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There Is No Way Out And This Is Why You Should Be Happy About It

As we’ve seen before, Friend, you can’t really escape yourself.

There is no way out of it.

You can subject your body to any kind of sensory trials and tribulations, you can experiment with any kind of natural or chemical consciousness-altering substances – I strongly discourage you from sliding down such slippery slope, though – but you will never EVER manage to step out of your self’s shoes.

In other words:

You Shall Always Be The Subject Of Your Consciousness 

Better get used to it, then!

Since you cannot discard yourself or replace it for another, it is truly recommendable you study it, learn it, understand it, love it, and use it to its full potential.

This, mind you, can be a lifelong journey.

Better start it now, then.

Why waste any time?

Because, anyway, there is nowhere to go.

Here You Always Remain

At The Very Center Of Your Being

Now, you may feel an impulse to get desperate about it.

But, really, listen to me, you shouldn’t!

This realization is a true reason for you to celebrate, in happiness and joy!


Well, can’t you see it?

You are the immovable Center of your world, right?

By now, we must have established this.

So, all your life’s roads begin from you and end in you.

Furthermore, all the roads of your life are also inside of you.

You are the eternal colorless color, odorless odor, sightless sight, unbearable sound and intangible tingling behind each and every of your past, present and future experiences.

You Are Your World’s Constant,

Its One And Only True Point Of Reference

Can’t you still see it?

My, you are stuck in your illusory beliefs, aren’t you?

So, let me spell it out for you.

Hmm… how to position this, how to precisely formulate it…

Wait, I’ve got it:

You Are Pure Royalty!

You are the Queen or the King or the Princess/Prince (you choose your favorite title) of your world!

Please take a moment to ponder on the following statement (and hopefully realize its truth):

Appearances come and go, costumes are put on and taken off, myriads of different personas march in front of you as well as within you, yet…

YOU ARE The Perennial Actor

YOU ARE The Ever-Present Spectator

YOU ARE The Spontaneous Director…

Of All That Is!

Isn’t that a reason alone to be inundated by pure and inexhaustible bliss?

Yes, there is no way out of you.

Yes, all ways lead to you.

Yes, you and the world are one!

Pure Life

Loving, Serendipitous, Indestructible 

Is Your True Identity 

All you have to do then…

Is lean back and enjoy the ride!!!

Until we meet again,

I greet you, as one expression of All That Is extending itself to another…

And under the shade of our eternal Father and Mother,

I bid you a good day, I bid you farewell…



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