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This Is How The Power Of One Can Transform Your Life

I have discussed this before, multiple times.

The Whole Universe Constitutes An Unbreakable Unity

Long gone are the days that mainstream science was guided by the paradigm of the Universe as a vast and intricate Machine, consisting of a multitude of independent components.

Nowadays – actually, at least for the past 100 years – the image that mainstream science (especially its quantum-based branch) ascribes to, considers the Universe to be rather like a Master Illusionist’s elaborate trick.

In this new paradigm, a core element is the indispensable and unbreakable unity between the “observer” of a phenomenon and the “observed” phenomenon itself.

(The terms “observer” and “observed” are in quotation marks, because:

a) they are “umbrella” terms that are not as clearly defined by modern science as one would expect; and

b) whether a delineation between the two terms exists and what exactly it would be, is unclear, to say the least).

As a consequence of this Unity, physicists at the very top level (that is, Nobel prize laureates) have proposed that the whole Universe may consist of nothing more than a single elementary particle (electron), the “movement” of which in infinite dimensions creates the illusion of a Universe with manifold forms.

One Electron To Bind Them All

All Of Them Fleeting, Constantly Shifting Forms

Including, Of Course, You

Again, all this is far from being nothing but a “mind experiment” or a sequence of abstract and obscure philosophical deliberations.

So, if all this is true – if everything is One – it has tremendous practical implications on everyone’s life, including, of course, yours.

Your sense of being a “little me” with a separate identity, surrounded by a Universe which is scales of magnitude bigger and stronger than who you (think you) are, vanishes.

You understand, instead, that you cannot be but a unique manifestation of the Whole Universe, regardless of whether appearances may dictate otherwise.

If you see that, the next thing is to understand that everything and everyone else in the world (very literally so) is your Brother and Sister.

Everything and everyone; no exception whatsoever.

If This Knowledge Is Not Instantly Transformational,

Then I Do Not Know What Is

Because once grasped and accepted it cannot but lead to the elimination of any such feeling as jealousy, envy, hatred, animosity, schadenfreude.

Towards WHOM exactly could you feel these emotions, anyway?

If all is One, it could only mean that such feelings can only have yourself as a recipient, which clearly demonstrates their nonsensical nature.

In fact, you realize that hurting others is, at the end of the day, the same thing as hurting yourself.

And, of course, on the other hand:

Helping And Being Generous Towards Others

Is The Same As Helping And Being Generous Towards Yourself

Of course, fear also disappears in this context.

Why waste time and energy in fearing who or what is also you?

Once you realize the revolutionary truth of Unity, you cannot help but experience a true wake-up call, one whereby you clearly see that what was going on previously in your life was that you were just playing a game with (or against, if you like) yourself.

Imagine How Liberating Such A Moment Of Self-Realization Will Be!

Now, please contemplate further for a moment, on how the full realization of this fundamental Truth by a critical mass of human beings could, radically and permanently, transform our world for the best.

Of course, your first and foremost responsibility is to realise this for yourself.

And only then see what happens with the rest of the world you live in.

You are likely to find out the latter has changed dramatically…

So, you have to go first!

This Is What Spiritual Awakening Is

It Is Fundamentally An Individual Affair:

It Is YOUR Affair

Now, of course, in the matters of Spirit and Soul, in the matters of seeking the One and Only Truth of your Existence, intellectual understanding is never enough.

This has to be followed by you consciously abiding in It.

To achieve this, it is typically required that you combine a lot of reading and reflecting on spiritual matters with actual and constant practice.

To this end, many methods have been devised during the course of humankind’s history.

Here’s one such, recent, method, focusing on guiding you through the realization of your One and Only True Self.

It is a comprehensive, concise and structured – while also being easy to follow and practical – step-by-step process, which relies on a very powerful reservoir of ancient wisdom.

I am certain you will find this method useful, especially if you are a new seeker on the, so called, spiritual path.

Until next time,

Remain alert and present, and embrace your Oneness with Everything that IS.


What Is The One And Only Truth Of Your Life?

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