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The Unexpected, Yet Surefire Symptom Of True Happiness

Ready to find out what it is?

I used to know someone who, whenever he had such a question asked to him, he used to reply that:

“I Was Born Ready”!

And this is it, dear Friend; this is the, perhaps odd yet number one, symptom of true happiness.

You Are Ready For Literally Everything

Whatever life throws at you, you simply deal with it, without taking even a moment to worry or complain about it.

Then, of course, on the other hand, you also stand ready to enjoy to the fullest whichever fruits life offers you, whatever precious moments of fulfillment and satisfaction knock on your door.

At the same time, you are also ready to give up, and not become saturated with or dependent on, such things, exactly when the time comes for you to move on.

Never a moment too early, never a moment too late.

Once again, then, the symptom of true happiness is:

Constant Readiness Or Alertness Or Presence

Which, naturally, also implies full alignment with the flow of Life.

Really, what a blissful state to be in…!

Yes, blissful, exactly because only to be in it is a proof of the fact that you have forever escaped from the vicious loop formed by pleasure seeking leading to pain avoidance leading to pleasure seeking, and so on, ab aeterno.

How could you ever find the loophole and manage to jump through it, if you weren’t ready for this life-changing act?

After you perform this momentous transition, you of course continue to experience both pleasurable and painful moments.

However, now the key difference is that your life’s magnetic north compass no longer points to this exhausting strife to perpetuate pleasure and / or escape pain.

Your Compass Is Now The Omnipotent Force Of Life Itself

And you are always ready to travel to the beat of Its drum, because you have now understood that you are but an individual instrument or expression of It.

And you know that instances of both pleasure and pain will just continue to manifest in your life, and that all you need to do is to allow them to do so, before letting them go, for as long as it is necessary.

OK, but then if perennial readiness is the symptom of true happiness, what is its cause?

It has already been sort of implied, in this as well as numerous other posts of mine.

But let me spell it out once again:

The Cause Of True Happiness

Is Found In Your Realization

Of Who You Truly Are

This is what is commonly referred to as self-realisation or spiritual awakening and this is how you can go about it yourself.

Don’t hesitate, give it a try.

There’s nothing for you to lose; while there’s everything for you to gain.

OK, I will grant you that there is actually something to lose, and it is not necessarily a small or easy thing:

It Is Your Illusory And Misleading Idea About Who You Are 

But… I am afraid there is no way around it.

This illusion has to be eventually dispelled.

Why not start now, then?

Happiness, along with all its wonderful symptoms, awaits you on the other side – which, mind you, is closer than ANYWHERE you have ever been – along with your true Self.

Until next time,

Ready or not… here comes Your Life!


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