Are You The One Out Of One Million

Who Can Find The Truth About Life?


Dear seeker of the true meaning of life,

According to a saying from one of the most ancient and wisest philosophical systems and traditions on Earth (the Eastern one):

"Out of a thousand, one searches for the truth.

And out of the thousand who search for the truth, one finds it".

Based on this, the only meaningful question that you need to ask yourself right now is:

"Am I the rare human being out of one million - one thousand times one thousand - who is really able to find the most essential truth about life"?

Which, if you allow me to expand this question a bit further, translates into:

Are you the one out of one million

who can find and use the master key

which unlocks everything that truly matters in life?

Yes, absolutely everything.

No exception whatsoever.

You just go ahead and name it:

- Happiness,

- Freedom,

- Creativity,

- Inspiration,

- Intuition,

- Love (so much of it...),

- Divinity,

- Confidence,

- Optimism,

- Acceptance,

- Knowing what to do in each moment,

- and much, much, MUCH more...!


This is what finding and realising the one and only truth about life will do for you.

It will give you the ability to immediately address all of the primary and timeless predicaments of the human condition...

... some of which are the following:

  • The self-defining – and self-defying - nature of reality and your core Being,
  • The mysteries of time and how you can transcend its limitations,
  • The purpose and meaning of your life and how to find it,
  • The universal, explosive power of paradox and how to harness it, instead of being overwhelmed by it,
  • How to deal with your guilts and worries, to the point of completely eradicating them,
  • What to be successful truly means,
  • How to invite unconditional and inexhaustible inspiration, happiness, love in your life… without having to do a single thing,
  • How to deal with any critical and complex situation or dilemma you face in your everyday affairs,
  • What is by far the most effective method for setting and pursuing your professional and personal objectives,
  • What freedom is truly all about and how you can - not “attain”, but rather - align yourself with it,
  • What is by far the most catalytic everyday practice for the seeker of truth and how you can go about exercising it,
  • How to find (=allow yourself to be found by) and recognise your true mentor,
  • How to dispel the darkness which persists in obscuring your ever-bright, ever-shining, ever-blissful and ever-fulfilled One and Only True Identity…

And this is not even the whole story – it’s only a small fraction of it, to be frank…

However, before you get there, remember:

You must answer the key question I asked you in the very beginning of this text:

Are you really the one individual out of one million

who can find and realise life's most fundamental truth?

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And even though, mathematically speaking, chances are not on your side...

... I truly wish I see you on the other side.

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