The Solution To Any Of Your Problems Is Only Within You

Warmest greetings.

You probably (believe you) have a lot of problems and you also probably feel that you carry them along, wherever you go.

And the more serious you assess your problems to be, the heavier you also feel the burden encumbering you, due to them.

Along with carrying your problems around with you, you are also carrying your craving to solve them.

The two, in fact, go together: your problems and your, oftentimes desperate, struggle to solve, or get rid of, them.

And it goes without saying: the longer your problems linger and remain unsolved, the heavier their burden and their ensuing negative impact on you becomes.

Further – and if you are attentive enough, you have perhaps spotted this already – something even worse happens:

Your Problems – And Your Quest To Solve Them –

Become Part Of Who You Understand Yourself To Be

In this way, this “problems and seeking of solutions to these problems” loophole becomes part of your, self-imposed, identity.

(Here, an important clarification: you have to remember that ANY identity you assume for yourself, or that you assign to others, originates in you, and enjoys your full endorsement.

In other words, it doesn’t matter what others think about you or about anything else; it only matters what YOU think, entertain, and accept, in both cases).

And this development triggers a deeper, (sort of) “meta-problem”: to finally solve your problems would also mean that your identity would be accordingly diminished.

To put it differently:

The Fewer Your Problems Get

The “Smaller” You Feel

Maybe now you begin to realize a (if not THE) major reason why your bigger problems tend to become chronic.

You see, as we have discussed many times before, it once again comes down to who you believe you are.

By definition, you are always at the epicenter of whatever happens in your life, regardless of whether or how often you take the time necessary for yourself to see this, literally self-evident, truth.

And this is, really, the good news.

Because if you come to realize that the root cause of any of your problems (at least the big ones among them) is your identification with them, you also realize you don’t have to deal with each one of them, separately.

Instead, You Simply Stop Identifying With ALL OF THEM, At Once

This will not, of course, make your problems “magically” disappear.

But it will put them on a wholly new perspective, this is guaranteed.

In fact, one could go so far as to say: No identification with anything that is not you, no problems.

This is primarily because having removed your self-identification from your problems, you see them for what they truly are.

That is, challenges for you to overcome, and, at the same time, opportunities for you to learn and grow.

So now, there is a positive spin attached to the issues formerly known as your “problems”.

And what happens with the Void that remains within you once the “problematic” parts of your identity are gone?

If you stay with It for a while, without being afraid of Its apparent, at first, nothingness, you discover that the solution to anything troubling you arises spontaneously out of It.

Therefore, if you trust the Void – which is the “Thing” that is closer to Your True Self than anything else – to guide you in every problematic situation you are facing, you will know what to do, and when and how to do it.

Moreover, you will receive from It the necessary patience, resilience and determination to follow through with all necessary action until complete resolution of your problem has been reached.

This Void is the Source of what is commonly referred to as intuition. And any important decision you take in your life needs a strong element of intuition supporting it, to say the least.

No important decision can be based on reason, you see, simply because the unknown factors, being infinite in reality, overwhelm the established relevant facts.

Just a word of caution here: every authentic intuitive suggestion by definition abides fully by what is commonly referred to as the “Golden Rule”:

Do Unto Others, As You Would Have Them Do Unto You

This means that if a – supposedly “intuitive” – impulse you get doesn’t abide by the Golden Rule, not only is it definitely misleading, but it may very likely be extremely dangerous to you, and others as well.

This is because your mind can be a vessel or host for many a toxic thought, entanglement with which can easily and quickly prompt you into very (self-) destructive action.

(Trust me, here I am speaking from my own, painful, past experience).

Having clarified this, let’s conclude this post by saying that for most human beings, and probably for you as well, the biggest difficulties concern, first of all, accepting that the solution to any human problem is really that easy to find

…And, then, that your self-realization journey is one of subtraction, instead of addition.

That is, you truly have to get rid of a lot of stuff, while adding on minimal, if any at all, new things.

But Isn’t This Liberating?

Getting rid of all that is Not You, and do so all the way and unstoppably, until you finally come face to face with the True You?

Also known as the Void.

But more on that, perhaps on another occasion.

For now, have a great day ahead, trying to put in practice what you read here and observing if it actually resonates with you.

I’d be surprised if it wouldn’t, but, of course, you may only be the final judge.

And until next time…

Remain Alert and Present.


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