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To Discard All Formulae, To Be Aligned With Life

In life, there are basically two kinds of things.

(How many times have you encountered such an aphorism in your life? I bet a few… But.. bear with me, here, for a second)!

Things that are mechanical and things that are living.

Of course, the distinction I introduce here is arbitrary.

ΟΚ, any such distinction is arbitrary, to some extent at least, given that in reality there is nothing in the Universe that is standalone, in the sense of it being completely independent from All that Is.

And in this case I make my writing job a bit more challenging, given that if there is one difficulty that has been insurmountable for science up to date, this is exactly to come up with a satisfactory and consensual definition of Life.

Never mind, though.

Let us for now settle with the common understanding that whatever is living is something of which the internal processing or workings are completely inaccessible to anybody outside of it.

On the other hand, let’s define as mechanical anything of which the function – both external and internal – is entirely dependent on a force outside of it.

A Force That Originates In A Living Thing

With this in mind – and based on your practical everyday experience – it is clear that the proper function of anything mechanical depends on breaking it down in distinct, logically consecutive steps, and identifying the proper and comprehensive description of how to execute each one of them.

In other words, the need here is to come up with a formula.

A formula is like a recipe which guarantees that whoever consistently and meticulously follows it, can effectively operate the mechanical thing the formula concerns.

For all things mechanical, formulae are, therefore, sine qua non.

The problem begins with the idea that formulae can apply to living thing as well.

You see, there is a basic problem here:

Formulae Could Never Capture The Spontaneity Of Life

In order for a formula on how to operate a certain thing or process to make sense, the latter must be fully predictable, which means that no open room for unknowable and uncontrollable deviations may be left.

It is evident, then, that no formula can ever be successful in totally and definitely describing a living process. This is because there is a fundamental degree of mystery and unpredictability that characterizes every living thing and its internal process.

In other words:

It Is An Inherent Characteristic Of Life

That It Is Full Of Surprises

By nature, any and all of these surprises spring forth “out of the blue”, so to say; that is, in a completely unforeseeable and unexpected fashion.

The most one could theorize, perhaps, is that the infinite and omnipotent Force of Life itself generates such surprise, at Its own will and at a timing of Its own choosing. And the caprices of such Force, no formula – even the most elaborate and elegant, one which would stem from the deliberations of a mind of a total Genius – could ever hope to predict.

However, the really big problem is that there exists a widespread belief that figuring out any area of Life – or even Life as a whole – is merely a matter of coming up with the proper formula.

Granted, I don’t think anyone has formulated such belief in these exact words, but its gist is exactly that.

But this precise belief – which was born and became immensely popular in the last two centuries and which persistently retains its momentum, despite the fact that certain, not that recent, key discoveries of science essentially refute it – has created a fundamental, unnatural distortion.

And it would be no exaggeration to claim that this basic, erroneous belief – with all its manifold variants – is responsible for a very significant portion of human misery and mischief since the dawn of our kind, but especially in our most recent history…

At the end of the day, a formula is nothing more than a very complex idea or thought.

And A Thought –

No Matter How Complex Or Elaborate –

Could Never, Ever Encapsulate Life

Because, as we have already seen, a thought is, by definition, a dead thing, referring always to a – purely fantastical and practically unreachable – past or future.

While Life Is Always Vibrantly Pulsating

In The Eternal Here And How

This realization makes the question “how to live” pretty much redundant and meaningless.

You see, one that is used to the human logic expects that the ideal answer to this question must be a formula on the exact way one should go about organizing and living one’s life.

Yet, this is an illusion. Such a formula cannot exist, as we already saw.

So, then, what is the way to go about it?

It is really the opposite of what applies to mechanical things.

To be more specific:

The Way To Go About Dealing With The Question Of How To Live Your Life

Is Not To Design Or Learn A New Formula, Or Choose An Existing One

It Is Rather To Completely Reject All Such Formulae

To put it a bit differently, we are speaking about a process of “unlearning” pretty much everything you have thus far learned about how to live your life.

And at the heart of it all, lies, of course, the conscious realization of who one truly – and ALREADY – is.

But this could never be reduced to a process or formula.

It is rather a journey of removing all unnecessary layers that your society, culture and past experiences have added on top of the hard core of your True Being.

And this is a journey every human being has to go through.

Here’s a guide I recently developed about this particular journey. Mind you, this is not a formula of self-realisation or spiritual awakening (how could it ever be with all that we just saw?).

It is, instead, something to help you along this way. A way that – once again and fortunately – is unique and different for every human being, and which you will eventually have to walk on your own.

Rest assured, however, in the knowledge that you will never be alone…

Until next time,

Examine carefully all of your formulae (usually disguised as elaborate, uncontested beliefs or ideas) about “how you are supposed to live your life” and see for yourself whether such formulae serve you.

Spoiler alert: They Do Not!

Then, all you need to do is to start dropping them, one by one, or – even better – altogether at once.

It is not necessarily the easiest of tasks, but it is one that is essential if you care to experience, in this lifetime, how true freedom feels like!


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