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To Be Reborn Each Day

Can you do it, Friend?

Can you be reborn each day?

Let’s forget for a minute whether you can or cannot be reborn, whether you should or shouldn’t.

Because, anyway, one thing is certain:

You Have A Powerful Tool At Your Disposal…

Your Mind

Now, I know that in the past I haven’t been very gentle towards mind and its products, or components, thoughts.

Yet, I have never undervalued your mind’s usefulness and power, should you employ it prudently and do not allow it to control you, but instead make sure you hold the reins of it.

With this practical advice… in mind, let’s proceed.

I did all this introduction, because I’m about to invite you to use your mind in order to engage in a thought experiment.

This mental experiment would aim at answering the following question:

What Would It Mean To You

To Be Reborn Each Day?

Any thoughts, reactions, inspirations?

Shall I go first?

To Be Reborn Each Day

Would Mean To Start Every Morning

Afresh And Anew

Knowing that whatever happened up to this very day… happened, is sealed and done, and it therefore cannot change.

Understanding that right now all possibilities in the world are open and available to you, for you to pursue them as you please.

Feeling as ready and as optimistic as ever to deal with anything your way comes as your day unfolds.

To Be Reborn Each Day

Would Mean To Rejoice In Every Simple Thing

As If It Were The First Time You Experienced It


Drinking a glass of water, and ecstatically feel each cell of your body becoming hydrated.

Taking a deep breath of fresh air and feel as if your lungs are about to explode because of the ensuing satisfaction.

Looking at another living creature – a human being, an animal or even a flower – and allow yourself to be marveled and awestruck by the complexity and uniqueness of their organism.

To Be Reborn Each Day 

Would Mean To Live Each Day

As If It Were Your Entire Life In Miniature

With this mindset firmly established, you would make the most out of each one of your days, and eventually of your entire life, which – remember – is composed… of the sum of all of your days.

You would enjoy every single minute forming a part of your day, in spite of what would actually happen in said moment.

Moreover, through forgetting about yesterday and not worrying about tomorrow, you would become enabled so as to be fully attuned to the present moment.

So, come to think of it..

Overall, this thought experiment does not produce such bad results, does it?

And I am sure you can come up with many additional different meanings and interpretations to the concept of you being “reborn each day” .

Now, having performed this experiment, let me ask you something:

What Exactly Prevents You

From Turning That Thought Experiment 

Into The Actual, LIVING Reality

Of Every Single Day In Your Life, Hereafter?

The answer is NOTHING, dear Friend.

Nothing at all.

Nothing can stand in the way of your happiness.

Because happiness is a completely internal issue of yours – don’t be fooled in believing that its longevity depends on any external happenstance – and your happiness is meant to be reborn each day, each hour, each moment.

In fact…

You Do Not Need To Actively Do Anything In Particular

In Order For You To Be Reborn Each Day

We have reached a crucial point, so I once again ask for your close attention…

Because, there is, you see, something in you that is actually being reborn each passing moment, as time can have no influence on it whatsoever.

This is not just some little thing…

This Is Who – What – You Truly Are

Find out who that is – find out the source of your “I AM”, the Center of your Being, and you will then clearly see that such concepts as “birth” and “death” are but fleeting acts in the Eternal Game Of Life.

A Game whose Player and Playing Field is One And The Same Thing.

That is your Invisible One And Only Truth – not your body, not your mind – looking at you in, and through, the Mirror of Your Awareness…

Until we meet again, please consider:

How many times will you have been reborn?


What Is The One And Only Truth Of Your Life?

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