What Is The Truth About Yourself That You’re Hiding From?

Have you ever considered that the ultimate truth about yourself and your life is “hidden in plain sight”?

Have you ever had a hunch that there is a thick (or is it thin?) layer separating you from your true nature?

In this post, I’m planning to go really deep. And be as radical as I can be.

Thus, I suspect that there’s a good chance I may estrange you with what I will say. So much, that you may even decide to jump off my regular newsletter series’ bandwagon.

So be it. My vehement need to share with you what I’m about to share overshadows any such risk (or “risk”).


Let’s start with a simple question.

When was the last time you weren’t (with) yourself?

What a strange question!


How can you be without yourself?

How can you not be yourself?

You’re always you, correct?

Wherever you go, there you are!

However you feel, it’s you who is the Feeler.

Whatever you do, it’s you who is the Doer.

If you go as far back in time as you’re able to, you’ve always been there.

Everything in your life has been revolving around you.

There’s not a single exception to that rule. And if you disagree and are eager to find one, be my guest.

You have been, are, and will be – always and by definition – at the epicenter of everything that’s going on in the world.

YOUR world.

Now, all the aforementioned seem pretty self-evident.

However, there’s a big elephant in the room.

This proverbial elephant is the following question:

Who Are You, Truly?

You’re not your body. You may have a body, but you’re not it.

See, the body cannot live without the life power that is vitalizing it and sustaining it from inside.

The fact that we refer to a lifeless human being as a “body” says it all…

Are you, then, your mind?

No, you’re neither your mind nor its products, your thoughts.

When the mind is inactive you still exist. This is the case when you find yourself in deep sleep.

But it can also be the case in the waking or dream state, when you’re so absorbed by something happening around you, or directly to you, that you momentarily suspend all your mental faculties.

So, if you’re neither your body nor your mind, it also follows that your true identity cannot be contained into any of their constituent features.

Therefore, you cannot be your memories. You cannot be your physical characteristics and specification. You cannot be your IQ. It is not possible that you are your skills, your competencies, your preferences.

And, in general…

You Cannot Be Anything That Is Impermanent

Again, I don’t believe you could deny the soundness of that claim.

In order to define something – anything – you must find what is the essence of the thing you’re trying to define that is genuinely constant.

Persistently so, in the sense of it remaining unaffected by any changes in its environment.

Now, let’s take a step back.

Horizon and waves

Heraclitus, the ancient Greek philosopher (and to many, including me, still one of the most radical thinkers in the history of humanity), had famously proclaimed, more than 2 and a half millennia ago, that:

“Everything Flows And Nothing Stays”



Yes, everything.

Wherever one looks – if one looks carefully enough – one can certify that there are only variables, and no constants, in the world.

The necessary conclusion, then, has to be that absolutely nothing in the world can be definitely defined or identified.

In simpler words:

Nothing truly is.


Nothing (No Thing) Truly Exists

At first, this claim seems outrageous.

Is it, though?

Please, take a moment to contemplate upon it.

Allow me to help you a bit, by suggesting that you consider the following:

The Universe, according to present-day, mainstream science, was born with the, so called, “Big Bang” and is highly likely to die with the, also so called, “Big Crunch”.

This means that, like the case is for everyone and everything in it, the Universe is also subject to the relentless cycle of birth and death.

Where does that lead us?

Simply, to admit that there’s not a single thing that we can clearly and unambiguously define or identify.

The fact that nothing is forever prevents us from doing so with an acceptable degree of certainty.

But if there’s nothing to hold onto – really hold onto; meaning, forever – all existence must be some kind of illusion.

Is that it then?

Can it be that there’s nothing real?

Indestructible, permanent, eternal?

Are you forgetting something?

Are You Forgetting… Yourself?

Yes, the one you cannot define or identify; yet…

The one that’s always there.

Actually, HERE.

YOU Are Always Here!

The only thing that you know for a fact is that you are here, alive and aware.



NOT aware OF something.

Just, aware.

Remember: all things you perceive – without a single exception – are impermanent and, in the grand scheme of things, illusory.

But, you, the Perceiver cannot be illusory, fake, non-existent.

Even if it’s all a dream, the Dreamer – You – must exist!

Your Consciousness, always switched on and alert, always anchored in the present moment (even when your mind wanders off), undoubtedly exists.

No one could prove this fundamental truth to you; yet, no one would need to.

You Know It Because You ARE It

But even the verb “know” is wrong in this respect.

You, being the Eternal Subject, cannot turn Yourself into an object of intellectual knowledge.

The Knower, that is You, cannot be known.

You may only be.

Not just be something (now you’re this, now you’re that).


The basic truth is that:

You, And Only You, Exist

You have forever existed and you will forever exist.

Attention (and reminder): I’m talking here about the True You! Not about the mind-body complex going by a name corresponding to a certain sound (“Mary”, “John”, “Alex” or whatever your given name may be).

Your identification with the latter is the cause of all your suffering and problems.

In other words, your suffering is exclusively Self-inflicted.

What happens is that you, that is your True Self, erroneously believes that you are just the (occasional) mind-body complex, however it may be called.

This fundamental misbelief creates, in its turn, the next one: that you are separate from what “is not you”.

In the sense of you phenomenally perceiving the “rest of the world” as something that is separate from the mind-body complex you’ve chosen to identify yourself with in the first place.

But, see, the latter complex is an illusion to begin with!


Are you still with me?

If that’s the case, I’m really happy.

And I know, then, what your next question is:

How Can I Move Away From My Illusion And Become, Once Again And Forever, Anchored In My True Self?

If you have consciously followed my post all the way down here, I’m sure you can now feel that this is the question that matters most in life.

And I’m also confident about the fact that you’re having some serious goosebumps at this very moment.

Trust me, you have every good reason to…

Yet, I will have to ask for your patience.

Attempting at answering that question is not an easy task.

Thus, and unavoidably, I will have to rely on two of the Brightest Beings, and most significant Spiritual Masters to have ever walked on the surface of this Earth, to help me with it.

The first one is Jesus Christ, as per the (original) Christian Orthodox Tradition.

The second one is Ramana Maharshi, the Hindu sage.

In my upcoming two posts, I will provide a brief overview of the key teachings that both these ever-luminous stars of the human spiritual awakening journey have left us on this very matter.

I promise you I’ll do my best!

In the meantime, I suggest you try the following exercise:

In The Coming Days, Focus More On Your “Being” And Less On Your Doing Dimension.

Observe your life, as if it were a movie in which you have been casted to act as “yourself” (the mind-body complex self, that is).

Entertain, as much as you can, the thought that, in reality, you are not the role you’re playing.

You are the Actor playing it.

Until next time,

Remain alert and safe.

And… rejoice!

What Is The One And Only Truth Of Your Life?

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    Απίθανο !!!
    Απολαμβάνω να παρακολουθώ την διεισδυτική σκέψη σου.
    Οδηγείς με ενσυναίσθηση για το
    ” γνώθι σε αυτόν “.
    Καλό δρόμο σε όλους !
    Με αγάπη
    Η ΝΟΝΑ

    1. Avatar

      Dear Alex,
      thanks for all your letters. You’ve been able to set my mind thinking in many different ways… about myself and my future.
      I appreciate you.
      Enwelu TGN.

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