allow yourself to be carried away by any of your thoughts


Like the clouds in the sky, they appear in different shapes and colours in your mind and linger there for as long as they can claim your attention.

They can lead you down all sorts of paths and adventures – intellectual, for sure; but, after a while, also real.

It all depends on you.

More specifically, it has to do with what kind of intensity and for how long you will attach yourself to them and, thus, allow them to carry you away.

Eventually, if you stay with one of your thoughts for too long, you will become its slave.

You will be at its mercy, ready to sacrifice anything for its sake.

This can be a really dangerous affair.

And the best way to deal with it is to disengage yourself from it as soon as you can.

Just realise you cannot be any of your thoughts

… and move on.


16. Challenge all of your beliefs, all of the time


There is nothing that can pull you down – even to the point of drowning you – faster than your firm attachment to one or the other belief.

A belief – any belief – is no more than an idea.

That is to say, no more than a thought form.

But there clearly is no thought that could claim to possess the capacity to satisfactorily and completely describe the entire Universe.

Such a thought would always fail to capture its thinker, you see.

By definition.

And this, by the way, points you towards your need to eradicate the most dangerous of beliefs:

The “meta-belief” that such a belief – or idea or theory - that could encompass the entire world does exist, and that you must strive to find it.

Because, again, no such belief could ever exist.

There is just the One and Only Truth – but that’s a wholly different story.


17. Recognise that whatever you have gained, you currently possess or will gain, you will ultimately lose


We spoke about this before.

But here our focus is on what the global root of fear in us humans is:

The fear of losing.

Losing anything that we (think we) possess…

… and especially, of course, losing the things or people that are extremely dear to us.

I dare say that it’s the most potent sign of living a truly spiritual awakening oriented life, when one reconciles oneself (actually; internally; viscerally) with the loss of exactly this latter kind…

prior to the (inescapable) occurrence of it.

Bring yourself to this state of honest, inner acceptance of the most painful type of loss, and there will be nothing for you to fear any longer.


18. Feel free to surrender to your fate


“Embrace paradox to the point of using it as your compass in your spiritual awakening journey”, is an extraordinarily strong dictum in spiritual awakening affairs.

And this, in reality, is the only way of approaching and dealing with difficult and unsolvable conundrums such as the “fate vs. free will” question:

By circumventing or “deactivating” typical (or, at least, conventional) logic and accepting the seemingly irreconcilable in a practical / experiential way, while ignoring any apparent theoretical inconsistencies.

All this is to say:

On one hand, fate is a given and you are subject to it.

Make no mistake.

Consider this:

Did you freely decide your tendencies, your preferences, your urges?

On the other hand, you (the One and Only True You) are completely free…

… to accept “your” (here, I refer to the “conventional you”) fate.


19. Realise that your fate is to be completely free


Completely free, that is, from everything that keeps you tied to an illusory reality.


Not free to do the one or the other thing in, and of, this world.

This is part of the fate of the body-intellect complex temporarily hosting you.

Rather, you are free to be who you truly are.

And about this, nobody can talk.

One can only point to it.

So, rest assured:

There’s no way around it.

You will get there (=the timeless Here and Now).

Question to you is:

At that time, does that “promise” sound ominous, exciting or neither/nor to you?

Your answer here shall reveal a lot about your present state of mind and, subsequently…

… your spiritual awakening readiness.


20. See how every moment of your life is unlike any other


Do you really need to be convinced about that?

The form that every moment of your life assumes is unique and unrepeatable.

Yes, the location, the circumstances, the people involved, the activities you engage in may look the same, yet…

… there is always something different than any other time, past or future, about this very occasion.

It might even be a very small and difficult to detect detail that gives it its original and literally one-of-kind flavour.

Don’t you see it?

And, if you cannot celebrate this, can’t you at least acknowledge it?

And then start attributing to every instant the attention and respect it deserves from you?

Try this for a while, even as a brief, innocent experiment, and see where it will lead you…



21. Choose carefully where to place your attention



We discussed this already, only a few portals above.

Your true, hard currency in this life is your attention.

Therefore, you cannot mindlessly and aimlessly waste it here and there.

You have to carefully select where to place it.

And you should place it to the things that:

  1. warrant your immediate attendance and/or action in the (ever-) present moment, and
  2. make your heart sing, and fill you with immense joy, energy, enthusiasm.

So, be very mindful and meticulous about your “attribution of attention” function…

… up until the moment where you will see that the aforementioned points a) and b) fully coincide; so much, that you cannot tell one from the other.

That’ll be the day, will it not, friend?


22. Accept that you can never step away from your true Self


How could you?

After all, it’s who you truly are, right?

There is no way to denounce your true identity, period.

Just think:

Who would denounce what?

(Emphasis on “who?”).

If you would indeed denounce your true self…

… this would mean that the “denouncer” is someone who is different than the “denounced” (which is clearly not the case).

The point of this logical acrobatics is to show you that it’s merely absurd to believe that you can step away from your true Self.

Wherever you go…

… there you are; HERE you are!

And since you cannot not be (just consider: how could such “non-existence” be validated by anyone other than you?), you are simply always you.

This may seem too self-evident, but explore where pondering on it for a while can lead you…


23. Ponder on the fact that the person you see in the mirror and you, the one looking at the mirror, are not the same


This face is not who you truly are.

These arms, these legs, these hands, these feet - they are not who you truly are.

The things that have happened to (or have been associated with) this body (as well as the things that will happen in relation to it) are not who you truly are.

Who you truly are is the one looking deep from within the eyes of the person whose reflection you see in the mirror.

You are the spark projected from within these eyes.

Never to be captured, never to be extinguished.

This is who you truly are.



24. Realise that everything in the world is within your mind


Can you allow yourself to entertain a quite different and unconventional perspective?

I assume the answer is yes, provided that you are sufficiently serious and earnest about your spiritual awakening pursuit.

Because, undoubtedly, in the (paradoxically, full of doubts) spiritual awakening path, unconventionality and unorthodoxy set the pace.

So, back to the unusual vantage point I was inviting you to look through:

Can you toy with the idea that you (the One and Only True You) are not inside (or an “independent” part of) the world…

… but instead…

… the world, with all its content, is within your mind?

This is a really ground-breaking model which – attention! – isn’t meant to make you believe that you are the ruler of this world.

If at all, you should use it to realise your unbreakable unity with (and, therefore, responsibility for) all that is.


25. Don’t look for the moment of truth; instead look for the (One and Only) Truth in each moment


Alternatively, we could say:

Life is not meant to be anticipated; it is meant to be lived.

We already saw that in reality all moments are uniquely genuine as well as equally important.

So, if that’s the case, then it’s pointless to look, or wait, for a “special moment of truth”.

In reality, the One and Only Truth is the steady background of each and every moment.

Therefore, what you need is a change of focus.

If the Truth is found in every moment, then you have to try to locate and align with It…

… here and now…!

And this is not that difficult, given that the Truth is closer to you than your hands and feet.



26. Seize the day – then, let it go


Seize it, grab it, taste it, bite it, make the best out of it.

Don’t listen to your mind telling you that it should be like this or like that in order for you to give permission to yourself to be happy.

I mean, don’t fight your mind, but feel more than free to ignore and reject its make-believe “preconditions” and “requirements”, which supposedly must be met before you allow yourself to feel “entitled” to enjoy the unfolding day…

… and, in the final analysis, your life in general.

Instead, accept things as they come in each moment and allow them to play out – externally as well as internally.

Let your thoughts and feelings fully develop and express themselves, without engaging with or suppressing them, as any of these two approaches would be flat-out wrong…

… and would prevent you from truly letting go of what is holding you back from entering into constant communion with the ever-magic and (literally!) extraordinary Here and Now.



27. See that the extremes are there to guide you


The extremes show you what the middle way is.

That is, the one that you are meant to walk in your life.

This is a fractal business, mind you.

Meaning that it applies from the smallest to the largest scale.

And you need to pinpoint and clearly identify the extremes in each case, as they outline the margins of what is possible.

So, you must continuously be on the lookout for them, while you always remember that…

… today’s extreme (or the extreme applicable to your present level of awareness) …

… may tomorrow be your new middle way.


28. Meditate all the time


This is a very sensitive area, where misunderstanding abounds.

In order to properly meditate, you aren’t necessarily required to sit down two times, for 15-20 minutes, each day, and do the X breathing-based technique or follow the Y mantra-based practice.

The aforementioned may help, but they barely scratch the surface of what meditation truly is.

To meditate is to be aware (in a fully alert and non-judgmental way) of what is happening in your external environment, but predominantly…

… of your thoughts and feelings…

… which you should allow to complete their full cycle within you…

… while a) you don’t rush in any kind of unnecessary action fuelled by them…

… and, at the same time b) you refrain from obstructing or suppressing them.

Do that, consistently and persistently, and the kingdom of heavens will be yours.


29. Realise that the only way to eradicate your conditioning is to be fully aware of it


Don’t fight it…

… and don’t deny it.

Recognise it.

It is very often – especially in the beginning – a painstaking affair.

You have to sit down and analyse yourself, often in an excruciating level of detail, to ascertain what are the basic beliefs - the fundamental assumptions - supporting the mental structure known as your “personality” and your “life.

You then need to take them one by one and examine them, to see if they hold true.

And you must do that in a non-sentimental, detached way…

… shedding the full light of your impartial awareness upon them.

This is how your conditioning will eventually evaporate.


30. Abide in the certainty that your true, absolute self is not contingent upon anything that is relative


All the passing forms of the world, coming and going, appearing on the screen of your consciousness only to sooner or later disappear from it…

… have nothing to do with whom you truly are.

Who you truly are is beyond anything temporary or relative.

The strong sense of self-continuity that you feel doesn’t depend on anything of the world you live in.

It is simply rooted in an absoluteness that cannot be disturbed by anything or anyone, since it is unwaveringly steadfast and self-standing.

Abide in this very certainty, sense its unspeakable, yet ever-present, truth and you will have nothing to be afraid of any longer.


31. The essence of reality is clay-like, so play with it!


… And that is why children are closer to life’s sacredness (call it divinity, call it God, call it Universe; choose whichever name suits you bets at this moment and stage of your life) than adults.

Children know that the whole of the world that opens up before their eyes is theirs to play with and to make whatever they want out of.

Now, do you think that you have forgotten how to be a child and, therefore, how to restore the careless enjoyment that you felt at the time?

Trust me:

You haven’t forgotten it, not really.

And it is quite easy for you to recall this marvellous state.

Start this very day, by treating all of your business (from petty to serious) as a game.

Set the rules and the goal of this game yourself.

Then, see what happens as you immerse yourself in such a fully playful mode.



32. Finally accept that no external event and nobody else except for you can make you permanently happy


You are the source of your happiness and, of course, of your misery.

This, really, should sound as the most exhilarating and relieving news in your ears.

You aren’t dependent on anything and anybody (literally so!) outside of you for your happiness.

Your happiness – which is tantamount to your authentic essence – springs spontaneously from deep within you.

Why, then, don’t you feel it – at least most of the time?

Because you have to remove the blockades within you that are preventing it from reaching you (and again, this is how).

Thus, the conscious realisation of your truest nature, is all you need to be permanently happy.

So, I urge you:

Liberate your inner vision so that you can see (rather, BE) the Light that you already are!


33. Realise that the only thing that you truly want is to be forever happy


You don’t want lots of money.

You don’t want the perfect job.

You don’t want good health, having your “pain points” treated, or come close to your ideal weight.

You don’t want to find the love of your life and start a big family.

You don’t want to have a big house.

You don’t want to become famous all around the galaxy.

You don’t want any of those things.

You only, truly want to be forever happy.

And if this indeed it the only thing that you truly want…

… and getting it depends entirely on you

… meaning that is has nothing to do with acquiring any of the aforementioned (anyway, temporary) things…

… why don’t you grab it, here and now???



34. You can only move beyond… anything when you pacify your mind


It is actually quite inaccurate to refer to you (in the conventional way you perceive yourself) as the “pacifier” of your mind.

The truth is that your mind is pacified by itself when you observe its ceaseless parade of thoughts and yet avoid to engage with it.

And you achieve this by placing yourself in the Seat of the impartial Observer (which we already talked about, and which is your bridge with your One and Only True Self) …

… and remain firmly seated there.

In this way you automatically and immediately distance yourself from your constant inner turmoil.

Try it, even for a little while in the beginning…

… and you may realise that the (true) Great Beyond…

… has, in actuality, always been, oh, so close…!



35. Recognize that the world has no root cause


It is unavoidable.

Your road to spiritual awakening passes from this pivotal recognition, which, of course, constitutes a monumental paradigm shift within you:

The world has no root cause.

There never was a primary action by any Actor that set it in motion.

In a sense (if subtly, indirectly and, to be frank, mostly inadvertently), modern physics acknowledges this fact, when, on one hand, it speaks about the famous “Big Bang” as the moment of “birth” of our universe…

… but on the other hand, it tells us that it is “meaningless” asking about what happened “before” the Big Bang.

No surprises there, as time and space do not make sense outside… the space-time continuum.

So, what are you to do?

Acknowledge that the game of causality is pointless at the end of the day, and that the world just… is.

And see what soaking in this realisation does to you…


36. It is One, It is Complete, and It constantly moves


It has no beginning and no end.

It touches everything, yet It cannot be touched.

It is all that is and, at the same time, It is nothing concrete.

Colourless, It gives colours to everything.

Invisible, It animates the entire world.

Silent, It represents the deepest resonance of anything… with anything else, and ultimately… with everything.

It was, is, and will forever remain self-sufficient, perfect and uninterrupted.

Moreover, It has forever been on the move and It will never cease moving.

Moving as one, It is the One and Only.

Reflect on what Its “relation” with who you (truly) are could be…

37, The absolute truth can only be one


You can work with many relative truths, sure.

But there can only be one absolute truth.

Which means that while in any arbitrarily selected (unavoidably…) set of assumptions, references and variables (and you can have many of these), you can establish a relative truth, of which the validity depends on accepting these exact preconditions…

… no matter how hard you’d try, you could never postulate a valid truth for all that is, for the whole Universe (and there can be only one Universe) …

… simply because in that case the number of assumptions, references and variables you would have to come up and deal with would be infinite.

Additionally, the one absolute truth can never be formulated, because it must, by definition, include its formulator as well.

But if it does include them, what about the meta-formulator of that latter definition?

Enter this insolvable conundrum, and there’s no guarantee that the One who will emerge out of it will be the same “one” as you, who are about to engage in it.


38. You cannot comprehend the One and Only Truth; you cannot even experience It


If your intellect is your strong asset, then it is good for you to know that, as of a certain point, it can become the biggest impediment in your spiritual awakening path.

This is because you cannot intellectually capture the essence of spirituality or spiritual awakening or...

... enlightenment.

You cannot even experience it in a sense of a certain subject - “you” – experiencing – “process” – something else – an “object”.

As of this certain point I alluded to a couple of sentences above, language is of no use.

Again, the question is:

What are you to do besides accepting this?


This is the point.

You cannot do a single thing.

This being said…

… if you were to actually, truly, viscerally accept that truth, you’d be doing much more than anything.


39. Relinquish your need to control everything by realising there is nothing you can control


This is a tough one, isn’t it?

Let me try to help you.

You can start by acknowledging that you can barely control the outcome of any activity you engage in, as it depends on a multitude of factors outside your sphere of influence.

In other words, you can control – let’s accept, for now – what you do, but you cannot control the form and shape of the final result of your doing.

And now, please also take a look at the things you (exclusively) initiate and do, and tell me in all honesty:

Are they REALLY under your control?

Or are they also a result of the influence of an infinitude of variables (genetic, social, political, historical, circumstantial, and so on) which also fall beyond your conscious choice or ability of control?

YOUR choice?

YOUR control?

WHOSE choice and control are we talking about here, dear friend and spiritual awakening seeker?

A ha…


40. Be as open and unselective as you can be, all the time



Entertain the idea that if something or someone has crossed paths with you, there must be a good reason for it.

Therefore, give to it, or to them, all the attention they merit and see what you can get out of this interaction.

Not from a selfishness vantage point, obviously, but as an answer to the question:

“How does this help me grow and move further along my spiritual awakening path”?

I invite you to do that as often as you can.

You see, what is always very important (especially from a spiritual awakening point of view) is to remain open as well as ready to be surprised…

… and recognise that there is room for everyone and everything in this world and, in particular, in your life.

In this sense, don’t leave anyone or anything behind…

… as you are sure, then, to run into them, later on – likely, under more challenging circumstances than those of your first or previous interaction.


41. Realise that the only safe bet is that all bets are off


Everything is up for grabs, dear friend and spiritual awakening seeker.

Nobody can tell you what will happen with unmistakable certainty.

So, sure, by all means, feel free to “place your bets”.

But do so playfully and don’t get fixated on the idea that you must win…

… because this is, anyway, not at all up to you.

Best then if you immerse into the ensuing ambiguity and enjoy it.

And make no mistake:

There are very few a spiritual awakening portal more potent than (not only feeling at ease with it, but much more than that…) wholeheartedly embracing uncertainty.

Paradoxically - and even a tad ironically - this embrace of the great “Unknown/Unknowable” is the only thing that can truly make you feel safe.

A bit more on that, right below…


42. Embrace uncertainty as your best friend because that’s where true hope and possibility are born


If everything was certain…

… if you knew every little detail about would happen in your life, before it even happened…

… now, where would the fun be in all of this?!?

Admit it:

Such a perfect foresight would lead you into living a hellishly boring life, wouldn’t it?

Instead, if you were to accept ambiguity as your number one ally, you would be aligned with an entirely different state of Being:

One where you could follow anything that makes your heart sing, knowing for an indisputable fact that it would be a magnanimous generator of hope and possibility.

And if one or the other thing you would engage in would turn out to be not that exciting after all?

Who’d care?

Certainly not you!

You see, there would always be something else waiting for you at the very next crossroads, and you’d feel it in your bones that it’d be so.

Don’t you see that this is how things truly are?

And wouldn’t you, therefore, rather live such a life, where the events of your external environment would always give you a reason to celebrate?


43. Never complain and never explain, but also never abstain and never drain


How different your life experience would be if all your inner complaining suddenly ceased?

I mean, make no mistake:

Your mind would continue to raise its hand and its voice anytime things wouldn’t entirely go its desired way, but you wouldn’t pay attention to it any longer.

Sounds good?

Then, start by seeing that you don’t need to explain to your mind (or anyone else) each thing you do, any more than it is necessary.

Instead, let your actions speak for themselves and…

… move on.

This is an incredibly powerful spiritual awakening practice.

As it is to never abstain, which means:

Be always there, fully present, alert, and ready.

And, finally, don’t drain, yourself or others.

Enjoy every moment to the fullest, don’t add labels of “good” and “undesirable” to your life’s different experiences (realise that they are all equal and that they all have their purpose to serve), and finally…


44. Realise that your clinging onto the Unreal cannot make it Real


… let go!

Recognise that as far as you are concerned – and that is all that matters! – what is real is only what you see, feel and do here and now.

What “has been” and what “will be” is, therefore, irrevocably unreal from the only real perspective, that is the one belonging to the present moment.

So, don’t allow your mind to drag you to any such - past or future - make-believe illusion.

In other words, don’t attach yourself to the Unreal, thus denying the Real, which is always there, right in front of your eyes (as well as… behind them), all of the time.

At the end of the day, it’s much more effective, enjoyable and motivating to deal only with what actually exists, isn’t it?!?


45. Acknowledge that you are at your best when you are at your most playful


If you treat everything as a deadly serious matter - one of life or death - you will unavoidably be heavy and miserable most of the time.

On the other hand, there aren’t many things more spiritual than entertaining a steadily playful mood.

And contrary to what your society’s or your family’s conditioning would have you believe, playful doesn’t equate to being silly or frivolous.

The thing is that when you gamify any of your life’s situations, you immediately become much more relaxed and, therefore, much more effective in dealing with it.

You thus become an earnest and committed Player, who is invested much more in playing the game (any game!) than winning it.

And because of that attitude, you always end up giving your best shot, and therefore you also maximise your chances of actually winning.

Don’t tell me that this doesn’t sound enticing enough to you…!


46. Everything is black and white until you infuse it with colour – what does that say about you?


It says that you – who you truly are – are the source of life, energy, power and the catalyst of whatever life situation you find yourself involved in.

The superpower of your aware attention animates everything it sheds its light upon – it shouldn’t be that hard for you to see and confirm this.

Only your consciousness – the one and only reality, which is closer to you than your hands and feet – has the power to give colour and meaning to (and remove it from) anything in your life.

Which should prompt you to start looking inside of you for the revelation you’ve been yearning for, God knows since when…


47. Change your perspective all the time until you have no perspective left


Consider things from a different point of view.

And then another.

And then the next one.

Change your vantage angle as often as you can, in order to:

  1. take no idea, and in general nothing of the unsteady and volatile forms this world temporarily assumes, for granted,
  2. realise that the one looking from each and every one of the myriads of these viewpoints always remains the same, and
  3. eventually, be left without a perspective.

What does this last thing mean?

I can only answer this question with another one:

How real is a hole?

Can you see the one who is looking through your eyes?

In the absence of any thoughts, what remains?

What are you saying?

That these were three questions, not one?

Let’s then take this little game at its deepest level:

Can you think of a world in which there is no difference between Three and One???


48. Realise that you are always at the centre of everything


You are the protagonist of your life.

Any time, all the time.

It’s self-evident.

You are always at the centre, and the (literal and metaphorical) distance between everything and you shifts constantly, based on how you move.

Where are you?

At the very epicentre of yourself.

Could you be anywhere else?

Of course not!

Even if you would have an out-of-body experience, you would still be steadfastly seated at the very centre of your Being.

So, wake up, open your eyes and see:

You are the Sun, the Heart, the primordial and ultimate point of reference of the world!


49. Acknowledge that whatever you can envision is in the realm of what is possible – explore what this means for (the true) you


Hail brave explorer!

It’s not much that you need to have in place so as to set out for your next exciting adventure.

There’s actually just one requirement:

You need to define an objective in the attainment of which you truly believe.

This last factor is critically important:

You must entertain no doubt that you can achieve this particular objective.

It is OK if you think it’s difficult, it is OK if you estimate that it’ll require a lot of effort and time…

… but it’s not OK to believe that it’s not 100% within your spectrum of feasibility.

Could this then mean that your faith (as long as it’s unshakable) can truly move mountains?


50. Focus only on what you need to do every single moment


And that is always assuming there actually is something for you to do in said moment.

In which case, yes, you must focus only on it, until it’s done.

Multitasking and splitting your attention among many different targets at the same time is not only the killer of productivity and efficiency (as contemporary science confirms), but it also disconnects you from the Spirit within.

You see, you can only feel (let alone commune with) the sacredness underlying the (ever-present!) present moment and infusing it with life and energy, if you pay to it the attention it is due for.

It’s with this kind of singular and undistracted attention that you begin to see how the Actor, the Acting and the Act of your life are one and the same.


51. Ignore the mental chatter going on in your mind all the time


Don’t engage with it.

Don’t suppress it.

As soon as you acknowledge it, release it.

Realise that so long as you don’t become entangled with it, it is powerless.

It absolutely needs your awareness to be first given to, and then subsumed by, it in order to gain any meaningful degree of materiality.

But this is exactly when things get very tricky and risky.

It’s like handing over the steering wheel of a truck loaded with explosives to an unstable child, who doesn’t have a driver’s license and who, moreover, happens to be carrying a lit torch!

Why on heaven’s name would you ever want to do that?!?


52. Record and observe your very own actions and reactions to everything as if you were an impartial researcher of yourself


Oh, my, how much you would be able to discover about the Big Unknown, the Great Mystery (that is, of course, you) if you were to do exactly that; committedly, consistently, perseveringly.

And I am not talking here about the conventional you (for whom you would also definitely learn a lot via this approach).

I am rather focusing on the true you:

The Researcher whose object of research is Their very own Self.

You see, this self-pointedness – or self-centredness, coming from an undefinable and unlocatable centre – is the most powerful way to your spiritual awakening.

Who seeks for anything, shall eventually find it…

… even if that which they seek is (literally) Nothing…!


53. Aim at enjoying every little thing you do, every interaction you have, every situation you find yourself entangled in


When your day begins, can you be excited for what lies ahead of you?

Can you allow yourself to feel thrilled instead of scared for the – undoubtedly – many small (and, perhaps, even a couple of big) surprises this day will certainly have in store for you?

It’s very important to begin your day in exactly this mindset because this is how you increase your chances of truly enjoying every single moment, event, and situation you shall encounter during it and as it unfolds.

If you were wondering about it, by the way, this is the purpose of each day, and, consequently, of your whole life:

To enjoy every single experience comprising it and learn from it.

It’s truly that simple.

Are you ready and willing to accept it?


54. Ask yourself “Who Am I?”, as often as you can, but don’t expect to get any definitive answer to that question!


The paradox of the impossibility of knowing who you truly are is perhaps the most empowering one in the realm of spiritual awakening.

And as you may have guessed, while you cannot solve it, you are more than encouraged to acknowledge and confront it.

So, ask yourself as often as you can – ideally, all the time and no matter what you may be doing on the outside - this most fundamental of questions.

Stay with the seemingly unbreakable and trans-logical loop that asking it forms within you and don’t be afraid of losing your (superficial) self while at it.

Because, in case you aren’t aware of it by now, I cannot hide it any longer from you:

To realise your One and Only True Self requires the biggest sacrifice; that of your Ego.

And, in a sense, the whole purpose of spiritual awakening guidance is to make this exact sacrifice as smooth and painless as possible.


55. Remain emotionally open – let it all pass through you, knowing that nothing can affect your true core


Don’t close!

No matter what you do, stay open.

See it like this, and your liberation will be on its way:

It’s not your job to decide what experiences you will go through in this very life of yours.

Your job is to accept whatever your way comes – everything, regardless of whether you like it or not; of whether it’s (temporarily) pleasant or hurtful – give it your full attention, experience it - and then release it, let it go.

Whenever this becomes hard, find consolation and support in the knowledge that there is not a single thing in this enormous, majestic, mysterious Universe that can disturb your true, innermost nature.

Hold onto that truth until you are able to move on.

Your experience of life – again, regardless of what is happening on its surface – is thus guaranteed to get exponentially better.


56. Motivation, excitement, eagerness come from within, not without


This is another extremely powerful and indescribably liberating discovery of the spiritual awakening journey:

You cease looking for motivation and excitement in the outside world, as you realise it is not in a position to provide it to you alone…

… and, instead, you turn inside, making sure you remove all blocks, doorstops and impediments you have placed there – consciously or inadvertently – throughout who knows how many years…

… to allow for these primary and most beneficial energies of the human condition to emerge spontaneously and reach you.

This is how you surrender to your predicament and you turn it into inextinguishable Light…

… which is lighting for you your way to Infinity.


57. Seek earnestly and fervently what your heart is truly yearning for


More than suspecting it, you feel it, you know it – you don’t need anyone to tell you or reassure you about it – that what your heart is truly passionate about is something noble and big; much bigger than who you currently perceive yourself to be.

Now, then, it is crucial that you don’t allow that feeling, that knowledge, to intimidate and freeze you.

Instead, constantly transform your deep, burning desire for your True Self (because that’s the “Holy Grail” every advanced and genuine spiritual being is seeking) into the fuel you need to move towards It.

Do so earnestly, fervently, even a bit obsessively (be careful not to overdo it, though – and you know you’ve overdone it when yourself or other human beings start getting really hurt).

And relieve yourself from worrying about whether you shall “get there” – as long as you are journeying in this highly energetic and fulfilling fashion, can’t you see that you’ve already arrived?


58. The whole point is in the journey, not in the destination


(In a sense, we pick it up from where we left it in the previous portal).

Now, this admittedly is a cliché, but don’t make the mistake of downplaying it because so many people repeat it mindlessly and – worse – without feeling it in their hearts.

Instead, think about it - consciously and deeply - and realise its powerful truth.

You see, it is as simple as that:

Once you embark on a journey (any journey) it’s obviously guaranteed that you will be… journeying.

You will experience some new things while at it, and you will learn and grow as a result of you experiencing them.

Whereas there is no guarantee that you will reach your predefined destination – or any destination for that matter.

It all truly comes down to that, doesn’t it?


59. Origin and destination are one and the same


To (also here) pick up the thread from where we left it in the previous portal, this is yet another good reason for you to stop worrying about destinations and whether you’ll reach them or not.

It is simple and evident; yet, at the same time, it is also very deep.

No matter where you go, you will always end up exactly where you are:

Here and now.

With you at the centre of all existence.

So, if you can never really leave your origin, then your destination cannot but be this very origin.

Thus, and ultimately, there’s nowhere to go.

There is nothing to do.

There is only Being.

Can you let It (=your True Self) be?


60. Make the exclusive object of your prayer to have the One and Only Truth revealed to you


Three are the key verbs of spiritual awakening – and they all start with the letter “P”:





We’ve already talked about paying your spiritual awakening dues and the big sacrifice (that of the Ego) which you are required to do in the spiritual awakening path.

We’ve also seen (more than once) the very strong link between true spiritual awakening and deliberate – but not manipulative – playfulness.

Now, let’s talk about praying.


… there’s not much to say about it.

The title speaks of itself, doesn’t it?

Let’s just place emphasis on the word “exclusive”…

… and clarify that it doesn’t matter so much who the recipient of your prayer is…

… so long as They are someone/something which/who you recognise as the Supreme Power of the Universe (it could even be the Universe Itself) …

… or, at least, as a power which operates at a level that is much higher than you (that is, the person with whom you currently identify yourself).


61. Focus on building bridges instead of burning them


All that is, is One.

And you are “part” of it.

(At least in the conventional way in which – for now - you understand yourself).

So, be aligned with this fundamental truth of Oneness.

Which practically means:

If anything is in reality connected with everything else, promote and reinforce these bonds.

Make them conscious and give them shape and form.

On the other hand, avoid severing any of your links and connections – especially with other human beings.

If you operate in this way, with your feet firmly placed on the pedestal of Oneness, you align yourself with the general way things progress in the Universe…

… and you, thus, make It extremely grateful and thankful of you.

Do you have any doubts that this Universal gratitude will find the most remarkable ways to express itself in your life?


62. Realise that you only have one true need: to give (not to get) love


If you allow this critical mental shift to happen and, moreover, render it permanent, then you will have realised a huge leap forward in your spiritual awakening journey.

You see, dear friend and earnest spiritual awakening seeker, you don’t need to be loved.

Your true nature is already one of unconditional, inexhaustible, overwhelming Love and Bliss.

Thus, rid yourself HERE and NOW of this most illusory and misleading of ideas, according to which you need recognition, praise and love to come from the outside as a confirmation that your life is worth living!

Switch rather your focus and aim at making your life the most complete and idiosyncratic – even eccentric, don’t be wary of these words; especially in the spiritual awakening domain – expression of the Love that you already are.

(Again, not the Love that you have, the love that you ARE).

So, give It away, now, in your very own way.

You are only guaranteed that It will return back to you tenfold, hundredfold, thousandfold…!


63. Under no circumstances accept that you are lonely and helpless!


Don’t fall for that monster illusion!

No matter how tough the situation you find yourself in, help is always available.

Outside, as well as – and most importantly – inside of you.

So, next time you face such a difficulty, don’t allow yourself to be carried away by the desperate cries of your mind.

Instead pause, and relax inside – yes, relax! – in the knowledge (the certainty!) that the exact help you need is very close and is readily available to you.

And then…

… look for it.

Or ask for it.

It shall certainly come - not necessarily in the form you’d expect it to come, though.

All you then need is to be sufficiently open to detect and accept this help without delay.


64. Make yourself an instrument of the ever-present – if subtle – Wisdom


You have come to this amazing planet and live this wonderful life (yes, wonderful, open your eyes and see, every moment of it is uniquely mesmerising) for a reason.

There is nothing random in your life.

And it is all organised by this fantastic Wisdom that has made you (this living organism that is your body and mind, which is characterised by this impossibly intricate detail) as well as this awesome world.

It shouldn’t, thus, be difficult for you to see it:

You have no choice but align with this Wisdom and serve It.

It will never force you directly to do so – it’s too discreet for that – but try to go against It…

… and your life will become a drag.


65. Remain always confident in the knowledge that in any given moment you have all you need to deal effectively with whatever your way comes


If you think about it, the belief that you will not have what it takes to deal with a tough situation is a very good conductor of the fear arising within you.

But the truth is that the Universe always provides you with what you need to manage what you have to manage, in any given moment.

You’ve got to realise this because this will furnish you with all the confidence you require in any moment of your life.

Thus, as soon as you realise it, you will not be fazed anymore as a result of the occasional difficulty you will be about to face.

This is because you will entertain no more doubts about the fact that you already have all you need – and, furthermore, you will know that what you don’t have, you will be able to timely access – so as to break through it.


66. Discover the greatest spiritual awakening masters of all times and study their life and teachings


Being in their mere presence is irrevocably and viscerally transformational.

Of course, nothing can beat your being showered in the vibes of their physical presence, but this – for obvious practical reasons – is, most of the times, not possible.

Yet, fear not:

You can also feel this effect to a satisfactory extent by studying their life and teachings in written, audio or video form.

If you do that, you will immediately notice that it is almost always an uplifting experience, which fills you with consolation, even (especially!) in your darkest moments.

What is, of course, key here is to be able to separate the wheat from the chaff.

On this exact point, you can find here the most inclusive and comprehensive compilation of the works (and, therefore, wisdom) of the most influential spiritual awakening teachers of all times.


67. Realise that love, hope and faith (in this exact order) are the essential pillars of your well-being


Your faith can make whole mountains move.

Your hope can give you the unwavering faith that will allow you to move the proverbial (at least in the overwhelming majority of cases…!) mountains which you need to move.

And love – well…

Your love – the love that you give, not the one that you get, as we saw a few portals ago – is the most revealing representation of your fundamental, indestructible, divine nature.

So, feel this love - and share it aplenty and without hesitation.

Don’t hold it back.

Rest assured that it is meant to be circulated all around the world and come back to you a thousand times stronger, inundating you in bliss.

And don’t worry:

It is one of the most beautiful paradoxes of the spiritual awakening oriented life that the more love you give (not only the faster it’s being replenished, but also) the more (exponentially so, in fact) its reservoir within you grows.


68. Remember to pay attention to your breathing as often as you can


When you place your entire focus on your breathing, the incessant (and predominantly toxic, let’s be honest with each other…) thinking ceases.

Plus, it’s evidently extremely beneficial for your physical health to take deep, long breaths, as often as you can throughout your day.

Thus, it’s no wonder that there’s a plethora of spiritual awakening practices centred around breathing (most of them coming from the rich oriental spiritual awakening tradition).

Now, no matter what your religious or spiritual awakening background is – if there’s any at all – feel free to study, explore and experiment with such techniques.

However, don’t feel obliged to adopt any of them.

When it comes to spiritual awakening, “silver bullets” are fully equivalent to “red herrings”, you see…


69. Feel the uninterrupted energy of being alive permeating your body and notice how your troubles disappear when you place your attention upon it


This is yet another truly powerful spiritual awakening portal.

Sit down somewhere, bring yourself in an as relaxed a state as possible, and close your eyes.

Can you feel the aliveness within and around your hands?


Now move your attention to your feet.

Can you feel it there as well?

Gradually, extend that to your entire body.

Can you bring yourself to the point of feeling the entire, uninterrupted and complete, field of energy that you are?

Feeling this fundamental energy “signature” of yours - even for a split-second - reveals more about your true identity than 1 million words written by the most eloquent authors of all times would.

Isn’t it also wonderful how quickly and effortlessly your imaginary, mind-made troubles cease to exist when you do this very simple exercise?


70. Contemplate on the fact that the uncreated cannot be destroyed; and that what is without a beginning is also without an end


If there is a thing that is uncreated, it must be something without a beginning.

And it somewhat follows that this same thing could not be destroyed, therefore it would also be without an end.

Uncreated, beginningless, endless…

And now let’s proceed with raising only three questions, to which I hope that, by now, you aren’t that naïve so as to expect that an answer can be provided:

  • Can there be more than one Things that are uncreated, beginningless and endless?
  • What would the relationship of such a Thing be with what is truly concealed behind such concepts as “truth”, “freedom”, “happiness”, “love”?
  • Can there be a relationship – and, if yes, of what precise kind - between such a Thing and your True Self?



71. Cherish every moment – superficially “good” or “bad” – that you pass with your truly beloved ones


If you are really lucky, there are more than a handful of people for whom you can truly say that they are beloved by you – and vice versa – for life.

In the majority of cases (and this is only natural, come to think of it), the number of one’s truly beloved human beings is smaller than the number of one’s fingers.

Frankly, isn’t that the case for you as well?

And can’t you then see that it should be your utmost priority to cherish and celebrate every single moment you are with these special human beings – regardless of the particular form such a moment assumes or its circumstances?

The hard truth is that you will not have infinite opportunities to see and be with them.

Thus, every moment you spend with them brings you closer to the very last occasion at which you will be together.

Now, then, true spirituality is found in your conscious choice to celebrate and make the best of each such instance…

… instead of being terrified and feeling desperate about the unavoidable end of your human lives (and therefore of your opportunities to coexist with each other), which is getting closer with every tick of the clock.


72. Realise that everyone you know someday will die


This is obviously linked to the last portal, and it is a formidably powerful but also an extremely difficult (and potentially very painful) spiritual awakening practice, especially when you apply it to the human beings that you are closer to.

Paradoxically, it may help if you include yourself in this “remembrance of mortality” technique.

The spiritual awakening point for you here is twofold:

  • On the one hand, to realise that your human life is so brief and incredibly beautiful (without any doubt or exception) that to devote any time or energy whatsoever in petty grievances and temporary worries is an almost unforgivable waste,
  • On the other hand, to realise that something – Someone – always remains unaffected by death and demise; and contemplate on whether and how this Someone relates to your True Self.

Can you realise these two things, here and now?


73. Expose yourself in the presence of good art; use it as a means for consolation and therapy and as an opportunity for transcendence


It is difficult to define what good art is.

But let me still give it a go and say that good art is any human creation which, without having any immediate practical utility or satisfying such a need, touches your deepest core in a way that absolutely evades your capacity for linguistic description and logical explanation.

So, depending on your tastes, preferences and idiosyncrasies, find and visit the places where such kind of art is exhibited or is being performed to immerse in it, lose your superficial self, and merge, even momentarily in the beginning, with your True Centre of Being.

The One where pain and troubles all but disappear, and all that remains is the most ecstatic kind of joy.


74. Don’t be afraid or hesitant to take shortcuts, whenever you can


Often in your life, it may be the case that the long, winding, uphill road is the one you have to take and traverse.

And, typically, this road offers you ample opportunities for (primarily, and always, spiritual) learning and growth.

This being said, you should constantly be on the lookout for shortcuts.

And, yes, this also (especially, in fact) applies to your spiritual awakening journey.

You see, it is rather simple:

The “destination” of this journey is “something” timeless.

Therefore, it follows that your “transition” over there can only happen in “no time”.

Thus, you should reconcile yourself with the fact that eventually you, as a spiritual awakening seeker, will HAVE no way but to take such a shortcut.

Now, ask yourself:

“What prevents me from taking this shortcut HERE and NOW?”.


75. When interacting with another human being, place your full attention and alertness upon them


Whether they know it or not (and typically they don’t know it), every human being you interact with is an aspect of the whole, divine Universe; of All That Is.

The simplest and best way to acknowledge this truth for the occasional Other and show them the associated respect (which, in reality, is of course respect to your own, innermost core) is by placing your full, alert attention upon them, for the entire duration of your interaction.

Look at them carefully and attentively, ideally in the eyes.

No matter who they are, regardless of what they have done in their life up to now or which stage of it they are currently at, they are your Brother or Sister.

They are a slightly (or even radically) different mirror of the sacredness that you also are.

Isn’t this amazing?

While you interact with them, find that exact feeling, stay with it, and let it lead your common (even for a little while) way.


76. Acknowledge consciously and constantly that your human existence has an expiry date; even more crucially, acknowledge that this can, literally, come at any moment


You know that the end is coming, while you don’t know how much time you’ve left before it is here and you’re gone.

You absolutely cannot deny the truth of this – but then, why do you think, behave and act as if you (your human self) is immortal, with aeons at their disposition?

Your demise can come any moment now – even at the very next one!

What are you to do then?

Be aware of this fact.

Accept it.

And be reminiscent of it, as often as you can.

Don’t worry, this knowledge will not paralyse you out of fear.

On the contrary, your conscious remembrance of this fact will be the catalyst that will make your determination (in whichever activity you engage) as sharp as it can get.

Moreover, it will maximise your effectiveness and efficiency.

And if you notice that this determination turns into a fury because of the (truly) very little time you have been assigned with in this life…

… so much the better!

Welcome this inner fury and allow it to become the nuclear fuel boosting your search for the Absolute...!


77. Reconcile yourself with the fact that elegance and ease always supersede strenuous effort and urgency


While showing your “grit” and trying harder, harder, and yet even harder, to the point of exhaustion may, indeed, sometimes take you far …

… it is the undeniable case that a “checkmate” move of precision and elegance, performed with a sense of “relaxed tension”, is far, far, FAR more effective.

This especially holds true in the spiritual awakening domain.

Don’t get me wrong:

I don’t mean to say that effort and repetition – say, of a mantra, of a prayer or of a particular ancient exercise – don’t have their place or are devoid of any meaning.

Not at all!

Such practices or techniques surely (at times, even impressively) pave your way to spiritual awakening.

However, at the end of the day, mastery is indistinguishable from superior and incontestable elegance and ease.

And if you don’t believe me, just take an open-eyed, objective look at the most prominent spiritual awakening masters and teachers of all times…


78. Mercilessly scrutinise and analyse each and every word uttered by anyone who is labelled as a “guru” or “leader” (especially, if they are your contemporary)


Start here, from these 102 spiritual awakening portals, regardless of the fact that the one who wrote them very openly proclaims he is no spiritual awakening “guru” or “leader”.

And then apply this approach of scrutiny, relentless doubt and questioning to the words of any spiritual awakening figure, historical or (particularly) contemporary.

Aim at keeping only what truly resonates with you – feel free to discard the rest.

Study the latter and practice it - but always be extremely watchful and cautious to prevent yourself from becoming a mindless, fanatic follower and supporter of anything that even begins to resemble a dogmatic doctrine.

Always remember that, at the end of the day, your very own spiritual awakening journey cannot but be unprecedently genuine…!


79. Aim at eradicating your meaningless psychological or existential fear (not the helpful, functional natural one)


Any psychological fear is born in you at the very moment you suspect that things in a certain area will not unfold as per your liking.

But who told you that life is working with the sole purpose of satisfying your wishes?

No, that is simply not the case, and you’d better accept it, because you, anyway, have no other choice but!

Life’s aim is to wake you up to the One and Only Truth of the entire Cosmos.

And it wouldn’t be able to push you in that direction, if it didn’t challenge you; often, very strongly.

Think of it like this:

The deeper the slumber from which you need to emerge, the stronger the prodding you need.

Recognise this and you’ll notice that there will be no room left for fear (fear of what, anyway? Of your self-realisation, ergo the one “thing” that you claim you want the most?!?).


80. Correct any wrongdoing you’ve committed as soon as you become aware of it; but afterwards don’t allow any feeling of guilt to bring you down


First of all, you of course need to be sure that you have indeed committed a wrongdoing and that there is a particular action you need to take in order to fix it or mitigate its consequences.

And you need to be very certain about assuming any such kind of follow-up action, because it is very often the case that clumsy, panicked, rushed, unnecessary reactions provoke secondary damage, very often exceeding the impact of the initial event.

So, if you have no doubt about it, do what you need to do, focusing exclusively on that: your very corrective action (of course, you also have to pay on top any price you need to pay as a result of what you wrongfully did).

Beyond that, rest assured that your complete awareness and acknowledgment that you did something wrong is enough…

… and that any feeling of guilt that comes on top of it is useless and, moreover, harmful.


81. If you are at loss about what to do next, remain silent, be still; and wait for the answer to come to you


Can you do that?

Relax your body, your mind (ignore the bee swarm of your thoughts), your Being.

Immerse in the stillness, enjoy the silence, feel comfortable about not having the slightest clue about what you need to do (or - mind you - refrain from doing) next.

Wait as long as you need to – as if you had all the time in the world at your disposal.

Don’t worry about whether the answer will come to you – it will come when it needs to come; that is, when you need it the most.

Just focus on entering into that state and maintaining yourself within it.

Very few spiritual awakening practices are more transformational than this one…


82. Your demeanour should be that of a King in the service of the entire world


Yes, it’s true:

You’ve got the whole world in your hands.

Attention, however:

This doesn’t mean that you get to do whatever you wish with it.

You rather need to realise that the world is a perfect reflection of who you are.

Flesh of your flesh.

You therefore need to serve it and take care of it, exactly like you would take care of yourself.

We saw this already:

If all is indeed One, any thought that you entertain about being a separate entity is false (not to mention: tantamount to the only true sin), and, therefore, the actions that are in your best interest are only the ones that serve the entire Universe…

… and vice-versa.


83. From the point of view of your true essence, you are complete at all times; any incompleteness you observe is temporary and the result of the unavoidable game of the infinitude of the world’s transient forms


Relax and realise:

There is nothing that you are missing.

Your One and Only True Self is a complete, self-sufficient, perfect manifestation of the unfathomable Whole.

Sacredness follows you wherever you go.

And no one can take away from you your capability of experiencing absolute love and joy all the time.

If this is true (and it is!), what is then wrong with you?

Why is your life experience so different from what I just described?

What happened is that you got too immersed in the game of ever-changing forms, which is unfolding before you all the time.

So immersed you became in it, in fact, that you hypnotised yourself in believing that you are a body-mind “island “cut-off from the rest of the vast universe.

But now it’s time to wake up, don’t you think?


84. Participate in life’s never-ending drama as a conscious actor, who never identifies with the roles they temporarily assume


What a marvellous play (or performance, or movie) life is!

While in it, you get to play any role you like.

And if we consider your present incarnation alone, there are myriads of possibilities to choose from in this vein.

So, go ahead and explore your acting capabilities and potential to the maximum!

What exactly are you afraid of?

There is nothing to risk!

There is nothing to lose…!

The trick is:

Always remember that you are the Actor, not the role which you happen to be playing at any given moment.

Surely, you will wear a lot of costumes and interpret myriads of different characters in this life.

But as long as you remember who you truly are – the unchangeable Actor and Spectator behind it all – you will succeed in enjoying the game of ever-changing form for what it actually is:

The Greatest Show In The Universe!


85. In spiritual awakening matters, the method of the thunder is the most effective, but the method of the wind is the most sustainable


Can you prepare yourself to be struck by the Thunder of Silence?

Undoubtedly, that’s the most drastically effective method to realise your spiritual awakening.

If that’s what you’re aiming for, you must clear everything inside of you (meaning: empty and still your mind), thus removing any obstacles between you and the Infinite Absolute.

It is either the most difficult or the easiest thing in the world.

(Or is it BOTH the most difficult and easiest)?

This being said, there is another way to go:

The method of the wind.

Which means:

Allow yourself to tune in and hear the powerful whispers and secret (in the sense that they are meant to be received only by you) messages that your outer and inner winds carry.

Listen very well – and then follow them to wherever they will lead you.

At the end of this (almost literally) winding path, your True Self is sure to be waiting…

… not waving a thunder about to be unleashed on your head…

… but with a smile and a big hug…!


86. Observe how everything in your life arises from, and depends on, the empty space



For that which is invisible, yet it is also… everywhere:

The vast space.

Completely empty and hermetically silent, yet…

… so intensely alive.

Out of it your whole life and every little thing that comprises it arise…

… only to, sooner or later, return back to it.

To their source.

Their ineffable Origin / Destination.

It is right in front of your eyes and penetrates them with every breath you take.

And it is also the end point of your spiritual journey.

Considering your situation from this point of view…

… can’t you see, here and now, that you are heading back to the Nothing that you already, truly are?

Ah, the amazing, unsolvable riddle of existence…


87. Clean up any mess you can, as soon as you become aware of it


Don’t waste any unnecessary time.

As soon as you identify there’s a small or bigger mess that you can clean, engage with it and bring things to an order.

However, be attentive enough to involve yourself only in situations in which:

  1. it is possible for you to intervene (in the sense that the circumstances are favourable), and
  2. your intervention will have an undoubtedly positive impact.

Otherwise, you are bound to create even more of a mess than the one you originally set out to “fix”, and you are thus setting yourself up for additional trouble.

In other words:

Beware of the Good Samaritan syndrome!


88. Realise that the underlying gravity of any moment is the same, and allow it to pull you down


Let it go.

Let it all go.

Let it pass through you and head up and away from you…

… while you go down.

That is, while you gently allow yourself to be pulled down.

Down, down, down.

The incredibly light gravity of each passing moment – of which the core is unalterable; always the same; the bright light of pure, unadulterated Awareness that never, ever goes out – opens its arms and embraces you.

Surrounded by a feeling that words like “love”, “happiness”, “fulfilment” seem desperately inadequate to capture, you realise that you are completely free.

You have always been free.

You see that it is a wonderful life after – and despite, AND because, of it – all…

… and opening every pore of your Being…

… you surrender.


89. The most fundamental motivator for any event in the world is a lack without an object, a need that nothing can satisfy


How can one talk about this?

I am faced with a situation whereby there is nothing to add to these 23 words which I chose as the title of this specific spiritual awakening portal.

I can only ask you to imagine a vortex, blacker than pitch black.

It is drifting in the Land of Nowhere, insatiably and vainly seeking…

… that which (It knows very well…) does not exist.

But It still goes after it.

It gives birth to all the “reasons why” in the world, in absolute awareness of their ultimate hollowness.

It is, thus, Itself the reason that the human being you see in the mirror is here.

And It is the reason behind your blissful blues of incomplete completeness.

It’s a crazy world after all – but who told you that this should prevent you from enjoying it?!?


90. Life begins when perfect completeness engages with unsatisfiable lack


In other words, the unstoppable force meets the immovable object, and… everything goes.

And along with everything, there YOU go as well:

The child of the  – some would say unholy, some would say necessary, all would say hypnotically alluring – marriage between the Absolute (perfect completeness) and the (Lacanian) Real (Unsatisfiable Lack), also known as your life, begins to unfold.

These are deep waters that we are currently traversing.

Waters that, in spite of how much you charter them, always resume their unchartered status immediately thereafter.

Let me then only add this:

To be is as important as to not be.

If one of the two were only slightly heavier than the other…

there would be no room left for living.


91. Feel the liberating and energising power in the sentence: “There is no shortcut from dreams to reality; there are endless shortcuts from reality to dreams


This is a quote from my very first book, titled “MONO”.

This book was dictated to me in a feverish fashion over the course of 20 days or so, back in May 2013.

It’s the most cryptic and – at the same time – most apocalyptic (in the original – Greek – meaning of this word; that is, revelatory) of my works.

If it feels like I am advertising it, it’s because I am probably doing that as well – however, the main reason I mention here this particular quote taken from “MONO” is because it unveils the golden path to spiritual awakening.

Which, yes, paradoxically it’s one shaped as a double-edged sword.

Your challenge is to pick it up and, without hurting anyone else or yourself, cut the Gordian knot of your misidentification with an entity that could never be You.


… You Are…

… are you (K)not?


92. Honest and unselfish prayer always beats ruthless method and effectiveness


See this portal as a test of the degree of your spiritual awakening growth and readiness.

Do you really feel its truth?

Can you actually see how fervent and selfless prayer to the One and Only True Power of the Universe is superior to the most thought-through stratagem, the most impeccably designed process, the most effective and ruthlessly efficient machine yet to be engineered?

If you cannot, then you still have some way to go in your spiritual awakening journey, however you can always catch-up if you adopt… this exact kind of prayer.

Only thing is:

You must mean it; you must feel it deep inside of you that praying and communing with the divinity within and all around you is THE Path for you.

I pray that you get, here and now (I’m using a lot these two magic words, aren’t I?) exactly what I’m talking about.


93. Realise that you cannot choose what you truly care about


It rather chooses you, doesn’t it?

And you have no option but to give to it your all.

It’s so obvious, yet you fail to see it – at least most of the times:

When it comes to your urges, your tendencies, your preferences, your likings, your dreams, your desires, there is no question of you freely selecting them.

They are given and are ALREADY an integral part of who you are (that is, this particular, one-of-a-kind human being).

So, for instance, you cannot wake up one fine morning and declare:

“As of today, I am going to fall in love with X or Y”.

Now ask yourself if this truth is limiting or liberating (always vis-à-vis who you truly are) …


94. A unique surprise is hidden in every iteration, and you are always there to watch it


Every iteration of a given process (or phenomenon or cycle) of your life may seem to be identical to its predecessors but it, of course, is anything but.

There is always at least a significant alteration, which takes the form of a surprise that no one (could have) anticipated.

Now, what are the spiritual awakening messages to you in relation to this?

  1. Fill yourself with excitement in the anticipation of each such (by definition, unforeseen and unforeseeable) surprise, instead of being carried away and put down by worry and fear because of it, and
  2. Be fully present when it manifests, so as to enjoy it!

Consciously accepting and sincerely celebrating the surprises life gives you is a spiritual awakening superpower you’d better be cultivating every single day…!


95. Other than the indescribable feeling of “I AM”, there is nothing else you can be definitely sure about; or in a position to unquestionably validate


You can only take for granted that you are a conscious being.

It would be beyond absurd to question that reality – the only one which you can actually verify.

Everything else that you perceive or experience is questionable.


For all you know, you may be connected to an impossibly advanced virtual reality machine that simulates everything you see and experience in your present life.

(In fact, many of your most prominent scientists are currently – early 21st century - theorising exactly this, assigning to it a pretty considerable degree of likelihood)!

Now, you should treat that as a further spiritual awakening prompt to fix your attention and awareness on the one and only thing that you know is real:

“I am, I Am, I AM”!

Yes, You ARE.



96. If you can conceive of something and have an honest, unshakable faith in your ability to achieve it, you will achieve it; but never in the exact way that you expected to achieve it prior to pursuing it


This is yet another of the 102 most powerful spiritual awakening portals that speaks for itself, is it not?

The point here is that the strongest power you possess is that of your will or intent.

If you truly want something, you can get it, as long as you visualise it properly (in all necessary details) and know and believe 100% that:

  1. it is truly up to you to get it, and
  2. you have everything at your disposal to make it yours.

(Of course, without you violating any human or cosmic laws in the process).

It’s just that the way in which you will get your object of desire is never the way you may have envisioned or were expecting ahead of you launching your respective “campaign”.

This is the beauty and thrill of surprise that I already talked about - which, come to think of it, really is…

… the bread and butter of your life…!


97. Focus on what you do best and do it as often as you can, expecting no other reward other than the intrinsic, deep fulfilment you get from performing something you love


Let’s say you truly love carpentry.

You love processing wood in order to create (or fix) furniture or fixtures.

It’s your most beloved hobby - scrap that: your most beloved activity in general!

But, no matter what you do, even though you want it so badly, you fail to turn this passion of yours into something truly lucrative; one that you could “monetise” and “make a living out of”.

If that would be the case, your disappointment would be understandable to an extent; yet please - and in all honesty - tell me:

Do you stop loving carpentry just because you can’t turn it into your full-time profession?

Or is the deep, soulful reward you get every time you work with wood millions of times more fulfilling than “making a fortune” out of selling your skills “to the market”?

It’s so obvious, is it not, dear friend and spiritual awakening seeker?


98. Every moral standard is in reality a relative, double standard; the only absolute standard of proper conduct (existentially, not morally) is love


In the human world where relativity reigns supreme and everything is in motion (including ideas), there are always two sides to morality.

Moral principles and codes are of course very helpful and their contribution to a well-functioning human society is certainly critical, but it is important to recall that they can never be applied globally and perennially.

There is always another side to the coin of morality and this is why the relevance and usefulness of moral laws or rules of conduct must be constantly revisited and renewed.

On the other hand, in the truly timeless and untouchably permanent spiritual awakening domain, there is one and only absolute standard to which everything else refers to:

Love, in the cosmic, most spiritual awakening sense of the word.

Is an action done with Love as its primary incentive?

Then, it’s “good”.

Thus, to act with Love is not just immensely fulfilling and rewarding.

It is also the most effective and efficient (Self)-organising principle of the world.


99. As long as you have fixed your objective consciously and at your own initiative, then all you need to do is course-correct persistently, and even mercilessly, until you reach / attain it


In other words:

Once you have identified your desired target, maintain it locked on the screen of your consciousness and don’t let go of it until you’ve reached it.

But in order to be successful in your endeavour, you must, on the other hand, remain as open and flexible as possible as to how exactly you will reach it.

Assume that only the Universe (or the Supreme, Divine Power) knows that and let It, therefore, guide you.

Strive to constantly recall this:

They – and not you - know how (They have the know-how) to take you to the end.

So, in line with one of the cornerstones of the wisdom of all major and respected spiritual awakening traditions, just ask for guidance (not for a confirmation of your crystallised views and ideas) and you shall receive exactly that.


100. When in the middle of a move, focus only on completing it; never second-guess yourself


When the ball is rolling, you need to keep your eyes on it, and move so as to accomplish the objective you set out to accomplish when you mobilised it in the first place.

In other words, it’s a big illusion to expect that you can reverse a move once it’s under way.

At this stage, it is of absolutely no use to allow any doubts to surface about the appropriateness or correctness of the specific move – let alone (God forbid!) taking such doubts (even a little) seriously!

So, brush such a useless concern off, and just do your level-best to complete your move.

There’ll be plenty of time afterwards to evaluate and reassess.

Realise that in the context of your spiritual awakening journey you need to go all the way with anything you set in motion.

Pure Being, you see, is never half-hearted; It is always All or Nothing…!


101. Assume, not only that you have forgotten, but that you can anyway never remember who you truly are; see what happens when you go in this mental space


This is the mental space where, paradoxically, there is no room for any thought.

(Even – especially! – when it comes to thoughts about your true nature and identity).

This is where your mind becomes still.

And, as we saw in a previous spiritual awakening portal, there is practically no difference between a mind that is perfectly still and the One and Only fully realised Being.

Now, back to you (and regardless of where you stand at the moment):

Accept that you have forgotten and that you will never remember the number one secret of your existence.

Then ask yourself:

“Since I am here, living this non-stop miracle…

… do I really care that my knowledge of it will forever remain imperfect”?


102. Do whatever you can do on your own; leave the rest up to the (Highest Power of the) Universe


You have the will, the power, the skills, the capabilities, the incentive to do so many things on your own.

Do them, then.

There is nothing stopping you – on the other hand…

there is nothing outside of you that will take care of these things for you.

God or the Universe cannot (and will not!) be bothered to do on your behalf all the things that you can do on your own – never forget that!

(It sounds self-evident, but many spiritual awakening seekers seem to ignore it).

God / The Universe will take care of all the rest; all the things that are not up to you.

But first (once again) be sure to take care of the things that clearly fall within your remit of capacity.

And now, if you fancy going a bit deeper (and I hope that, by now, you do fancy this!), let me ask you:

Who do you think is the One truly acting through you, all the time?

What Is The One And Only Truth Of Your Life?

If you want to find out, sign up here:

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