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The Happiness Prayer

This is a personal meditation on happiness.

I hope you try it and find it to be meaningful, and resonating with who you truly are.


“Lord, I can be happy right now.

Happiness is my true, inherent nature, and there is nothing blocking me from living in it, being it.

When I look around me with the eyes of my body, or when I look inside of me with the eyes of my mind, I often meet strife, misery, frustration, disappointment, desperation, decay and hopelessness.

However, if I open the eyes of my Soul and look – not look at anything in particular, just look – I will be instantly flooded with harmony, peace, joy, happiness.

My body, my mind, my feelings, my personal history, and whatever else comprises this fleeting worldly identity of mine, have gone, and will go, through many diverse trials.

But beneath it all, the Ground of my Being, my “Nature 101” is rooted in infinite happiness.

I could not possibly know such Truth by means of my human intellectual faculties.

I could not prove It or demonstrate It to anybody, including my own self.

I could not see It, hear It, touch It, smell It or taste It, no matter how hard I would try.

I can only be It, within a timeless moment of perfect inner stillness, perfect inner silence.

This is my self-realization; the realization that I am pure, unadulterated happiness.

And it can only come Now.

Because I always find myself in the present moment, in my place of abode, Here and Now.

Can I step aside, just for a moment, and insulate myself from the rampant chatter of my mind and my obsessive-compulsive urge to respond to each and every stimulus of my inner and outer world?

Yes, I can; sure I can!

I just need to return to my base camp.

The awareness of myself as a conscious Being, happy to be alive.

There are no prerequisites for this; in fact, introducing any prerequisite moves me away from my true self, from the cradle of all happiness.

It is an endless ocean of bliss, on which the waves of form reality are shaped one moment, only to vanish the next.

Can I grasp that any form is an expression of the invisible happiness sustaining such form, and momentarily manifesting itself through it?

And that, therefore, on this deeper level of the One and Only Truth, no content or form does really matter?

Can I thus bring myself to absolute stillness so as for me not to be carried away by any appearance or experience?

Can I fully enjoy the good ones among the latter, however long they last, and thereafter not cling myself onto them, as they can never return?

Can I also go through the bad ones, doing whatever I need to do to meet their challenges, accepting whatever cannot be changed, seeing the difference between the two, and then move on?

It’s very tough, My Lord, but there is no other way: I’ve got to keep on trying along the pathless path of Life, without taking stock of my progress or setbacks, and constantly remembering that true happiness can never be taken away from me; it is always available, here and now.

And it will eventually reveal itself to me; it is inevitable.

I can fail one gazillion times in this quest, but it doesn’t matter; I will never run out of the opportunity to try once again, yet one more time; and it is enough for me to succeed only once.

Then, happiness is all that I will be.

All this is not an affirmation or wishful thinking or expression of a plea to some Supreme Principle out there.

It’s rather my attempt to reconnect with my innermost Self, with who I truly am.

With You, my Lord.

Words suffice only up to a point. 

After that, it’s a silent business.

It’s a business of being and not doing.

It’s a business of letting go of everything and standing stark naked, face to face with the Absolute, or rather within the Absolute, or rather as a reflection or expression of the Absolute.

Or as the Absolute Itself.

I am always happy underneath it all; I understand this fundamental truth, even in the face of the worst possible adversity.

Happiness is all That Is.

And I will continue until I AM only That”.

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