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The Restless Wrestler And The Still Chill

Is it a good thing to be restless, Friend?

What about being a wrestler? Is that a good or a bad thing?

I’m not a linguist, but my feeling is that the connotations associated with both of these words verge on the negative side.

Now, what would you say if I told you that there is always a restless wrestler present in your life?

Would you think I have lost my mind?

Well, I can assure you this is not the case, and I hope you take my word for it.

My mind – that is, my restless wrestler – is still intact.

So, now, I hope you can see it.

Your Ever-Present Restless Wrestler

Is Your Very Own Mind

Unquestionably, your mind is as restless as anything can be.

Entertaining all these millions of thoughts, relentlessly jumping from one to another, never allowing you to have a peaceful moment, but grabbing you by the sleeve as soon as you pay it even the slightest hint of attention.

What an overwhelming restlessness, really!

And As If That Weren’t Enough…

Your Mind Is Also A Wrestler

You have to admit it.

When in fighting mode, your mind thrives.

It does so, in particular, by creating this sense of separation of you from other people, other things and the world at large, and inventing all these reasons – from apparently plausible to outright ridiculous – to generate and sustain conflict between you and “them”, that is everything that is supposedly “not you”.

The key question is of course: does it do you service or disservice to adopt your mind’s restless wrestler stance?

Well, fittingly… it is a no-brainer.

Of course it doesn’t do you any service at all to follow in the footsteps of your resident restless wrestler.

Because this is the major cause of most – if not all – of the havoc and misery in your life, given your indissoluble Oneness with All That Is.

And The Really Sad Thing

Is That All This Immensely Overwhelming Negativity

Is Purely A Projection Of Your Restlessly Wrestling Mind

So, what are you to do?

First and foremost, you must stop listening to your mind, you have to cease and desist, immediately, from identifying with your thoughts.

Secondly, you have to find something else to identify yourself with.

Something that would actually make sense to identify with, given that it is much closer to your True Nature.

Now, I imagine the popular demand would be to come up with a name for this Something – the Symbol of your One and Only True Identity – that would describe It appropriately.

So, then, ladies and gentlemen…

[Drum roll, please]…

If on the left corner, weighing in at one trillion thoughts per second, we have the Restless Wrestler…

Then, On The Right Corner,

Weighing In At Nothing And Everything

We Have… The Still Chill

Actually, forget about corners.

It would be more accurate to say that the Still Chill is permanently located at the center of your Being…

While the Restless Wrestler is – well – all over the place, all the time!

But if the Restless Wrestler is your Mind… who or what is, then, this mysterious Still Chill?

The Still Chill

Is The Immovable Observer

Of Your Life’s Tragicomic Play

Since it is situated at the very core of your Being, and since you are by definition the focal point of everything that goes on in your life, it follows that the Still Chill is your ultimate point of reference.

Everything revolves around It, while it remains joyously unaffected by it all.

Always cool and detached, yet always attentive and present.

It is funny how different the Still Chill is from the Restless Wrestler.

One could say that the two are like polar opposites… but then again this would also not be very precise a postulation.

Perhaps it would be better to describe their relationship as follows:

In The World As It Really Is

There Is Only The Still Chill

But In The World Of Form And Motion

The Still Chill Pretendedly Appears As The Restless Wrestler

The important thing for you, here, is to always remember with which of the two you need to identify.

It’s the Truth, of course, that always has to prevail, and the One and Only Truth is the Still Chill.

But it is not enough for your identification to be on the intellectual / mental / restlessly wrestling level.

It has to be consciously realized.

You Need To Realize Your True Self –

The Still Chill –

In A Spirit Of Complete, Resolute, Unwavering Awareness

And if you don’t know from where to catch the thread of your self-realisation, start here.

Until next time,

Be still, chill out, and let your restless mind wrestle itself out, by constantly recalling that its mad ravings is none of your business!


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