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This Is The Road To Everywhere And Nowhere

It is a strange thing, life is.

No matter what is happening on the surface, regardless of the occasional events and circumstances you find yourself in the midst of, you are the one who chooses how to live it. Meaning: how to interpret what is happening, how to feel about it, and if and how to (re)act, as prompted by it.

Here, and to begin with, a balance must be reached:

You Cannot Allow Yourself To Be Completely Carried Away By What’s Going On In Your Life…

But Neither Can You Go Ahead And Ignore It As If It’s Not There

Another way to put it is that any of your life events, when viewed as a singular occasion, cannot but act as a mere pointer to something else, something bigger and more important. At the same time, such singular event is never of a final or definite nature in your life.

And, yes, this includes death.

The problem is that knowing this is not necessarily enough. It may not even be helpful at all for you. On the contrary, it can set you back, overwhelm you, leave you perplexed, confused, lost.

This is because the (actual and true) fact that anything can be viewed as the stepping stone for something else can very well trivialize or render as meaningless in your eyes – in the extreme case – every single moment of your life. Kind of naturally so, as in this case you end up being constantly in the hunt for something that by definition is never bound to come.

This Is The Road To Nowhere

Bad news, right?

Not necessarily.

You hold the keys to how you receive, process and / or deal with any event in your life, remember?

Nowhere is in the eye of the beholder (you). As is Everywhere.

So your life may become the road to either nowhere or everywhere. Literally so.

What is certain is that your life shall be a road; a Way.

First, though, you must realize something truly essential:

“Everywhere”, in the sense I use this word here, refers neither to a place – actual or imaginary – nor in a state of mind or emotion.

Everywhere Is A State Of Being

Think about it – or better sense it, feel it, BE It – It, being your life’s One And Only Truth:

Wherever You Go…

There You Are…

HERE You Are!

Sounds self-evident.

Is it, though?


On which “self” you have in mind right now, at this very moment.

Actually, allow me to correct myself and ask you: could you do me – your (true) self, really – a favor and keep your mind at a safe distance for a moment?

You are, anyways, neither it nor its products (thoughts); this much we have already established, right?

You can do so, can you not?

But… hold on a second…

Who is, then, the one who can keep one’s mind at a distance from one?

Who is the one who can observe one’s emotions, one’s body, and the events of the world with one’s essence completely unaffected by any and all of this hullaballoo?

You Are The One

You Are The ONLY One

Always and everywhere – that is: here and now – you are. And YOU are always and everywhere. Simply because there can be no world outside your consciousness.

In other words, the world is in you; not the other way around.

But even if you are in a position to accept this premise intellectually, I am sorry: this is not enough.

This knowledge must become your conscious reality.

Anytime, ALL the time.

How to achieve this?

By remaining seated at the Seat of your True Self.

Who is known by many names, all of which can be, useful or misleading, pointers to Its Truth – Universe, Absolute, God – but none of which could ever capture Its True Essence.

Since your True Self is the ultimate subject, you see, It can never become an object to Itself.

How could It ever?

So, you cannot escape your True Self, and this is the good news! Because It is omnipotent, infinite, eternally blissful!

“Why then cannot I experience my True Self?”, you may be wondering at this instance.

This is the crux of the matter: in order to return to your true Home Base, and realize who you truly are, you must first stop identifying yourself with what you are not and could never be: a (supposedly) transient, fragile, helpless drop in a vast ocean.

You are not that – unless you consider the drop as an expression and mirror of the whole ocean, from which it could never be severed – but you cannot disassociate yourself from this false knowledge unless you really, viscerally want to find your real nature and be one with it.

I Mean, Truly Crave It, Yearn It, Be Ready To Die For It…

In Full Earnestness And Unwavering Persistence

The other thing is: you cannot go all the way through this particular journey yourself – and here, I am referring to the conventional self you (have learned and grown used to) identify yourself with. At some point you will need help. Help from high above (or, even better, deep within).

To make it clearer:

All you can do is stay committed to your self-realization journey, until your True Self takes you over and delivers you exactly where you need to be at each point in time, taking also care of what and how you need to say or do in every single moment.

Sounds scary, promising, unbelievable?

You be the judge. Unavoidably.

And, mind you, you will never able to judge before you try.

To sum up:

Your True Self IS The Way To Everywhere

On the other hand, your illusory self is the way to Nowhere.

Which way shall it be, then?

The choice is – has always been and will always be – Yours.

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