What You Fear Is Unreal, What Is Real Is Beyond Fear

Imagine how liberating it would be if you could completely extinguish any trace of fear from your life.

Eradicate it, and, of course, along with it all its secondary manifestations or products (stress, anxiety, indecision, procrastination, guilt – you name it).

Furthermore, wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could do so immediately, at once, avoiding going through a cumbersome, painstakingly incremental process?

Formidably have all of your fears vanish into thin air, from one moment to the next?

You may not be able to believe it, yet that doesn’t change the fact that, yes, it is very possible (it is actually THE best way to do so) to instantly terminate any fear tormenting or blocking you.

This is because the whole premise on which your fears are based is unreal.

Or, phrased slightly differently:

Fear Is Born In Your Mind

And Has No Grasp On Reality

Let’s take it from the start.

The feeling of fear is generated through a thought popping up on your mind’s screen.

At its most fundamental level, such a thought follows a very specific structure:

“If [so and so] happens, it will be to my detriment”

Of course, such a thought usually appears with a more elaborate formulation.

However, it can always be distilled down to the aforementioned hypothetical sentence.

Now, the problem isn’t with the thought itself.

Quite often, such thought may prove to be very useful in alerting you and drawing your attention towards an action you need to either take or avoid.

The problem begins when you get stuck in the mental rumination – over and over and over again – of the supposed negative implications that the materialization of the aforementioned hypothesis (that is, the object of your emerging fear) may have on you.

In effect, this means that you end up “experiencing” something which is purely inside your head.

A mirage that is clearly not – and may likely never become – real.

Then, You Allow This Illusion To Run Your Life

And Determine The Quality Of Your Experiences

So, it is this purely mental process that gives rise to fear and all its by-products we already mentioned (stress, anxiety etc.), which can then, in their turn, inflict severe physical and psychological harm on you, not to mention critically distort your decision-making process.

It is a pity, because fear in itself is evidently nothing but foam, a bubble of nothingness, an illusory reflection.

And the worst thing is that even if one of your fears does eventually turn into reality, you will probably be too paralyzed or exhausted – also due to production of further “follow-up” fears in your mind – to be able to take the action necessary to mitigate its consequences timely and as best as you can.

So, to return to my earlier point, the question that begs for an answer here is:

How Can You Go About 

Annihilating All Fear From Your Life?

To effectively deal with something that is unreal, a key principle is that you must avoid charging and fighting against it.

This is because this approach can only make unreality stronger and (appear to be) “more real” than it is (not)!

It is a very basic law of our Universe:

You Give Power And Substance To Whatever You Fight Against

But… what to do then?

The key is to ignore what is unreal (your fears, in this case), focusing instead only on… what IS real.

See, reality is beyond fear.

This is because Truth is too busy Being, to allow any room for non-Being.

Can you grasp this?

If something is Real, it must be so all the time; it must moreover be absolute, complete, stand-alone. 

What could Something like that ever fear?

Nothing, Absolutely Nothing, Of Course!

Not now, not ever.

Therefore, this is what to do to clear any fear from your life, once and for all:

You find what is True in this world and you place all your trust upon It.

You let It, in other words, do the “dirty” work for you.

But How To Find What Is True?

You probably would not object against the proposition that if something is Real, absolutely True, its Truth must apply globally, everywhere, without any exceptions whatsoever.

If it is so, this Principle of Truth must also apply within you.

Actually, not merely “apply”…

It Must Serve As The Very Foundation Of Your Existence

It Must Be Who You Truly Are!

Therefore, find out who you truly are, remove in the process all illusory add-ons of what you are not, and any sense of fear will dissipate, never to relapse again.

And here’s a very good place to start figuring out how to go about answering this most critical question (who are you?) one can ever ask oneself.

Until next time,

Be alert and present,


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