Why Are Most Of Your Days Mundane And Disappointing?

It is also the case for you, isn’t it?

During most of your days over the past few (?) years, you cannot escape but noticing an acute feeling of hopelessness and disillusionment creeping up your spine.

It is a feeling that is accompanied by further side effects, such as: numbness, low energy, boredom, inertia; as well as by a fervent pursuit to silence your mind’s incessant and relentless complaining via various external distractions.

The key question is:

Does Your Life Have To Be Like That?

Is there some sort of universal law as per which for each day of happiness apportioned to you, you must be “taxed” with thirteen days, or so, of misery?

Of course such a thing doesn’t exist!

Your life is by default a blank canvass, and it is your prerogative, your job, to fill it with whatever images and colors you wish.

This is the truth, but, first, you must not only frankly accept it, but also wholeheartedly embrace it.

So long as you entertain a different notion, one whereby you are “at the mercy” of forces operating outside of you, you will unavoidably experience something along these lines.

Your attention, here, please!

What is important here is your inner, psychological if you like, state of reception and digestion of the external events unfolding in your life; and not the external events per se (which, according to your, often biased, criteria can be assessed as “good”, “bad” or even “detrimental”).

The happenstance of the latter external events is indeed mostly outside your control, while the exact opposite holds true for your inner disposition towards them.

This Is Crucial:

Any Event In Itself Is Neutral And Void Of Meaning

How To Signify And Experience It, Though, Is, By Definition,


Please reread this sentence, as many times as you need to.

Because if you truly grasp its meaning, no longer will you have to go through these mundane and disappointing days.

Unless of course you would choose to do so, in full consciousness, but… why would you want to do that?

Once again:

The Quality Of Your Life Experience Depends ONLY On You 

It is exclusively within your remit.

Yes, this applies to everything: even to the most adverse of events or situations you may either imagine happening to you or that you may actually encounter.

The disarming simplicity of this fundamental truth is yet another reason for one to be skeptical about its validity.

But like with anything that truly matters, there is no other way to find out if it holds or not other than trying to apply it in your life.

And I think it is clearly not risky for you to experiment with this mindset for a while.

Now, admittedly, it would certainly help you if you could also get a firm understanding of the deepest, fundamental, true nature of yourself.

Attaining self-knowledge (not in its theoretical, but in its purely practical sense) is a must, a cannot-be-a-complete-human-being-without endeavor, and, therefore, it has always mystified me how most people seem to avoid it or not care about it.

(Perhaps it shouldn’t, though, given the systematic, ever-expanding, conditioning, to which our modern societies are very keen on subjecting us, especially when it comes to realizing our true inherent potential and power each one of us really has).

But if you are not among the latter category of people, and you are keen on discovering who you truly are, beneath all the labels and misleading identifications imposed on you by the manifold sources of conditioning you have undergone in your life, I believe I have something of interest to you.

In the meantime, and in any case, I truly wish that you have, today, an exciting and fulfilling day.

No need to do much of anything to achieve this, other than remaining in constant recollection of the fact that, whatever may be going on around you or with you, you always remain the one and only moderator of your mood.

I am referring to the true You, this “mystery” that you must eventually dissolve (you may delay engaging with it, but, ultimately, you cannot avoid dealing with it head on).

And, once again, here’s a good place and way to start doing so.

Until next time,

Remain alert and present


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