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The Essence Of The Message Of All Enlightened Human Beings

In the history of Humankind, there have been quite a few of, so called, “enlightened” or “realized” human beings.

Some of them are extremely well known and their impact has been momentous, to the point of actually dividing human history in two…

While others are not that impressively well-known, yet they still have deeply touched and changed with their teachings the lives of many of their disciples, devotees, followers.

Of course, each one of these Special Beings is a case of Its own and the specific circumstances of their lives as well as the form their teachings took vary.

However, a key realization of anyone who has studied their work profoundly and honestly reveals that:

The Essence Of All Enlightened Beings’ Message And Teachings

Is One And The Same

If you consider yourself as an authentic spiritual seeker, it is crucial to understand this commonality, as it points towards a specific direction in terms of a recommended way of living in order to realize the Truth about yourself and the world you finds yourself occupying.

In other words, extracting the common gist from the wise words of all these one-of-a-kind beings and translating it into a common set of guidelines towards self-realization or enlightenment or spiritual awakening or… call it as you wish, can be the turning point for the Seeker of Truth, for you.

The space available to me here is limited; yet, I still gave a go at presenting a rather high-level summary of this common, “golden thread” of the most transformational spiritual teachings and/or advice that emanated from all Realized Beings who I am aware of and whose work I have a satisfactory knowledge of.

Here goes:

The World Of Senses Is Of Limited Or Illusory Nature 

And Is Of Secondary Importance To The World Of Spirit

“Don’t be trapped into believing that the objects your five senses perceive are all that is”, the spiritual Masters are telling us.

“This is a world of ever-changing forms, it is unstable, fleeting and is, in itself, ultimately unfulfilling and sorrow-generating.

So avoid attachment to it.

Instead, realize that there is a deeper dimension to things.

This is an invisible realm, full of love, wisdom and power and free from any kind of decay.

This realm is the foundation and the generator of everything, including the world of senses. 

One has to consciously see the truth of this latter plane, the Spiritual World, for oneself and abide by its laws and principles, which are different from those prevailing in the world of senses”.

All Is One

The Realization Of This Oneness Will Transform Your Life Experience For Good

“It is all an unbreakable Unity, the many and different apparent forms of which arise in the context of a game of appearances or illusion.

Whatever action you initiate, no matter how small, has a literally global impact; in this sense, you have to realize you are never separated from your environment.

What you simply are is a unique, unrepeatable manifestation of the One and Only and Whole World.

This realization leads to liberation from fear (you are one with everything; what is there to fear?) as well as to a higher sense of responsibility”.

All That Matters Is Your True Self,

The One That Is Always At The Centre Of The Universe,

And The Highest And Most Noble Objective Of Your Life

Is To Realize Your True Self

“You, as a spiritual seeker have to realize consciously who you truly are.

You have to grasp the obvious and evident truth that you are always at the epicenter of everything that goes on in your life.

Your True Self is pure, free from any content, Consciousness.

It is the conscious feeling and knowledge of “I AM” (all that exists) at the core of your Being.

To transcend your identification with the “little entity” which goes by your name and with all the things you are not, and thus to allow the Truth of Your Self to shine unobstructed, is your life’s ultimate objective, the only thing that truly matters”.

The Only Way To Your Self-Realization 

Is Through Constant Meditation Or Prayer

“To realize your True Self, you have to:

a) either constantly meditate on the One And Only Truth of the world, that is your True Self (“I AM”), discarding and rejecting everything else, which you are not;

b) or fully devote yourself to a Higher Power that is supposedly outside of you, by constantly praying to It, which means fully surrendering yourself to It, until you become One with It.

In both cases of meditation and of prayer, it is important that your practicing them becomes a constant mental activity, so as to get your mind accustomed to a simple, yet firm discipline, and eventually silence it.

Once the mind is silenced, all that remains is who you truly Are:

The Infinite And Conscious Power Of The Universe”.

This is it, in a nutshell!

Now, especially for the beginner spiritual seeker, the simplicity of the aforementioned substance of the key messages shared by all true spiritual Greats can be overwhelming.

This is understandable.

For Most Seekers Of The Truth, Their Spiritual Awakening Is A Journey Or A Process

Not A Supernova-Like Revelation

Maybe you find yourself in that category, of a novice Seeker of Truth, and therefore you are looking for a solid, structured and easy to follow and implement Guide to your self-realization pursuit.

If this is the case, I think I have exactly what you need.

Please have a look here.

This is all, for now.

Until next time,

Remain alert and present, while trying to meditate or pray as often as you can.


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