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The Doubtless Mind And The Mindless Doubt

The first one – the doubtless mind – is the mind that most people nowadays possess.

Or should I say… most people are possessed by?

It’s a mind full of certainties and convictions about literally everything entering its radar.

It’s a mind that classifies, judges and condemns things, events and people, without taking a moment to examine the reasonableness and validity of the assumptions on which it issues such classifications, judgments and condemnations.

On the other hand, this is a mind that is constantly preoccupied with concerns, worries, anxieties, and fears.

It is in a permanent state of restlessness, always on the lookout for the slightest possible hint of discord, for whatever threatens the various “hardwired” certainties around which it has built its precious self-image.

This Mind Is Deeply Sick!

It really provides a textbook definition of the word “insane”…!

It remains lost and misguided, as it frantically tries to reconcile its unfounded and outlandish ideas of “how things should be” for it to be “happy” with the real facts it comes across.

This mind is, therefore, the most prominent generator of human misery, despair, loneliness, and the Grand Dame of the modern human condition: chronic unhappiness.

This mind is deranged and chaotic.

It possesses its owner – YOU – and conditions them towards entertaining a permanent state of defensiveness, aggressiveness, denial and, ultimately, outright paranoia.

This Is A Mind

You, Simply, Cannot Accept To Live With

At least, not for too long…

What to do, then?

For the sake of safeguarding your sanity and integrity as a human being, you have to replace your doubtless mind with a mindless doubt.

This is a kind of doubt that rises beyond the realm of thought and doubts the stand-alone reality of all, seemingly distinct, things, events, people.

Oh, yes, it doubts and denies all of it…!

However, it is vital that it springs forth from a fundamental non-acceptance of your mind’s endless ravings. One that doubts the toxic contents of your doubtless mind so radically, that the latter have no choice but to be exposed for their existential nakedness and, immediately thereafter, evaporate.

To Align With This Mindless Doubt, However, 

You Need To Cultivate A Critical Sense Of Distance 

From Your Mind And Its Thoughts

If I could summarize my practical advice on how you could achieve such state in one phrase, that would be: “don’t identify with your thoughts, they cannot be who you are, as they come and go all the time, while you – the true you, which is pure awareness – always remain in the background”.

By taking such distance from your thoughts, you nourish your mindless doubt and render it your ever-present companion and friend as you go about your everyday life.

If you then manage to maintain yourself in this state – as often as possible and for longer intervals each time – you will soon observe the collapse of all your mind’s formerly immovable certainties and convictions.

Oh, how liberating such a purge will be!

And, so, you will slowly but surely navigate closer and closer to your True Self.

The One You Really Are

And Who Is Blissfully Beyond 

Any Mental Concept You Could Ever Entertain

This is neither the Thinker of your thoughts nor the Doubter of your doubts.

Not really.

It is rather the Ground in which the Thinker and the Doubter appear, only for a while (for a fleeting instant, really; at least in cosmic terms).

Your job, then, is to remove everything that obstructs you from entering a state of constant communion with this Fundamental Reality of your True Being.

This is the lifelong process known as self-realization or spiritual awakening, the one that every worthy mystic in the history of humanity was urging their disciples, and whoever else bothering to listen to them, to undertake.

The question, then, that you must answer is:

Are You Ready To Go Through Such Monumental Quest?

Are You Ready To Realize Your One And Only Truth?

It is really so important that you spontaneously, reflexively, impulsively, WHOLEHEARTEDLY answered a clear and emphatic “YES” to both of these questions…

If you didn’t, it’s OK; but this also means it’s not the right time for you yet.

Don’t worry, such time will eventually come and you will recognize it when you see it, beyond a shadow of a (mindless) doubt.

(The mere fact that you read this post up to this point is a good indication that it will not be long until you hear the Calling and feel the urge to respond to It).

If you did answer yes, on the other hand, you will likely observe the immediate emergence of another key question.

It is probably formulated along the following lines:

How Do I Begin My Self-Realization Process?

Rest assured that the emergence of such question is very natural, and you need not worry if you don’t have an immediate answer to it (I’m going to assume you don’t).

I invite you to have a look here. I’m pretty sure that if you do, the aforementioned question of yours will receive the answer it deserves.

Until next time,

Doubt everything your mind serves you as an incontestable Reality, but don’t just stay there…

Move beyond, dive deeper within you, in your search for the Seat of Your True Being.

That is, the One and Only Thing that will always be yours, that will always be…



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