What Is The Simplest Truth About You And How To Recall It

What is it?

The basic, the fundamental, the one – and only – truth about you and your life?

The one that I take for granted you have forgotten in the headline of my post?

It has to be the truth about who you really are.


Because this is always your starting point. There can be no other.

No matter where you find yourself at, no matter what you do, this is your proverbial ground zero.

Your Point Alpha and, simultaneously, Point Omega.

The Beginning And The End.


Whose Beginning And Whose End?

Here’s a story for you.

A Long Time Ago, In A Place Far, Far Away…

There was a little boy who always lived in the present moment.

He didn’t seem to remember or care about his past.

He didn’t appear to grasp the notion of future, let alone invest himself in it.

Happy he was, all the time, which for him, of course, always was the Eternal Now.

Then, one day, as he was merrily wandering in the forest near the humble cottage where he resided, he stumbled upon a dark fairy.

Blacker than the blackest night she was. In fact, it was because of her fairy-like outline (delicacy, wings and all) that the boy could tell she was a fairy in the first place.

“Why are you so dark?”, the boy asked her.

“Because I am the Fairy Of What Never Was And What Will Never Be”, readily replied she.

“I don’t understand what you mean”, said the boy.

“Doesn’t matter. What matters is that my existence depends on you. Will you help me?”.

“I would do anything in my power for a fairy like you. Even one that’s so dark. So, please, tell me, how can I help you?”.

“You are very generous and brave. What I need from you is very simple. Step inside of me and lend me your Heart, so I can finally exist”.

If someone else had been in the position of the boy at that very moment, they would have probably been taken aback by the fairy’s last remark. But the boy didn’t hesitate a second and inside the dark area within the outline of the fairy’s body stepped he, filling it with his liveliness and warmth.

For a moment, the boy could not see, hear or feel anything. Then, his sensory perception seemed to undergo a kind of readjustment.

Once this was concluded, it was like his screen of vision had been split in half.

On the left-hand side, he could see his so-called past.

On the right-hand side, his so-called future.

It was, of course, the first time in his life he was aware that he had any past and future to be concerned about.

This knowledge overwhelmed him with a unprecedented feeling of immense stress.

He felt as if he had to simultaneously take care of two equally impossible tasks:

  1. To deal with something that was gone, never to be recovered anymore;
  2. To anticipate something else, that would never ever come.

The boy shouted out in desperation: “Fairy Of What Never Was And What Will Never Be, you tricked me! I’m lost and unhappy! I don’t want to be here”!

But no response came back to the boy’s repeated pleas. See, what he failed to realize was that, in reality (and as her name revealed), such a Fairy did not exist. She could never have existed.

More importantly, the boy was unable to grasp another important truth: to escape his self-inflicted ordeal, he only needed to remain as he was – as he had always been – in the present moment, and ignore the Fairytales he had started telling himself about who he supposedly was; what his past transgressions and future ordeals supposedly were…

The End

And, of course, also the Beginning.

But, in reality, none of the two.

You see, the point of this little story is that the simplest truth about you is you exist. And your existence – the existence of the true you – cannot be revoked, cannot be denied, cannot cease to be.

You are. Not this or that. Not one or the other thing.

You are not defined by the things that happened in your so-called past.

You are not to be redeemed or condemned by the things that will happen in your so-called future.

You Are That You Are

Getting in touch with this fundamental truth about yourself is the ticket to the, also so-called, self-realization or spiritual awakening.

And to recall this truth is the most difficult feat, exactly because it also happens to be the easiest one:

You simply have to be. Totally attuned with the present moment. Completely not identifying with your thoughts or emotions. In fact, you ought to remove your awareness away from them as well as refrain from being carried away by your sensory perceptions.

Instead, turn your full attention inwards you must.

Towards the formless, eternal, all-encompassing (literally) You.

And realize that you are always It, but you have deliberately chosen to forget it.

Covering up your true nature with all kinds of additional layers.

Maybe as part of a game. Playing hide and seek with Yourself.

But, at some point (and, again, as opposed to the True You), all games come to an end.

And this point is Now. It can only be Now, don’t you see?

It’s not “if and when you will be ready”.

You ARE ready.

You just need to see it for yourself.

Until next time, I have one advice for you:

Do Less And Be More

Be less active and reactive, regretful and worried. Don’t think and rethink things over, all of the time.

Instead always bring yourself gently to a surrendering observation of the present moment. If you must, act, but do so and then let it go.

See how that works for you.

And remember: whether you think you’re a boy, or a girl, or even something else, it doesn’t really matter.

It’s all a fairytale. A great or horrendous one, or both. Yet, that is all this is: a fairytale.

And you… are just You.

Bless You!

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