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This Is The Golden Thread Of Your Life

Whether you realize it or not, there is an invisible Golden Thread running through – and under – your entire lifetime.

I say that it is “golden” for the sake of making a powerful poetic metaphor – gold, mind you, is the color of unspoilt perfection.

What Is This Golden Thread All About?

It is the common denominator of each and every important experience you’ve ever had in your life.

Every moment of happiness, of intensity, of transition, of success, of fear, of sadness, of desperation, of insecurity, of uncertainty, of love, of disappointment, of serendipity, of magic you have ever gone through is but a knot, or a ring, attached to and forming part of this long, Golden Thread.

It is fair to say that all these moments which have marked you as an individual human being have been recorded and engraved in your, so called, “personal history”.

However, even though the Golden Thread contains them all, It is also beyond them.

You see, while It is timeless, Its knots or rings refer to a specific point in space and time related to the entity you have been accustomed to identify yourself with.

In any case:

The Golden Thread Is Always There,

Ever-Oscillating In The Void That Is Nothing And Everything

It is like the umbilical cord linking your fleeting existence with the Source of you, and all that could ever be.

In a sense, when you strip yourself down to your bare existential nakedness by stepping away from or removing all the things that you are not (body, mind, story, possessions, knowledge, the story of your life), you realize that you and the Golden Thread are one and the same thing.

To get to this degree of self-realization is usually not an easy or a simple task, but it is feasible, especially if you allow yourself to be properly and consistently guided.

This is a game of seeing your illusory identifications for what they are and discard them, one by one, or altogether.

In the end, it is just you and the Golden Thread.

Or, rather:

It Is Just You, The Golden Thread ITSELF, That Remains

Then, the individual events from your life that are attached to It don’t matter anymore.

Or, to be more accurate, they only matter as perfect aspects, momentary individual manifestations, of the Indescribable Whole that you truly are.

Everything falls in its right place, as you realize that everything was already in its right place, anyway, by definition.

It is really the most intuitive logical deduction:

If The Whole Is As Perfect As An Infinite, Indestructible Golden Thread,

Then The Parts Or Perspectives Of It Are Also Perfect,

In Spite Of What Appearances May Suggest

Such realization brings along with it the end of all your stress and worry, and a feeling of complete liberation.

Now, it may be difficult to come to terms with these ideas, as they are counterintuitive when examined in the context of the predominant belief system of our contemporary societies.

Nonetheless, things are really that simple and straightforward in reality.

The key is to disassociate yourself from the imaginary entity that goes by your name and which is the protagonist in the story of your so-called life.

And always remember that you are the infinite Golden Thread underneath it all, the One that is always here, in the invisible background of all existence, generating all worldly manifestations, but also remaining blissfully unaffected by them.

Being the Golden Thread, you assume any form you wish, while realizing and accepting that no form can last for too long.

In Reality, Birth And Death Comprise Life’s Form-Generating Mechanism

But Life Itself, As Symbolized In The Golden Thread,

Is Subject To Neither Birth Or Death

(Which Unfold On Its Changeless, Blank Canvass)

Life Only Is.

So, go back to all the important moments of your life that you can remember and examine them closely.

Can You Sense The Invisible Golden Thread Running Underneath Them All?

Can You See That, In Every Single Case, It Is – YOU ARE –

Both The Observer And The Observed,

While Also Remaining Untouched By Anything?

How unbelievably amazing your life is, indeed…

And, clearly, it doesn’t have to be constantly painful or disarmingly chaotic.

The secret is to pick up the Golden Thread and always, no matter what’s going on around you or within you, hold onto It.

Until the point you realize it is not you anymore holding It…

But It Is Rather The Golden Thread That Weaves You

And Untiringly Creates And Projects

Your Infinite, Momentary, Yet Always Perfect Forms

Until next time,

Remain alert, present and remember to hang onto your Golden Thread!



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