The Meaning Of Life In Less Than 200 Words


This is quite the task, right?

I mean: to come up with a complete description of the meaning of life in less than 200 words.

It definitely is a tough one, also bearing in mind that the words I am about to use must resonate with you, as well as anyone reading this.

But I have always loved such challenges, especially when meeting them requires some serious word artisanry.

Of course, you may very well ask: “and who the heck do you think you are to be able to enlighten us on what the meaning of life is”?

For the detailed lowdown, you can have a look here.

In short, I have devoted my life to seeking the fundamental Truth of this world, which, in my book, is the same thing as the meaning of life.

But, you know, I must tell you a secret here, which is directly related to the meaning of life, and what you are about to read:

Every Time I Write Something From My Heart

It Really Is My Heart Reciting To Me What Must Be Said

And My Function Merely Is To Transcribe It

I am the Instrument of Truth, not Its Player, make no mistake…

By the way, since we sort of covered the basic things about me, allow me to reverse the question and ask you: 

Do YOU Know Who You Are?

If this question takes you somewhat by surprise, especially if you can’t tell the reason why that is so, please click here.

I am sure you will find very interesting what is below that link…

OK, so where were we…?

Ah, yes! 

The meaning of life in less than 200 words.

Here goes, and, of course, you be the judge of it:

The Meaning Of Life

On the first level, the meaning of Life is quite self-evident: Life is meant to be lived and experienced, moment by moment, fully and unconditionally.

On a second level, then, Life takes many forms, which forever remain in movement and transition.

But Life also has an invisible constant, a fundamental layer underneath it all, which is the canvass of all – superficial – change, Itself not being subject to change.

This layer is the inner, true nature of your Being.

And when you see the unnecessary and illusory add-ons that society’s conditioning has piled upon It for what they are, you immediately remove them and you become It and only It.

This is the Source of Love, Joy and Happiness, so once you connect with It, gone is all your suffering and deleterious attachments.

Thus, it can be said that, on a deeper level, the meaning of Life is to move away from dependence on anything outside of you and towards permanent and perfect communion with the One and Only Truth, which is already the foundation of your existence.

Once you have truly conquered the meaning of Life in this sense, you move beyond any limitations, for good.

This is it, in a, less-than-200-word, nutshell.

And let us put it in yet another, final way:

The Meaning Of Life

Is To Live a Life Of Meaning

And, at the end of the day, it can only be up to you to define exactly what your the meaning of your life is.

One thing is certain: there is no room for meaninglessness here.

So, go ahead and make sure the meaning you give to your life makes you jump out of bed each morning as energised, as fulfilled and as happy as ever.

And until next time,

Remain alert and present.


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