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What Does It Mean To Be A Spiritual Seeker?

To be a spiritual seeker means, first and foremost, to always look for the Truth, knowing very well that at the end of the day the Truth is One and Only; while also understanding that the One and Only Truth is not to be intellectually grasped.

To be a spiritual seeker means to strive for the conscious realization of the One and Only Truth.

It also means to understand that there are always two levels in what you perceive:

The Ever-Changing Forms

And The Ever-Changeless Formless

To be a spiritual seeker means to discern the Formless, that is the vast spaciousness which is always there, and on which the various fleeting forms of this world appear and disappear.

It is in this constant background of everything, this ever-conscious, ever-aware field of Presence, where the spiritual seeker longs to be, knowing that this is the seeker’s True Nature; one that goes much beyond anything words could even begin to describe.

To be a spiritual seeker means to never allow yourself to be fooled by any fleeting appearance.

It means to be beyond the superficial and misleading concepts of Good and Evil.

To be a spiritual seeker means to seek happiness in every given moment.

It Means To Allow Yourself To Experience

Everything That Life Presents You With…

Or Throws At You

To be a spiritual seeker means to have no strong preferences and no crippling attachments.

Or at least to be on your way of unloading yourself from such (dead)weights.

It means to exhibit boundless compassion and be infinitely patient with your fellow human beings, be they spiritual seekers or not, as well as with yourself.

To be a spiritual seeker means to leave no challenge that stands on your way unmet.

It Means To Be Clear About What You Want

It means to fully be aware of the fact that everything that has a beginning also must – and will – have an end, and that every birth will eventually end up to a death.

To be a spiritual seeker means to always feel fresh and young.

It means to be completely unprejudiced and unbiased.

It also means to be infinitely open and not taking anything for granted.

To be a spiritual seeker means to stand ready to accept that all your assumptions, in any given situation, may – from one moment to the next – prove groundless and false.

It Means To Be Completely Allergic To Hypocrisy 

To be a spiritual seeker means to know that you are but an instrument of the infinite, cosmic, creative Intelligence and to fully surrender yourself to It.

To be a spiritual seeker means to have a strong memory and to make plans for the future, but it primarily means to be able and willing to live in the present moment.

It means to give your love freely, to anyone who is ready and willing to receive it.

It means to recognise fear and not allow it to dictate how to live your life.

To Be A Spiritual Seeker Means To Constantly Meditate

Not only in predetermined slots of time, not only if certain conditions are met; but all the time.

To be a spiritual seeker means to listen to others and detachedly observe them, the world, as well as yourself, a lot.

It means to occupy your mind with spiritual matters as much as possible.

To be a spiritual seeker means to avoid identifying yourself with your body, your mind, your emotions or your personal history.

It means to not allow yourself to be entangled in your thoughts and carried away by them to mental places and states you don’t want to be in.

To Be A Spiritual Seeker Means

To Never Settle With Culture’s Prêt-à-porter” Solutions

It means to know that divinity is found in the stillness of your mind.

It means to always give priority to your inner state, and, in particular, to maintaining perfect calmness and order in there, as well as to restoring that inner calmness and order, as quickly as possible, every time it is distorted.

To be a spiritual seeker means to forgive, and to be guilt- and blame-proof.

It means to offer your soul whenever you feel like it, expecting nothing in return.

To Be A Spiritual Seeker Means

To Concentrate On The Infinite Invisible 

It means to be harmonious and in sync with Nature.

To be a spiritual seeker means to report to no one else, except to the whole Universe.

It means to realise your oneness with everything, with All That Is.

To Be A Spiritual Seeker Means

To Never Stop Looking For Your True Self

The One That Lies Beyond Your Illusory Ego

And Eternally Awaits For You To Realize It

It means to always be humble, yet persistently strong.

It means to base your actions on the actual facts and on your deepest aspirations, not your unfounded ideas or fleeting impressions.

To Be A Spiritual Seeker Means To Just BE

Rather Than To Be Something

It means to yearn for liberation, to relentlessly seek freedom.

It means to have the quest of your self-realisation as the Polar Star of your life’s trajectory.

To Be A Spiritual Seeker Means

To Read This Post And Smile In Acknowledgment

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What you earnestly seek, you shall find

Until next time,

Know that if you are who seeks, you are blessed… and you shall definitely find in the end what you are looking for.


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