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The Only Guide You Can Trust In Your Life Is Life Itself

How often do you feel completely lost?

As in: “I have no idea how I ended up in this mess, nor do I have a clue how to get out of it”?

If you are like most human beings, I bet this is quite often the case for you.

And I would also bet you feel quite frustrated and disappointed each time you find yourself in the midst of such an uncertain, uncomfortable, stressful situation.

This Is The First Thing You Need To Realise:

It is Not Bad To Be In Such A Situation

Nor Should You Beat Yourself About It

What truly matters is that each and every such situation, no matter how menacing or desperate it may look to you, provides you with a HUGE opportunity.

This opportunity boils down to your conscious realization of the fact that you – actually the idea you have about who you are – never are in control.

You Never Were,

Nor Will You Ever Be,

In Control Of Your Life

Granted, this statement appears at first to be as radical as it gets…

But take a minute and think about it.

If you truly were in full control of your life – anytime, all the time – you would never end up entangled in any unpleasant or difficult situation, would you?

Now, it is relatively easy to accept that you are not in full control of your life; yet, you are probably still inclined to believe that you have control over most of its key dimensions.

But an honest and thorough examination will reveal things to be a little different…

Of course, I am not aware of your particular situation, so I cannot provide you with a concrete example related to it.

But what I can do is put things into perspective, in a way that you can resonate with, no matter what your particular background or your current condition and state of affairs is.

It is a simple thought, really.

It is based on the conventional human understanding of you being a infinitesimally tiny speck within a vast Universe, where everything originates in the same Source and is inextricably interwoven with everything else (as modern, mainstream science assures us).


Need I say more?

If You Consider Yourself To Be A Small Cog

Within An Enormous And Complicated Machine

How Could You Ever Be In Control Of Things?

You may claim control over your little area of responsibility, but, remember, in a Universe where everything is interconnected how can you escape being at the mercy of things or tropisms that are much bigger than you (think you) are even there?

So, in effect, you are at the mercy of the Universe or Life, not only for the “big” things pertaining to the collective sphere, but also for the “small” ones falling under your individual area of influence.

Given this rather fatalistically gloomy image, what are you to do?

The principal thing to do is to fully accept and embrace that:

You Are Not In Control Of Life

Life Is In Control Of You

Afterwards… it should be rather simple.

You let who is in control (Life) guide who is being controlled (you).

In other words, you accept Life’s supremacy and you thereafter serve It to the maximum of your ability, executing each and every order It issues.

But… How Exactly To Achieve That?

Here, there are two conditions to be met (which are, in reality, one and the same):

One, to see your Ego (which is your act of continuous identification with a certain “mind-body-feelings-personal-features-and-historical-track-record” entity, going by your name) for its illusory character.

Two, to realize that since the fundamental vital Force (the Beat) of Life is everywhere, all the time, and reigns supreme over all the phenomena in the Universe, It must also be within you.

And not just “be there”:

The Essence Of Life,

This Force Field Of Endless Vitality That Rules The World,

Is The Substance Of Who You Are Beneath It – Or Beyond It – All

And we are back to your “self-realization” square, one that we have visited quite a few times in this series:

You must consciously realize that Life, your True Nature, your neat, simple, uncomplicated sense of “I AM” (not “I am this” or “I am that”) is the One And Only Guide you could ever trust in your Life.

How to realize this?

Begin cultivating your hearing of the voice of your true intuition, rising from deep inside of you.

At the same time, begin to investigate, persistently and methodically, who you truly are.

As you will find out if you remain committed to this quest, self-investigation, self-realisation and self-transformation are three aspects of the one and the same process.

Start here with a really small time and financial investment, from the immense and everlasting “payback” value of which you are guaranteed to benefit.

Until next time,

Remain alert and present, and begin to allow Life to guide you safely and surely (even when temporary appearances may indicate otherwise) to the Other Side; the one where Your True Self, Life Itself, awaits you…!


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