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The One And Only Obstacle To Your One And Only Truth

You know, Friend, what it is exactly that makes the One and Only obstacle to your One and Only Truth so enormous and difficult?

But, Of Course, The Fact That It Doesn’t Exist!

It is a mirage, an illusion, an idea that doesn’t reflect reality.

Then, again, it is an idea onto which you persist clinging, as if your life depended on it.

Well, how appropriate, given that…

Your Life Depends On It!

Better, what you take your life to be.

That is, the – short or long – time period between the moment you exit the womb and the moment you take your very last breath.

But Life is much more than that.

I am not taking about “your life” or “my life”.

I am talking about Life.

And Life Is One And Only One

It is timeless, indestructible, omnipresent and omniscient.

Who you consider yourself to be is but Life’s instrument to express Itself in yet another of Its infinite unique ways.

(She is very playful, that Life)…

So there isn’t such a thing as “your life”.

You Belong To Life,

Not The Other Way Around

But, you see, who you understand yourself to be is but a flashing, moribund reflection of the Whole, of All That Is, the One that Always Is.

Your perception of yourself, in other words, has no permanent substance other than in your head.

This standalone complex of body-mind-emotions, bound together by Memory weaving a succession of moments and baptizing it by your name and your “history”, is an idea that doesn’t correspond to the One and Only Truth and keeps you at a(n) (un)safe distance from It.

This is the One and Only Obstacle you have to jump, then, in order to embrace the One and Only Truth:

Your erroneous identification with a fabricated, unreal, mind-made entity.

And in order to converge with this fundamental Truth…

You Must Realise 

That Who You Consider Yourself To Be 

Is Not Who You Truly Are

Your sense of separation from the world around you – that is, what you perceive to be beyond the confines of your body – is false and must be eliminated.

The force of Life is one, can’t you see it?

Nothing operates in isolation in this Universe; every serious scientist, whichever his field may be, attests to that fact.

So, embrace your Unity with Everything!

From a cosmic point of view, this thing that you call “yourself” is nothing more than a mere, fleeting projection, an almost instantaneous slide show.


Deny “Yourself”…

To Realise Your True Self!

Here’s how to go about it.

But make sure you are fully serious and unwaveringly committed to this momentous spiritual awakening journey before embarking on it.

Imaginary as your typical / default sense of self may be, you have spent your entire course on this planet up to this moment, I am pretty sure, staunchly believing in it and using it as your One and Only point of reference.

Annihilating It Is Thus Not An Easy Business

It helps to keep that in mind.

It may make the whole affair a bit more digestible, and even a tad easier.

Until next time,

Do yourself – your True Self – a huge service by reading this.

And remember that there is no obstacle that is too tall for you.

Especially if this obstacle doesn’t exist.


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