The Ultimate Spiritual Awakening Seminar

6 (2+2+2) Hours Of Direct …

… Intensive…

… Revelatory…

… And, Hopefully, Liberating Deep-Dive…

… Into The One And Only Truth Of Your Life…

… And Into The Most Effective Ways For YOU To Realise It…

… Along With All The Follow-up You May Afterwards Need

Doorway To The One And Only Truth

Well, well.

Here we are, here YOU are:

At the point of no return and, at the same time, of eternal return.

We trust – we know – that, by now…

… after you have read through our How To Realise Your One And Only Truth spiritual awakening master compilation…

… you feel at ease and comfortable when you face such paradoxical statements.

(By the way, you have read our self-realisation ultimate guide, haven’t you?

If not, we highly, strongly recommend you do so, by clicking here and getting “How To Realise Your One And Only Truth”

… otherwise, we are not sure it would be of much help το you to proceed with exploring further what we offer – and what may be at stake for you – here).

So, we were looking at paradoxes…

Perhaps, given where you find yourself at the moment, that is from an unwaveringly dedicated spiritual awakening seeker point of view…

… you go so far as to welcome them and expect them with a smile of recognition – or even a semi-wild smirk.

If the latter is the case for you, rejoice!

You Are Getting It…

… And You Know You Are Getting It!

Yes, we are speaking about the One “Thing”…

… the One and Only Truth of (Your) Cosmos…

… no one – neither you, nor us - can really talk about.

But let us not digress.

We were saying that:

Here You Are.

Ready to go beyond everything…

… by remaining at the centre of All That Is…

… of All That You Are.

Once again, embrace the paradox of being alive, and listen carefully to what we are about to say.

You cannot literally hear us, but we invite and advise you to imagine as if you could directly perceive our voice through your auditory faculty.

No, this doesn’t mean that you should expect to start hearing, any moment now, a disembodied voice or anything of that sort.

What may happen to you, though, is that you may just be able to catch a “whisper”, originating deep inside in you.

This would be equivalent to the “still small voice” that the phenomenal spiritual awakening master, Joel Goldsmith (the name should be familiar to you after reading our book) was very frequently talking and writing about.

And This Is EXACTLY What You Should Keep An Inner Ear Out For!

So, with your innermost listening faculty hopefully activated, let us – finally - cut to the chase:

We offer a spiritual awakening live seminar.

For now, this offer is for a limited period of time (we plan to conduct seminars for the coming 6 months, and then we shall see)…

… and for a limited number of participants per seminar group (up to 6 individuals).

We have broken down the seminar into three two-hour sessions (that is, each seminar lasts 6 hours overall).

The price per eligible seminar participant is admittedly quite high, but don’t worry about that for a moment, because even if you would be immediately willing to make such an investment…

… this may very well not be something for you – and, if we are honest, this is likely the case for the overwhelming majority of individuals who shall read these lines.

(Ergo, the italicised, keyword “eligible” two sentences above).

But before we get down to discussing your eligibility for this seminar…

… you, of course, first need to establish whether you would truly be interested in it.

Thus, without further ado:

Here’s How Our 6-Hour Spiritual Awakening Seminar Could Benefit You…

… If You Were – Truly Ready And Willing - To Join It:

  • You would get a first-hand chance to begin viscerally familiarising yourself with what stepping beyond duality – good versus evil, up versus down, hot versus cold - feels like and means, tangibly so, for your spiritual awakening path,
  • You would learn how to rise above the challenges of your day-to-day existence, without avoiding them,
  • You would understand how to reassess and deal with any complex and difficult – even life-defining - situation you may find yourself entangled in, by means of positioning yourself exactly where you need to be, each time,
  • You could gradually begin to step into the shoes of the “Motionless Actor” who is behind EVERYTHING that happens in your life…
  • ... while readjusting your conventional “self-perception” to that of an action, a dynamic process - a work of performance art, even - instead of a “fixed subject”,
  • You would get the tools that would enable you to truly test your self-realisation “problem-solving” skills against the simplest and, simultaneously, most complex system of existential “equations”, which cover the “relationship” between your Being and doing,
  • You would begin to realise that while to be truly humble is a spiritual awakening master key, you must avoid like the plague to purposefully “practice” or “act out” humility,
  • You would understand how you could consciously step into the skin of the three-faced entity your True Self is manifesting via you in the human experience plane, literally all the time…
  • … and see how the joke is always on you, the message IS always you, and there is – again, literally - nothing you could ever own,
  • You would clearly see how gamifying your life is by far the best strategy you can adopt in the pursuit of your spiritual awakening…
  • … as well as in order to enjoy every twist and turn of your unpredictably magnificent journey to “get there” (or, rather, to get… to the One and Only Truth, which is always Here and Now),
  • Finally, you would get – and this we guarantee – your (very) fair share of “a ha”, mini “epiphany” moments, while – hopefully! - having tons of fun (your spiritual awakening does not have to be, and should not be, a grim, stern, extremely serious affair)!

Now, as you should be able to surmise from the above mentioned, this is a pretty advanced spiritual awakening seminar.

Therefore, it is only natural that it is not for everyone.

On The Contrary, It’s For The Very Few…

… In Fact, It’s For The Truly Rare Spiritual Awakening Seeker.

And the key question here is:

Are YOU Such An Uncompromisingly Devoted Self-Realisation Seeker?

Here, you probably want to do yourself a favour and NOT reflexively rush into a reply…

… especially if that reply would be a “yes”!

Instead, take a step back for a moment, ideally push into a corner of your mind all this information about spiritual awakening seminars and what-have-you…

… and consider the following three statements and whether they frankly, honestly, truly describe who you are, right now, at this juncture of your life.

(Here, again, remain alert, silent, vigilant and look out – or rather in-side – for the “still small little Voice”…

… Can you realise it’s Her Words, and not your superficial, ultimately mirage-like, ego-self’s incessant chatter, that truly matter)?

Here come the three statements:

1. I totally accept that to every victory of mine corresponds a defeat.

2. I know that I can never be in control of anything or anyone, including myself, yet I also realise how to be in control of everything is equivalent to being in control of nothing at all,

3. I would be willing to sacrifice tons and tons of, temporarily convenient to me, lies for a single ounce of liberating, but possibly unsettling for quite a while, Truth.

Think about these three statements for a while; and then, be honest with yourself:

Do Each And Every One Of Them Truly Express Who You Are At This Very Moment?

Moreover, Do You Feel That They Resonate, Truly, Deeply – Even MADLY – With Something That Is Beyond Your Reach…

… Yet You Know And Feel That It Is An Integral Part Of You?

If yes…

… then, maybe, you are eligible to attend our spiritual awakening seminar.

We say “maybe” because, in the case of our particular seminar, your successful “self-screening” is not enough to qualify you as a viable, potential joiner.

We also require that you organise an eligibility screening session with our representative and conductor of the seminar, Alex Exarchos.

But before we get into that, we should probably also inform you about the attendance fee.

This is set at USD 2,999.95 per participant.

This includes the three 2-hour sessions, as well as any follow-up you would thereafter need.

In particular, pursuant to the conclusion of the seminar, you could write to Alex ( ) at any time, asking him any questions or clarifications you’d wish.

Now, undoubtedly, the price of our spiritual awakening seminar is quite high…

… yet, what you get in return more than makes up for it…

… if you are truly ready and willing to go for a deep, even shock-like, self-realisation dive.

Are You Ready For That?

Again, don’t rush to come up with a reply, here.

Instead, remember what we have already said a few times in this text:

It’s not only up to you to confirm this.


… if you feel very confident about your willingness and suitability to proceed…

Should you decide to book such call with Alex, here’s something else for you to reflect upon, ahead of it:

Immersion, resilience, trust is the motto of our – for lack of a better term, at the moment - “process”.

Which could translate into:

  • Readiness - a natural affinity, to be more precise - to go all the way down and through the worm or rabbit (choose what resonates mostly with you) hole, and not stop until you see the blinding Light showering you from the other side,
  • Commitment to persevere with your self-realisation quest - no matter how hard the challenges and obstacles you face - and never give it up,
  • Faith – an unshakable belief that makes you feel very good while you are holding it – that this precise seminar is exactly what you need, right now.

So, once again, if you really feel and know this could be worth your time and money:

Two more things:

If you get in touch soon enough with Alex and he confirms your eligibility, he may be in a position to offer you a discount of USD 1,000 to the aforementioned seminar attendance price.

Moreover, for all eligible attendants, there is a very clear, black on white, guarantee in place:

If After Attending The First 2-Hour Session Of Our Ultimate Spiritual Awakening Seminar…

… You Decide Or Realise That You Made A Mistake And This Was Not For You…

… Asking For A Full Refund Of The Fee You Will Have Paid.

And… that’s it.

You’ll get all your money back pronto, without any questions asked.

Just for you to keep in mind… for your peace of mind.

Anyway, you’ve still got some way to go before you, potentially, get to that point.

For now, if – and only IF - you feel absolutely confident and sure about it, your next step should be to

Now, assuming – as we, again, hope is the case – you have already read - from cover to cover, let us also hope - our spiritual awakening magnum opus, with the long – yet explicit and descriptive – title:

… you are already familiar with Alex, our appointed representative and spokesperson, as well as editor-in-chief of the book in question.

Other than that, it’s best if we don’t say much more ourselves about him.

Let us only share a couple of testimonials from other spiritual awakening seekers, such as yourself, who have worked closely with Alex in the recent past:

"Alex has helped me realise that I have all the power I would ever need to pursue all my professional and personal goals… especially when I am not conscious of such power."

Y.G., Graphic Designer

“Meeting and getting to know and interact with Alex has changed my life… Nobody else has ever understood me like he does… [and] nobody else has pushed me to consistently challenge and exceed my boundaries in such a serene, assertive and enjoyable way!”

- N.N., Sound Therapist

“I thought that ‘eradication of stress’ was a contradiction in terms, especially for someone with my work and family obligations… and then along came Alex…!”

W.P., Senior Vice President of a major pharmaceutical company

“Alex combines the penetrating insight and detached outlook of a devoted scientist with the razor-sharp intuition and unconventional creativity of a true poet. And I have found that it is exactly this unique feature of his, both as a coach and as a human being, that has critically shaped my spiritual journey, often in surprisingly revelatory ways.”

T.V., Writer and Researcher

“Let me summarise my coaching experience with Alex Exarchos in three words: Empathy, Effectiveness, Elucidation. This has been the smartest, most consciousness-altering investment of my life.”

A.W., Legal Adviser in a major international organisation

Since you have read all the way down to this point, we have to assume that your interest in our spiritual awakening seminar is true, substantial and – ideally – burning.

Actually, the last element is perhaps the most important:

Your desire for a truly unique, unconventional, ground-breaking and immensely powerful self-realisation approach needs to be burning.

It has to be consuming you, eating you from the inside!

Is This The Case For You, Dear Friend And Spiritual Seeker?



Then, if you truly cannot help it, if your whole Being cries to you to go ahead and do this…

And even – and, once again, in all honesty – chances are not on your side, here…

… we eventually shall see you on the other side when the time comes…

… which we hope to be sooner rather than later.-